Chapter 199: Seriously? Being Treated As a Senior Again?

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Then, Wu Hai left with Gong Ziliang.

The two of them moved through the Supreme Academy.
Soon, they arrived inside!

There were mountains and rivers everywhere, and a small stream sounded from afar.

Water flowed past the clear river channel, and one could even clearly see the water plants!

Wu Hai followed this stream all the way up.
In the end, the two of them walked for about four hours before stopping!
Gong Ziliang looked around and discovered that there was a layer of faint white smoke around him.

Surrounded by smoke, the forest looked like a paradise!

“This is the Spacetime Realm!”

Looking at the surrounding environment, Academy Master Wu Hai nodded and pointed at the white smoke area in front of him.
“Remember! The place with the white smoke is the place where the Spacetime Realm is! Over here, you might see a disciple of the Supreme Academy like you, or you might
encounter a young expert who had come here in the past.
You have to be careful!”


Gong Ziliang looked at the area ahead and nodded, then he took a step and walked forward.

After Gong Ziliang walked into the range of this thin fog, Wu Hai’s figure silently disappeared!

At the same time, in the sky above the Spacetime Realm, there were a few elders standing here!

From above, they could see the entire interior of the Spacetime Realm.
Almost every disciple’s action was perfectly displayed in their vision.

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“Academy Master, you’re back!”

At this moment, Wu Hai’s figure appeared from behind and joined the ranks of these elders.

“How many disciples went in this time?”

Wu Hai looked at the Spacetime Realm below and said to the elder beside him.

“Sect Master, there are a total of ten disciples entering this time.
Five of them are third-year disciples, four of them are second-year disciples, and one is a first-year disciple!” The old man hurriedly reported to Wu Hai.
“very good!”

Wu Hai nodded when he heard this.
At the same time, his gaze also saw Gong Ziliang’s figure.
“I want to see what kind of surprise this brat can give me!”

“Senior Brother Qian, this Spacetime Realm seems a little difficult to walk through…”
In the Spacetime Realm, white smoke spread everywhere.
In this smoke, it was filled with various small spatial distortions!

Once the human body touched it, they would probably be instantly ground to pieces by these spatial distortions!

At this moment, a man and a woman were walking carefully here.
They paid attention to the small spatial distortions in the surroundings, afraid that they would walk up.

“It’s fine! We just have to be careful…”

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Qian Wen looked at the frightened appearance of his female junior sister and could not help but comfort her, “With the standards of us third-year students, as long as we don’t encounter a young expert at the Spirit Refinement Realm here, there won’t be any accidents!”
“After all, this is a place that ordinary classmates can’t come to even if they wanted to!”

Qian Wen sighed, and his tone was filled with a wisp of excitement.

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The Spacetime Realm was already the best cultivation mystic realm in the Supreme Academy for students like them who were still taking classes!

Almost every student who could reach the Spacetime Realm was outstanding in their grade!

“I feel much more at ease with Senior Brother Qian by my side…”
The female disciple looked at Qian Wen beside her with stars in her eyes.

‘When Qian Wen heard this, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.
In his heart, how could a woman be as comfortable as his cultivation realm!

A.woman would only affect the speed at which he drew his sword!

If not for the fact that this female disciple had been pestering him and was interested in him, Qian Wen would have probably run into the Spacetime Realm alone.
“Oh? What aura is this…”

At this moment, Qian Wen seemed to have suddenly sensed something.
Then, he suddenly looked back!

Then, under Qian Wen’s unbelievable gaze, he saw a golden flame flickering in the white smoke in front of him!

Then, the flames became bigger and bigger.
In the end, it turned into a huge lion that slowly walked out!

“How can there be such a spirit beast in the Spacetime Realm…”
Looking at the incomparably deterrent aura emitted from the golden lion in front of him, a shocked expression appeared on Qian Wen’s face!

The cultivation of this spirit beast was probably at least at the Spirit Refinement Realm.
Otherwise, it was definitely impossible to emit such a terrifying aura!

Moreover, what shocked Qian Wen even more was that the spatial distortions around the Spacetime Realm seemed to be completely useless against this golden lion.
No matter how this lion stepped on it, it did not leave any injuries!

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“Senior Brother Qian, look, there’s someone on this spirit beast…”

The female junior sister who was hiding behind Qian Wen looked at the figure above the spirit beast at this moment, and her eyes revealed a wisp of disbelief!

“Gasp! There’s really someone here!”

‘When Qian Wen heard his junior sister’s words, he immediately felt extremely shocked!

This was really what he was afraid of!

An existence who could sit on such an extremely mighty lion was probably at least a major realm higher than this lion!

How could they afford to provoke such an existence!

“This disciple is definitely a past figure of a supreme genius that was left behind in this Spacetime Realm!”

Looking at this figure, Qian Wen almost immediately confirmed his identity!

The Golden Fire Lion could not help but roar as it looked at Qian Wen and the female disciple in front of them, causing Gong Ziliang, who was sitting on its back, to immediately react.

“Eh, we encountered someone so quickly?”

Gong Ziliang sat up from beside the Golden Fire Lion and stretched!

After entering this Spacetime Realm, Gong Ziliang summoned the Golden Fire Lion!

Then, he discovered that the Golden Fire Lion did not seem to be afraid of the spatial distortions in this Spacetime Realm.

Therefore, he was even more happy and relaxed.
He directly lay on the Golden Fire Lion’s body and narrowed his eyes for a while!

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If other students knew what Gong Ziliang was doing, they would definitely vomit blood!

Good lord!

After they came to this Spacetime Realm, all of them were very careful, afraid that they would encounter some expert or be controlled by the spatial distortion!

However, after Gong Ziliang came here, he had been sleeping.
This was too much!

“Tm the 169th batch third-year student of the Supreme Academy, Qian Wen.
May I know your name, Senior?”

Just as Gong Ziliang sat up, Qian Wen said to him at the same time.

“Oh? You’re asking for my name?”

‘When Gong Ziliang heard Qian Wen’s words, his expression immediately became strange.

“No way, I’ve been recognized as a senior again?!”

Gong Ziliang coughed lightly in his mind.

The last time he rode the Green Fire Divine Husky, he was treated as a senior by others!

Now, this senior probably treated him as the figure of a supreme genius left behind in this Spacetime Realm!

As expected, this Golden Fire Lion gave him the status of a senior

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