Chapter 185: Class!


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“Disciples, welcome to the new students’ matriculation ceremony of the Supreme Academy!”

“The Supreme Academy is the strongest academy in the Primordial Dynasty.
Therefore, the Crown Prince of the Dynasty specially sent the steward to send us congratulatory words!”

In front of the entrance of the Supreme Academy, the host was explaining something.
After that, there were congratulatory words and congratulatory gifts sent by the various factions.
It could be said to be very lively!
The entire welcome ceremony lasted for about half a day before it ended!

Then, Gong Ziliang and the others were brought to the Supreme Academy.

The residence of the new students was a group dormitory.
Every room was almost only separated by a thin wall.

Looking at these dormitories, Gong Ziliang suddenly felt like he was back in the Profound Heaven Sect!

Just as Gong Ziliang entered the room, Wang Chong suddenly walked over and said to him, “Junior Brother Liang, let’s quickly rest!”

“What’s wrong?” Looking at Wang Chong’s worried expression, Gong Ziliang could not help but ask curiously.

“From tomorrow onwards, we’ll be starting lessons!”

‘Wang Chong sighed and took out the class schedule, “Although we only have three classes a week, these classes are very difficult to learn! I’m afraid the teachers will be very strict when the time comes!”

“Class will begin tomorrow! That’s great!”

When Gong Ziliang heard this, he immediately clenched his fists in excitement.

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If he had attended class a day earlier, he would have been able to obtain the acknowledgment of the tutors a day earlier.
Then, he would have been able to enter the Spacetime Realm that Wu Hai promised earlier!
The next morning, accompanied by the first ray of sunlight, the Supreme Academy began a day’s lesson.

‘Walking in the Supreme Academy, he looked at the surrounding students who were carrying ancient books and rushing to the classroom.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang felt as if he had returned to university in a dream.

“So, even if it’s cultivation, we still have to attend classes!” Gong Ziliang sighed, his tone filled with helplessness.

The architectural style of the Supreme Academy was extremely simple.
It was just a tall building.

Gong Ziliang corresponded to the class schedule and arrived at the classroom.
He discovered that it was already filled with people!

Clearly, every disciple wanted to take this first lesson seriously.

Gong Ziliang and Wang Chong found a random seat and sat down.

Amoment later, he saw a middle-aged man wearing a black robe who emitted a dense feeling of unfamiliarity walk in.

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“Hello, new students! I’m Teacher Zhao! From today onwards, I’ll be in charge of your comprehension class! Our course is mainly to teach everyone how to quickly learn a martial technique and reach the entry level…”
‘As Teacher Zhao spoke in front of the stage, the disciples below immediately felt a sense of novelty.

‘The comprehension class could let one quickly cultivate a martial technique to the entry level?

Was there really such a miraculous cultivation method?

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“This class…”

‘When Gong Ziliang heard Teacher Zhao’s words, the corners of his mouth began to twitch crazily.
Quickly cultivate a martial technique to the entry level?


He could directly max out his skill level!

With his strength, learning here was a waste of time

“Alright! In that case, let’s obtain this teacher’s acknowledgement today!”

After Gong Ziliang thought about it, he began to calculate what he should do later.

“Alright! Next, we’ll carry out a preliminary test! This is an unranked martial technique.
I hope that you can cultivate it to the entry level in this lesson!”

As he spoke, Teacher Zhao had already picked up an ancient book and started to teach the martial technique to the disciples below.

“You can begin now…”
Teacher Zhao looked coldly at the first disciple below who had obtained the martial technique and said, “Of course, if you really feel that you can’t do it, you can skip it… and pass the martial technique to the next student!”
“No way… comprehending an unranked martial technique in one lesson? How is this possible?!”

Looking at the ancient book in their hands, the disciples felt a headache!

Even if they were already geniuses from the various sects of the Primordial Dynasty, even if they only held an unranked martial technique in their hands,

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if they wanted to comprehend this martial technique, they would need to spend half a day!

To be able to cultivate a martial technique to the entry level in one lesson, how much comprehension was needed to achieve this!

At this moment, after the first disciple who obtained the martial technique flipped through it, his expression became ugly.

After about a minute, he handed this martial technique to the next student.

Clearly, he was the student that the teacher said could not do it.

The next student’s expression was also extremely ugly.
Not long after, he shook his head and handed it to the next person.

“Very good…”
Looking at this scene, Teacher Zhao could see everything clearly from above!

At the same time, he laughed in his mind!

The reason why he asked these disciples to learn this unranked martial technique in the first lesson was to crush their confidence!

After all, these disciples were top geniuses from various sects.
Their arrogance was definitely higher than anyone else!

If they continued to be so arrogant, they would probably be even harder to teach in the future!

Therefore, he had to find some impossible missions to let these disciples know that there were many things in this world that they could not do!
Time passed minute by minute.

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However, almost every single disciple frowned after obtaining the book.
Then, they shook their heads and handed it to the next student.

Finally, when this book was handed to a female disciple, it stopped!


Seeing this female disciple seriously reading this martial technique and beginning to try to cultivate, a trace of surprise flashed in Teacher Zhao’s eyes.
This was the first time a disciple had taken the initiative to cultivate this martial technique.

This female disciple was none other than the Eldest Senior Sister of the Hundred Flower Sect, Zi Yanrou!

She frowned slightly and focused all her attention on this martial technique.

Just like that, time slowly passed.
All the disciples wanted to see if Zi Yanrou could learn this martial technique.

About two hours later, a faint sword qi suddenly appeared on Zi Yanrou’s body.

Then, these sword qi condensed in front of Zi Yanrou, finally condensing into a small sword that stabbed forward!


Just as this small sword pierced out, Zi Yanrou’s already fragrant and sweaty face suddenly blossomed with a smile.

Immediately, this smile was like a hundred flowers blooming, causing the surrounding disciples to be stunned.

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