Chapter 164: Invited to the Supreme Academy

Boom! Boom! Boom!

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On Gong Ziliang’s side, his Body Tempering had already reached the final stage.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s entire body was filled with golden patterns.

If one looked at him from afar, Gong Ziliang’s entire body was like a golden arhat.
He sat there looking mighty and mighty, and his entire body was filled with an extremely brave and powerful aura!

Gong Ziliang opened his eyes.

Immediately, a golden light shot out from his gaze and dispersed in the air for a few meters before slowly dissipating!

Looking at the golden veins that appeared on his arm, Gong Ziliang shook his hand and felt an unprecedented explosive force fill his palm!

Gong Ziliang felt that if he encountered another Angry Vajra now, he could definitely suppress it with the strength of his physical body!

Then, he tried to stand up.

However, at this moment, the huge rock under him could not withstand the strength of his body and directly cracked!

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang was immediately stunned.

‘Wasn’t this the same as when he did not completely control his strength after breaking through several realms back then?

The effect of Body Tempering this time was too much!

“What should I do… If I return to the sect like this, won’t the entire sect be torn down!”

Gong Ziliang scratched his head and felt a little troubled.

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If he wanted to completely grasp this strength, Gong Ziliang estimated that it would take at least a week.

However, he did not have the time to wait here!

“Good! Good kid! You can actually cultivate this Indestructible Golden Body Sacred Statue Divine Body!”

At this moment, a praise suddenly sounded from the side.

Gong Ziliang looked over when he heard this and discovered that an old man holding a wine gourd was sitting in front of him.

It was unknown when this old man had arrived.
However, at this moment, he looked at Gong Ziliang closely, and his gaze could not help but reveal dense admiration.
‘What a powerful concealment technique! This old man’s strength is probably not inferior to Elder Kong Nian…’

Gong Ziliang looked at the old man and guessed in surprise.

“Senior, who are you?” Gong Ziliang looked at the old man and asked curiously.

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“Tm just a passerby!” The old man shook his head and did not reveal his name.
“Kid, did you feel that you couldn’t control your strength just now?”

Gong Ziliang frowned when he heard this.

How did this old man know?

“Don’t be puzzled! Our encounter is bound by fate!”

As the elder spoke, he suddenly took out an ancient scroll and threw it over.

Gong Ziliang caught it and saw the words on the ancient scroll: Supreme Body Refinement Technique!

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After Gong Ziliang opened this ancient scroll and took a look, he discovered that the Supreme Body Refinement Technique actually recorded the method to control the Indestructible Golden Body Sacred Statue Divine Body!
Gong Ziliang adjusted his aura and meridians according to the method above.
Immediately, the golden meridians on his body disappeared, and his entire body returned to its previous state.
“This Supreme Body Refinement Technique explained how to control the strength of the Divine Body so that the strength of the Divine Body would not be leaked!”
After the old man drank a mouthful of wine, he continued, “However, this is the first volume.
Only by obtaining the middle and lower volumes can you completely unleash the greatest strength of the Divine Body!”
‘When Gong Ziliang heard the old man’s words, he immediately understood and asked, “What requests do you have?”

“It’s not a request! It’s an invitation!”

The old man shook his head, and then he took out a golden command token from his pocket and threw it at Gong Ziliang, “On behalf of the Supreme Academy, I’ll send you an invitation now.
Please be sure to participate in the Supreme Academy’s recruitment this time!”
“Supreme Academy!”

When he heard this, Gong Ziliang’s eyes immediately lit up.

“That’s right! As long as you can enter the Supreme Academy, I’ll immediately hand over the remaining two scrolls!” The old man nodded, his voice filled with sincerity.
“Alright! I’ll definitely go to the Supreme Academy!” Gong Ziliang nodded and agreed.

After all, there was no need to consider anything.
Even if the old man did not appear now, he still had to go to the Supreme Academy!

“Alright! Then it’s settled! Kid, you have to come to the Supreme Academy’s enrollment! When the time comes, I’ll wait for you there!”

As he spoke, the old man’s figure transformed into a wave of smoke that slowly disappeared in front of Gong Ziliang.

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“This old man is really strange!”

Looking at the old man who came and went in a hurry, Gong Ziliang smacked his lips and put away the Supreme Body Refinement Technique.

If this old man was not lying to him, Gong Ziliang had to obtain the Supreme Body Refinement Technique!

“Open the Body Tempering interface!”

After watching the old man leave, Gong Ziliang opened the Body Tempering interface again.

Finally, he discovered that his Body Tempering attribute had already reached the sixth-stage.

However, when he looked at the seventh-stage Body Tempering Realm, he was directly stunned.

This was because after the seventh-stage Body Tempering, he could no longer use copper coins to increase his attributes, but ingots instead!

If he wanted to perfect the seventh-stage Body Tempering Realm, it actually required 1 million ingots!

“Damn, you son of a watermelon… This is too much!”

Seeing that he still had more than 100,000 ingots left, Gong Ziliang almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

How long would he have to accumulate

“Forget it, forget it! Looks like I’ll have to accumulate this seventh-stage Body Tempering for a while.
It’s about time to return.”

In the end, Gong Ziliang took a deep breath and threw the matter of Body Tempering to the back of his mind.
Then, he patted his butt and left.

“Junior Brother Liang, thank you for saving our lives!”

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In the ancient kingdom, when Bai Yutian, Chu Shuang, and the others saw Gong Ziliang, they immediately knelt on one knee and bowed to him.

It could be said that if Gong Ziliang had not appeared just now, the few of them would definitely have been beaten to death by the Angry Vajra!
“You’re welcome!”

Gong Ziliang waved his hand.
“Then let’s return to the sect now?”


Bai Yutian and the others nodded without any objections.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Is this the elite disciple of the Myriad Sword Sect? How powerful!”

Looking at the backs of Gong Ziliang and the others leaving, Leader Cang Nan and some other leaders nodded in unison to express their emotions!
They had also interacted with the Myriad Sword Sect a few times, but they had never seen a disciple like Gong Ziliang!

‘When he returned to the sect, a day had already passed.

However, at this moment, Gong Ziliang noticed that after he returned, the gazes of those elders and disciples were clearly different!

“What’s going on…”
Gong Ziliang looked at their shocked and curious gazes and could not help but rub his head.

“Junior Brother Liang, the news of you defeating the Angry Vajra has already spread to the sect! Now, the entire sect, and even the Sect Master are waiting for your return!” Bai Yutian explained to Gong Ziliang…

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