Chapter 200: Staking Treasures for a Fight

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“Cough cough, actually, I…”
This time, Gong Ziliang was not prepared to deceive Qian Wen and the others.
Instead, he planned to explain it to them directly.

According to the rules of the Spacetime Realm, if the two sides encounter each other and want to fight at the same realm, they have to take out their respective treasures as collateral! The winner can take all the treasures!”
As he spoke, Qian Wen directly took out a red gourd and placed it in his hand, “My cultivation level is at the eighth-stage True Martial Realm! May I know Senior’s cultivation level?”

“Oh? We have to use treasures as collateral?”

‘After hearing Qian Wen’s words, Gong Ziliang, who was about to tell the truth, immediately stopped!

Wasn’t this kind of confrontation like a stage arena?

The winner could take away all the rewards!

However, if he defeated his senior and took his treasure, wouldn’t this be very inappropriate

“Looks like this senior is leaving…”

Looking at Gong Ziliang’s thoughtful expression, Qian Wen heaved a sigh of relief!

In his opinion, Gong Ziliang’s strength might be at the Spirit Refinement Realm or even the Tribulation Transcendence Realm!
Otherwise, how could he possibly tame such a majestic spirit beast!

Presumably, after he revealed his name, this senior would definitely think that his cultivation level was too low, so he would not fight him.
“Alright! Since you insist on fighting, I’ll fulfill your wish! I’m Gong Ziliang, a sixth-stage True Martial Realm cultivator!”
However, under Qian Wen’s unbelievable gaze, Gong Ziliang directly nodded and agreed.

Moreover, when Gong Ziliang mentioned his realm, Qian Wen thought that he had heard wrongly!

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“Sixth-stage… True Martial Realm???”

Qian Wen looked at Gong Ziliang who was sitting on the Golden Fire Lion as if he had seen a ghost.

How could a sixth-stage True Martial Realm disciple have such a terrifying spirit beast mount!

This was not logical!!!

“Senior Brother, perhaps this is the ability of an ancient supreme genius…”
The female junior sister at the side seemed to have seen through Qian Wen’s doubt, so she said.

“Right, right, right! You’re right! This is the ability of an ancient supreme genius!”

After hearing his junior sister’s words, Qian Wen instantly understood!

That’s right!

After all, the person opposite him was an ancient genius!

Even if he had such a mount, it seemed reasonable!

“Alright! In that case, Senior, please guide me!”

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After thinking for a moment, Qian Wen nodded and agreed!

Although the other party was an ancient supreme genius, his realm was two levels lower than his!

It seemed that he had a chance!


After hearing Qian Wen agree, Gong Ziliang’s eyes immediately lit up.
Then, he directly jumped off the Golden Fire Lion and landed on the ground very steadily.

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“This is the treasure I’m staking!”

Looking at Qian Wen, Gong Ziliang flipped his palm.

Immediately, he took out a Level 30 White Armor equipment!

“Gasp! This is an Extreme Realm Artifact!!”

After seeing the equipment in Gong Ziliang’s hand, Qian Wen was completely stunned!

Extreme Realm Artifact!

It was definitely an Extreme Realm Artifact!

Moreover, according to the fluctuation emitted from this artifact, it seemed to be of a high level!!

Such an Extreme Realm Artifact could probably cause a storm of blood outside!


Qian Wen looked at this Extreme Realm Artifact and gulped.

Without a doubt, he wanted it very much.

“Senior, this is all I have! Although these things are not as important as this Extreme Realm Artifact, this is already all I have!”

‘Then, Qian Wen took out all the items on him.
In the end, they piled up like a small mountain!

Clearly, the Extreme Realm Artifact that Gong Ziliang took out was too valuable.
He had to take out an item that was equally valuable in order to fight!

“anything is fine!”

Gong Ziliang looked at Qian Wen’s tall treasures and smacked his lips.
He did not know what cultivation resources were hidden on this third-year disciple of the Supreme Academy!

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“Senior, let’s begin?” Qian Wen looked at Gong Ziliang and asked tentatively.

Gong Ziliang nodded at him, indicating that he could attack now!

“Senior, be careful!”

Looking at Gong Ziliang, after Qian Wen reminded him, he immediately summoned all his strength!

Although in his opinion, Gong Ziliang was only at the sixth-stage True Martial Realm, the Extreme Realm Artifact that he took out was really too attractive to Qian Wen!

Even if he had to use all his strength, he had to obtain that treasure!


A powerful spiritual qi fluctuation surged from Qian Wen’s body.
In the next moment, a terrifying flame suddenly rose from his body!

This flame was extremely hot.
Wherever it went, it lit up all the leaves on the ground.
The temperature was ridiculously high!

“High-grade Profound-rank martial technique, Sun Fire Explosion Fist!”

‘As Qian Wen roared, he stretched out his huge fist and attacked Gong Ziliang!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Immediately, a huge fist phantom formed from red flames appeared in the air.
This phantom contained endless heat.
As soon as it was used, the temperature of the entire surroundings rose rapidly!
“Senior, aren’t you going to attack?”

Looking at Gong Ziliang standing on the spot without moving, Qian Wen who was rushing towards him could not help but be stunned.

What was going on?!

His attack was very powerfull!!

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“Myriad Transformations Technique! Golden Sword!”

Looking at the figure of Qian Wen rushing over, Gong Ziliang stood on the spot and sneered.

Then, layers of yellow sand instantly appeared around Gong Ziliang, surrounding his body and continuously spinning!

Then, under Gong Ziliang’s control, these grains of sand quickly condensed in the air.
In the end, they actually formed a sand sword that was about three meters long!

This was the high-grade Yellow-rank martial technique that Gong Ziliang had learned in the classroom, the Myriad Transformations Technique!

‘As Gong Ziliang condensed this sand sword, the surrounding spiritual qi fluctuation also quickly increased!


Then, Gong Ziliang gently patted the hilt of the sand sword.

Immediately, the large sword turned into an afterimage and charged towards Qian Wen’s fist!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two collided, and endless sand immediately spread out.

‘The powerful spiritual qi fluctuation even blew the surrounding colorful smoke slightly, causing an extremely clear scene to appear here!

“Oh god…”

When the female disciple at the side saw this scene, she covered her mouth in shock!

The terrifying collision just now was actually emitted by this sixth-stage True Martial Realm cultivator?

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