As expected, the Myriad Sword Sect’s foundation was extremely deep!

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“I’m the Sect Master of the Myriad Sword Sect, Jian Zun!” Jian Zun stood above and said.

As he spoke, his calm voice, wrapped in spiritual qi, clearly fell into the ears of every disciple…

“The three sect trials that you’ve been waiting for are here!”

As he spoke, Jian Zun looked at them, and his gaze flashed.
Immediately, a sharp sword qi appeared.
“I only have one request for these three sects’ trials, and that is that the first has to be our Myriad Sword Sect!”

“Understood!” Hearing Jian Zun’s words, the inner sect disciples below shouted in unison.

“Very good! Let First Elder Cang Ming tell you the details of the ruins!”

Jian Zun nodded and looked at his side.

“Everyone, the three sects’ trial is here!”

This Elder Cang Ming’s face was white, and even his beard was white!

He stood out and smiled at these inner sect disciples with an extremely amiable attitude, “The three sects’ trial is the trial for the disciples of our Myriad Sword Sect, the Hundred Flower Sect, and the Tyrant Fist Sect!”

“The location of the trial this time is… the Divine Flame Ruins! This is a treasure land that was created after a Tribulation Transcendence Realm expert died…”

As Elder Cang Ming spoke, he casually waved his hand, and a pattern immediately appeared in the sky.

On this diagram, the Divine Flame Ruins sat there.
It was like a volcano, extremely large!

“In this ruin, the strongest spirit beast is in the True Martial Realm! As for the Illusory Core Realm, there are countless spirit beasts that are extremely terrifying!”

Elder Cang Ming looked at them and said, “Moreover, there are also traps set up by the other two sects.
It can be said to have increased the danger!”

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“However, in comparison, the rewards inside are extremely rich! This reward is enough to support you all to join the Supreme Academy!”

“This time, the number one genius of the Hundred Flower Sect, Zi Yanrou, and Ba Shan of the Tyrant Fist Sect will be inside!”

When Elder Cang Ming said these two disciples, his tone could be said to be solemn.

“Zhao Ling, as the Eldest Senior Brother of the inner sect, you should take care of your junior brothers and sisters!”

As Cang Ming spoke, he looked at the person at the front of all the inner sect disciples.

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“Of course!”

Zhao Ling nodded.
His voice did not carry any emotion as it was like a machine.

“Very good, then set off!”

Cang Ming nodded.
“This time, Elder Mei Hua and Elder Tian Gui will bring you to the ruins.
I hope you can bring back outstanding results!”

“Understood!” All the inner sect disciples below said together.

The Divine Flame Ruins was located in the southern area of the Myriad Sword Sect.
Under the lead of Elder Mei Hua and Elder Tian Gui, Gong Ziliang and the others arrived in almost a day.

When everyone arrived at the side of the ruins, they could not help but be shocked by the terrifying aura emitted by the ruins!

Even if they stood outside the ruins, there was still a terrifying power that suppressed the speed of the spiritual qi in their bodies!

“Elder Mei Hua, shall we go over?”

The person who spoke was Elder Tian Gui.

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Elder Tian Gui looked like a small old woman.

She bent down, her face covered in wrinkles.
She held a walking stick in her hand, looking like an extremely kind little old woman.

Compared to Elder Mei Hua’s seven-year-old body, it was really like heaven and earth!


Elder Mei Hua nodded at her, and then she led the disciples of the Myriad Sword Sect to fly down.

“Oh! The Myriad Sword Sect is finally here!”

When Elder Mei Hua and the others arrived at the entrance of the ruins, they discovered that there were already two groups of people waiting.

On one side were all men.
The muscles on their bodies could not even be contained in their clothes, and they were all exposed!

On the other side, it was even more exaggerated.

The disciples here were all women.

They were extremely beautiful.
If they were in the mortal world, they were definitely existences that could cause the downfall of kingdoms and empires.

At this moment, they stood here and could be said to be extremely beautiful!

Gong Ziliang sized up the two sides and almost did not need to think.

It was as if he knew which was the Hundred Flower Sect and which was the Tyrant Fist Sect!

This was too obvious!

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“Mei Hua, it’s you again! Come over quickly.
You’re the only one left!”

The representative elder of the Tyrant Fist Sect was also a large man.

However, there was an extremely terrifying explosive force hidden in his body, as if every action of his contained extremely powerful strength!

“Tian Quan, long time no see!” Elder Mei Hua nodded at him and looked at the Hundred Flower Sect.

The representative elder was a beautiful woman who looked to be in her thirties.

Her temperament was peerless.
There was no etherealness on her beautiful face.
Instead, she was extremely mature.
On her body, one could see the aura of an expert!

“Elder Mei Hua!” The beautiful woman nodded lightly at Mei Hua to express her respect.

“Elder Yun Shan!” Mei Hua also nodded, “Since our three sects are here, let’s begin the Three Sect’s Trial!”

“Alright!” The elders of the other two sects also nodded.

As they spoke, the three of them took out a token and raised it high in the air.

Immediately, three rays of light emitted from these three tokens and directly surged towards the huge ruins ahead!


With a violent bang, everyone saw the volcano-like ruin suddenly light up.

At the same time, a virtual door appeared in front of everyone.

“Don’t be afraid! This ruin was originally created by that Divine Flame Realm expert.
You just have to enter!”

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Elder Mei Hua looked at the huge hole and nodded.
Then, he turned around and said to all the disciples, “Let’s begin!”

“Yes!” These disciples replied and began to enter the ruins.

“Junior Brother Liang, right?”

Gong Ziliang followed the group forward.
Suddenly, a figure hurriedly came to his side.

“Senior Brother Wang, what’s wrong?”

Looking at this figure, Gong Ziliang smiled.

This figure was none other than Elder Mei Hua’s disciple, Wang Chong!

“This Three Sect’s Trial is not easy to pass! Let’s walk together later so that we can look after each other!” Wang Chong looked at Gong Ziliang and suggested.

“Alright!” Gong Ziliang nodded.

As the two of them spoke, everyone had already arrived inside the ruins.

They saw that the surroundings were extremely wide.
In front of them, there were even iron men standing on the spot without moving!

“Oh? This is…”

The people of the Myriad Sword Sect frowned when they saw these iron men.
They did not expect that there was actually such a thing in this Divine Flame Ruins!

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect that this would be our home ground!”

When the Tyrant Fist Sect saw this scene, they all revealed smiles and were extremely happy.

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