“Tsk, tsk, tsk.
After rising to Level 31, I feel like my grasp of all the skills has increased to a whole new level!”

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Gong Ziliang closed his eyes as if he did not need to think at all.

These martial techniques seemed to have been engraved in his mind and began to circulate!

It was even to the extent that even casually changing the circulation of the moves became extremely easy to do!

“Oh? This Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike…”

Gong Ziliang casually comprehended cultivation techniques and martial techniques.

Finally, when he comprehended the Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike, he felt a little rusty!

Even if he had already raised the level of the Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike to Level 31, he still did not have the feeling of completely comprehending it like the Sun Moon Sword Technique!

However, Gong Ziliang could vaguely sense that the potential contained in this Swift Dragon Strike was actually not inferior to the Sun Moon Sword Technique!

It even surpassed it in some places!

“This Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike is not simple!”

After sensing this aura, Gong Ziliang was a little surprised.

The Sun Moon Sword Technique was a Profound-rank martial technique that was discovered in the Myriad Spirit Ruins.
The circulation potential of this Swift Dragon Strike was actually vaguely above this Sun Moon Sword Technique!

If it was the complete Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike, what level of a martial technique would it be!!

“It can’t be circulated smoothly! Could it be because this Swift Dragon Strike is incomplete…”

Gong Ziliang thought for a moment and quickly thought of the reason.

The Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike that he had cultivated back then was only an incomplete copy from the Profound Heaven Sect.

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The power was almost comparable to a medium-grade Yellow-rank martial technique.
Therefore, after weighing the pros and cons, he took this martial technique!

Later, because the power of this Swift Dragon Strike was limited.
Coupled with the fact that he had learned a new martial technique, he slowly forgot about it.
Only now did Gong Ziliang take this martial technique seriously again!

“Right! Previously, the system said that there were Skill Recovery Pills.”

Gong Ziliang’s eyes flashed as he hurriedly opened his bag.

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Finally, in a hidden corner, he discovered a total of 10 Skill Recovery Pill fragments.

[Skill Recovery Pill Fragment: 10 can form a complete Skill Recovery Pill.
It can repair the incomplete martial technique and make it complete! It originates from the Monthly Card reward!]

“Monthly card reward! Hahaha, this has really helped me greatly!”

After Gong Ziliang saw the introduction of this Skill Recovery Pill, he was overjoyed.

This was really a timely help!

This system had finally done something!

“System, synthesis the Skill Recovery Pill!” After calming down, Gong Ziliang immediately said.

[Ding! 10 Skill Recovery Pill Fragments have been successfully combined into 1 Skill Recovery Pill!]

With the system notification, Gong Ziliang saw a new red medicinal pill appear in his bag!

“Use the Skill Recovery Pill on the Swift Dragon Strike!” Gong Ziliang said without hesitation.

He wanted to see how powerful this Swift Dragon Strike was!

[Ding! Successful use!]

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

With the system notification, Gong Ziliang hurriedly activated this Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike.

Suddenly, a flash appeared in front of Gong Ziliang.

When he saw his surroundings, he discovered that he had actually arrived in a blank world!

In this world, it was completely blank.
The only thing was a black longsword!

[The current world is the Void Realm.
There is no concept of time!]

[You can automatically recover your stamina and heal your body in the Void Realm…]

[Current Objective: Drawing your sword a billion times!]

“Drawing your sword a billion times…”

Looking at the notification board in front of him, Gong Ziliang tried to pull out the longsword in his hand.
Immediately, the number on it changed from zero to one.

“As expected, this Broken Swift Dragon Army Strike is extraordinary.
It actually requires me to draw the sword a billion times!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the number that made ordinary people feel despair.
He showed firm determination in his eyes!

“There’s no shortcut in cultivation! Since there’s no concept of time here, I’ll draw my sword a billion times and see what level I can reach…”

Gong Ziliang closed his eyes.
When he opened them again, his gaze had already thrown away all distracting thoughts, and only the longsword in front of him was left!

Then, Gong Ziliang began to draw his sword.

When he drew his sword a thousand times, his hands were a little sore.

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When he drew his sword ten thousand times, even Gong Ziliang could not move anymore!

However, soon, waves of power came from this white space.

Gong Ziliang quickly recovered his stamina and his hands became agile!

However, although he could recover his body, Gong Ziliang was still numb after 100,000 times.
It was as if drawing his sword had already become a subconscious action…

When it happened a million times, Gong Ziliang himself did not notice that a cold sword intent had appeared on the longsword in his hand!

Immediately after, for the millionth time, the sword qi on the longsword in Gong Ziliang’s hand almost wrapped around the entire sword’s body.
The terrifying Sword was simply a hundred times more terrifying than the longsword!

When Gong Ziliang unsheathed his sword 100 million times, the sword intent in his hand had already turned blue.
As it shrank, an even more terrifying lethality came from above!

Then 300 million, 500 million, 800 million…

The sword intent in Gong Ziliang’s hand continuously changed, finally turning into a terrifying blood-red sword force.

This sword force was attached to Gong Ziliang’s longsword and had been accumulating strength.
It contained his strength!

It was as if it was waiting for the moment Gong Ziliang really pulled out the sword before erupting with the power to split the world!

Then, 990 million times…

When Gong Ziliang had one last strike, his gaze that had been staring ahead finally looked at the longsword in his hand.

On his longsword, there was already a layer of blood-red sword force!

This sword force seemed to contain the laws of all things.
A force that could almost split the world emitted from this longsword!

Gong Ziliang could confirm that when this power was released.

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One sword strike was enough to split open the sky!

“It’s time to go out!”

Looking at the blank time in front of him, Gong Ziliang drew his sword for the last time!

Immediately, the sword force that had accumulated for a billion times was finally released.
In an instant, the red sword force enlarged countless times, turning into a blood-colored longsword that directly slashed at this white space!

This white space directly turned into nothingness under this sword!

“Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike!”

With a soft cry, Gong Ziliang opened his eyes again.

At the same time, the blood-red sword force crossed space and appeared again to coil around the Heavenly Frost Sword in his hand!

Immediately, a powerful sword intent actually turned into a substance that emitted a cold light from his body!


Terrifying sword intent instantly surged, transforming into a cold light that stood between the heavens and the earth!

From afar, it was like a peerless sword that made one feel sharp and extremely cold!

Even the sky above Gong Ziliang seemed to be scattered by the sword intent, turning into a huge vortex that continuously spun around the sword force!

At the same time, at the foot of the main peak of the Myriad Sword Sect.

An old man whose entire body was covered in dust suddenly opened his eyes.

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