Chapter 182: Wings Unlocked


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(Ding! Congratulations on successfully purchasing the $299 Treasure Beast Substitution Function!]

[Ding! Treasure Beast Substitute Function has been activated! From today onwards, the treasure beast will replace you in farming all kinds of resources! Other than the first clear of each event and dungeon that you need to complete personally, the following attempts will be completed by the treasure beast!)
“As expected, the treasure beast can only fight on my behalf after I complete the event first.”

Gong Ziliang nodded and understood the system’s words.

“Tcan finally completely free my schedule.”

Gong Ziliang sighed and looked at his profile.

Gong Ziliang: VIP 4
Level: 53, 64%
Ingots 110,000
Vouchers: $190

Copper Coins: 20 billion

“There’s still $19.”

Looking at the remaining money, Gong Ziliang rubbed his chin and opened the system’s Merchant Shop interface again.

“Tsk! This system’s gift bags are too expensive now…”

However, when Gong Ziliang saw that almost every item in the Gift Bag Shop had reached a few hundred dollars, he was directly stunned!

Once upona time.

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This $190 was an unimaginable amount!

However, now, he could not buy anything in the Merchant Shop!

“This system really knows how to keep up with the times!”

Looking at the expensive quality in the gift bag store, Gong Ziliang could only close it reluctantly.

However, he did not despair.
In any case, with his current speed of gold farming, he would probably be able to obtain a large amount in a few days!

However, just as Gong Ziliang was about to close the system interface, a red dot suddenly appeared in his bag.

Looking at this red dot, Gong Ziliang frowned and directly clicked it.

“Eh, this is.”

Gong Ziliang looked at the weapon with flashing red dots in his bag.
It was his Heavenly Frost Sword!

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Moreover, at this moment, the entire body of the Heavenly Frost Sword was emitting a red light.
The entire sword body trembled slightly, as if it had reached a certain limit!
“The Strengthening and Star Ascension are actually full.

Seeing that the Strengthening and Star Ascension functions below had become max level, Gong Ziliang could not help but be stunned.
This was the first time he had encountered such a situation!

‘Then, Gong Ziliang tried to click on the Star Ascension function.
Immediately, an interface appeared.

[Ding! Detected that your Heavenly Frost Sword has been fully strengthened and the Star Ascension Function has reached the maximum level! If you want to continue raising Strengthening and Star Ascension, it needs to undergo Upgrade Evolution!]
“Tsk! It’s about to undergo Upgrade Evolution?!”

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‘When Gong Ziliang heard the system’s explanation, he rubbed his brows.

Upgrade Evolution was equivalent to a second sublimation of the weapon in the game.

Usually, after sublimation, the weapon’s form and attributes would change!

It was equivalent to an overall increase and became even more cool!

However, in contrast, a specific sublimation stone would be consumed to sublimate the weapon.

[Ding! New product in the Gift Bag Shop! $499 Sublimation Stone Gift Bag is on sale! It contains: 1 Weapon Sublimation Stone+100,000 ingots! It’ll be available until it’s sold out.
First come first serve! Come and buy it quickly!]
Just as Gong Ziliang thought of this, the system seemed to have completely guessed his thoughts and threw out a huge gift bag!

“$499? Why don’t you rob me instead!”

Looking at the expensive price written on it, Gong Ziliang felt a headache.

Good lord!

Even those trash game companies in his previous life did not dare to set such a price!

Wasn’t this an obvious scam tactic!


In the end, Gong Ziliang still sighed.
Fortunately, he obtained a lot of money by farming gold every day.

With his current speed, he would probably be able to successfully buy this $499 Gift Bag in about ten days!

In this world where cultivators cultivated in seclusion for years, ten days was simply an insignificant existence!

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“Alright! Then I’ll spend $199 first.
Then, I’ll save all my money to buy this Sublimation Stone Gift Bag!”

Gong Ziliang sighed in relief and continued to browse the other functions of the system.

However, after looking around, Gong Ziliang placed his gaze on the Fashion Function.

There was no choice!

The other gift bags were really too expensive now!

With Gong Ziliang’s wealth, he could not afford it at all!

“Let me see if there’s anything good.”

‘When Gong Ziliang opened the Fashion Function, a large number of different apparel immediately jumped out.

‘The Jade Water Robe that Gong Ziliang bought previously was only the most ordinary among these clothes!

Apart from the robe, there were also boots, helmet, pants, wings… and other classic items in the game.

“It really has everything one can think of.”

Gong Ziliang flipped through it.
In the end, his gaze stopped accurately on the wings!

“Wings Accessory? No way, no way…”

“Could it be that it can really give me a pair of wing:

Gong Ziliang clicked on it doubtfully.
Immediately, a large number of various wings jumped up.
(Ding! New item in the Gift Bag Shop! The $599 Soul Driving Flying Wings Gift Bag is already on sale! It contains a top-grade Soul Driving Flying Wings+100 feathers! Hurry up and buy it!!]

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(Ding! New item in the Gift Bag Shop! The $189 Soaring Wings Gift Bag is already on sale! It contains a Soaring Wings Gift Bag+20 feathers! ]

Looking at the two gift bags that appeared in the system, Gong Ziliang felt his heart skip a beat.
“$189 Soaring Wings Gift Bag?? Is this thing reliable?”

Looking at the $189 Gift Bag, Gong Ziliang was tempted!

If the wings were really like in the game, wouldn’t it be really cool and invincible?

“Alright, this will do!”

After thinking for about two seconds, Gong Ziliang gritted his teeth and directly bought it!

[Ding! Congratulations on buying the Soaring Wings Gift Bag! It has automatically been opened for you.
Congratulations on obtaining the Soaring Wings+20 feathers!]
[Soaring Wings]

Level Requirement: 20

Attribute: Flying Speed+10%

Special Bonus: Can summon an Angel.
Increases movement speed by 300% for 10 seconds!


‘When the system notification appeared, Gong Ziliang felt a light feeling emit from his back.

Then, a dazzling white light rose.

It slowly expanded behind Gong Ziliang!

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