Chapter 195: Jade Essence Pill, Leveling Up Three Levels!

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[Ding! Congratulations on evolving your Green Fire Divine Husky into a Golden Fire Lion!]

Golden Fire Lion [Level: 0]

[Basic Speed: 300% of the Master’s own movement speed.
Every increase in level can increase the basic movement speed by 1%!]

Skill: King’s Might (Active Skill.
After activation, it will release the majesty of the Golden Fire Lion King.
It can reduce the attributes of all the surrounding mounts by 30%!)

Skill: King’s Insight (Active Skill, release a 100-meter golden domain after use! In the domain, movement speed will increase by 50% for 1 minute!)

“It has really evolved…”

Looking at the Golden Fire Lion in front of him, Gong Ziliang felt a little enlightened.

His Green Fire Divine Husky was gone just like that?

Just as Gong Ziliang was puzzled, the Golden Fire Lion in front of him suddenly roared and stretched out its tongue to lick him.

“Alright, alright! I understand! You’re still my Little Heaven!”

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang immediately understood.

Although the Green Fire Divine Husky had evolved, it had only changed its appearance.
In its body, it was still the same Screw Heaven as before!


After playing with Little Heaven for a while, Gong Ziliang put it back.

“The mount has advanced.
Next is my spirit artifact!”

He rubbed his hands and looked at the system’s Spirit Artifact interface.

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After Gong Ziliang clicked on it, two spirit artifacts immediately jumped out.

One was a red spirit artifact.
It was the first supreme-grade spirit artifact that Gong Ziliang had obtained: the Immortal Transformation Pot!

The other was to obtain a spirit artifact during the Three Sects’ Trial: the Soul Transformation Sword!

“Spirit artifacts are good things!”

Gong Ziliang looked at them and could not help but chuckle.

“Back then, I threw a spirit crystal jade essence into the Immortal Transformation Pot to refine.
After so much time, I wonder how the refinement is going!”

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Looking at the Immortal Transformation Pot, Gong Ziliang rubbed his chin.

Back then, when he was in the spirit crystal mine, he had obtained a spirit crystal jade essence from a wild boss.

After obtaining it, he placed it in the Immortal Transformation Pot to refine.
Now, so much time had passed.
Presumably, the Spirit Crystal Jade Essence had already been successfully refined!

“Let me see what the spirit crystal jade essence has been refined into!”

Gong Ziliang rubbed his hands and opened the Immortal Transformation Pot in anticipation.


‘As soon as Gong Ziliang opened the hat of the Immortal Transformation Pot, a terrifying spiritual qi surged out of the pot.

He could sense a large amount of spiritual qi instantly appearing around him, causing the environment he was in to simply become a spirit mine.

With a breath, he could obtain a large amount of spiritual qi!

Gong Ziliang looked at the mouth of the Immortal Transformation Pot and gently poured it out.

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Immediately, a purple medicinal pill rolled out.

The moment this medicinal pill appeared, the surrounding spiritual qi increased fiercely again!

The density seemed to have released all the spiritual qi in the original spirit crystal jade essence!

Gong Ziliang looked at this medicinal pill.
He felt that if he ate this medicinal pill, his spiritual qi would definitely increase explosively!

(Ding! Congratulations on obtaining the Jade Essence Pill*1]

Just as Gong Ziliang obtained this medicinal pill, the system’s notification sounded!

‘When Gong Ziliang heard this notification, he was slightly stunned.
He discovered that an explanation frame had actually appeared in the system.

Jade Essence Pill (Supreme-grade)

Attribute: A pill with absolute spiritual qi.
As long as you eat one, you can increase your level by 3! This effect ignores your level and realm, and you will definitely succeed! It’s one of the supreme-grade spirit pills! After consuming it three times, it will no longer have any effect!
“Gasp! As long as | eat it, I can directly increase my strength by three levels!”

Looking at the system’s explanation for this medicinal pill, Gong Ziliang could not help but gasp!

This medicinal pill was too domineering!

Gong Ziliang had also heard of some supreme-grade medicinal pills.
However, even after eating those medicinal pills, he had to cultivate to increase his cultivation level!

‘The method of directly gaining three levels from the Jade Essence Pill was really too domineering!
“After spawning the Boss repeatedly these days, I’ve obtained more than ten spirit crystal jade essences! Doesn’t that mean…”
After Gong Ziliang thought for a moment, he put this Jade Essence Pill into his mouth, “If it doesn’t work after consuming it three times… then I can at least gain nine levels without any worries!”

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After the medicinal pill entered his mouth, Gong Ziliang felt a terrifying spiritual qi erupt in his body!

Then, incomparably terrifying spiritual qi condensed into a ball that ruthlessly collided with his barrier!


Accompanied by a bang from Gong Ziliang’s body, his level increased to Level 54!


Then, before Gong Ziliang could react, the spiritual qi condensed again and collided with the Level 55 barrier!

Another bang sounded.
Gong Ziliang felt his strength increase again!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

During the last spiritual qi explosion, Gong Ziliang’s entire body began to tremble along with this force!

‘At the same time, a new force rose in Gong Ziliang’s body!

“Level 56! Success!”

In just a moment, Gong Ziliang was surprised to see that he had already reached Level 56, which was the sixth-stage True Martial Realm!
“What powerful strength!”

Gong Ziliang clenched his fists and felt an explosive force coming.

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He felt that if he fought with Xiu Luo again, then even if he did not use the Myriad Star Technique, he would probably be able to fight her to a draw!
If he used the power of the equipment and powerful techniques like Intent, even Xiu Luo would probably be defeated!

Gong Ziliang waved his fist.
After breaking through, he felt refreshed.

“I wonder if I can defeat the black shadow on the 20th floor with my current strength…”

Gong Ziliang pondered for a moment and prepared to try.

“I didn’t even see what that thing was last time.
No matter what, I have to teach it a lesson!”

Gong Ziliang chuckled.

Now that his realm had increased, and with the enhancement of the Soaring Wings, it could be said that his overall speed was simply countless times faster!
This time, it was definitely impossible to not see the other party like before!

“Enter the Infinity Tower!”

After thinking about it, Gong Ziliang immediately made a choice.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Accompanied by a bang, Gong Ziliang arrived in the Infinity Tower in the next moment!

Just as Gong Ziliang entered, a furious roar sounded from the side!

Then, he saw the black shadow walk out from the front of the Infinity Tower again.

At the same time, before Gong Ziliang could see its appearance clearly, its figure moved again, turning into black lights that continuously waved in all directions, looking for an opportunity to attack him!

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