“Lose? Not necessarily!” Elder Mei Hua also revealed a meaningful smile and said, “Any method is useless in front of absolute strength!”

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“Absolute strength? Chi Yan is an existence in the top ten of the outer sect disciples! This kid’s performance just now is indeed not bad, but you don’t think that this kid can defeat Chi Yan now, right?” Elder Tai You said in disbelief when he heard the words of Mei Hua.

“Don’t forget your War Beast Egg.
I’m waiting for you to deliver it to me!”

However, before Elder Tai You could finish speaking, Mei Hua suddenly turned around and walked behind.

“War Beast Egg? What are you thinking… The battle has not even begun.
Who knows if this kid can become a disciple…”

“What! That’s not possible!”

When Elder Tai You heard Elder Mei Hua’s words, he was slightly stunned.
However, when he turned around and looked into the dense forest, his entire body immediately seemed to have been struck by lightning.
He was stunned there and did not move!

At this moment, Gong Ziliang and Chi Yan had already exchanged positions in the forest.

Gong Ziliang was putting away his sword and wiping the blood on it!

Behind him, Chi Yan’s eyes widened in disbelief!

“No! This is impossible…”

At this moment, the large sword in his hand had already been snapped into two.
A terrifying temperature even remained on the large sword!

A deep sword scar also appeared on his chest!

Blood seeped into his upper body through his clothes!


In the end, Chi Yan could not hold on anymore.
He directly spat out blood and fell back!

As for the two outer sect disciples who came with him, the smile on their faces had not even disappeared!

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It was too fast!

This man was too fast!

The speed at which Gong Ziliang attacked was really too fast!

They saw that after their figures crossed a few times, Chi Yan was lying on the ground.

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The entire process did not take more than 20 breaths.

Apart from the two of them fighting, almost no one knew what had happened.


It was extremely quiet!

At this moment, in the entire forest, Gong Ziliang stepped on the leaves and emitted a rustling sound.

Under Li Dan’s unbelievable gaze, Gong Ziliang carried Zhao Zhirou and pulled Su Ling towards the exit of the forest.

“Senior Brother, you don’t need me to carry you anymore, right? Look, my hands are busy.”

Gong Ziliang turned around and said to Li Dan.

“No! No need!”

Li Dan shook her head continuously when he heard this.
Then, he tried his best to stand up and follow behind Gong Ziliang.

Just like this, Gong Ziliang and the others walked out of the test grounds, and the outer sect disciples who were prepared to watch the show outside looked at him with extremely shocked gazes.

It was as if Gong Ziliang was a complete monster!

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“Young friend Gong Ziliang, congratulations!”

After Gong Ziliang came out, Elder Mei Hua immediately welcomed him and congratulated him.

“I’ll do as I said previously! From now on, you’re an inner sect disciple of my Myriad Sword Sect!”

Elder Mei Hua did not hesitate to take out a token carved from white jade and place it in front of Gong Ziliang.

At the same time, there was a blue-white robe that looked very refreshing and carefree!

“Inner sect!”

Gong Ziliang received the token and saw two words carved on it!

“That’s the token of an inner sect disciple!”

“Gasp! No way, no way! Could it be that he directly obtained the identity of an inner sect disciple like this…”

“Oh my god! This, this, this, this, this… I’ve already been in the outer sect for three years.
I can’t even enter the top ten! This kid only passed a test and actually obtained the inner sect disciple token!”

“The person who gave him the token is actually Elder Mei Hua.
This time, many people will be jealous to death!”

This scene also attracted the attention of many outer sect disciples who were here to watch the show.

Immediately, these outer sect disciples were envious, their eyes turning red!

However, even so, none of the disciples dared to step forward!

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After all, Gong Ziliang had just defeated Chi Yan in front of everyone!

As one of the ten great outer sect experts, if he could defeat Chi Yan, it meant that his strength had already far surpassed the surrounding disciples!

“Let’s go, let’s go!”

Elder Mei Hua waved his hand at Gong Ziliang, indicating that he should follow!

“Senior Brother, Senior Sister, I’ll make a move first!”

After Gong Ziliang greeted Li Dan, Zhao Zhirou, and the others, he walked towards the Myriad Sword Sect with countless complicated and jealous gazes!

“This junior brother of mine…”

Li Dan looked at Gong Ziliang’s figure and could not help but smile bitterly.

With such a person as his junior brother, as his senior brother, he did not know what to do…

As they walked towards the Myriad Sword Sect, Gong Ziliang saw their figures grow higher and higher.
Even layers of dense fog began to appear around them, causing the surroundings to begin to become misty!

“Little friend, although you’ve only just joined the sect, there are some things you should know!”

Elder Mei Hua walked in front and his voice slowly sounded, “To be honest, our Myriad Sword Sect is preparing a grand event now.
This grand event will not only affect the Myriad Sword Sect, but all the high-grade sects under the Primordial Dynasty will participate!”

“Oh? All the high-grade sects?”

When Gong Ziliang heard Elder Mei Hua’s words, he was stunned.

“That’s right! This is a grand event involving all the sects.
I believe you’ve definitely heard of the Supreme Academy, right?” Elder Mei Hua nodded and asked Gong Ziliang.

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“Supreme Academy? That’s the highest institute in the Primordial Dynasty! The disciples who graduate are at least experts at the True Martial Realm?”

When Gong Ziliang heard this, his eyes immediately lit up.

“That’s right!” Elder Mei Hua nodded, “As the most powerful academy in the Primordial Dynasty, the Supreme Academy not only far surpasses the high-grade sects in terms of strength and influence!”

“Now, the Supreme Academy is about to begin its enrollment!” Elder Mei Hua said solemnly.

“The recruitment of the Supreme Academy? At that time, how intense would the competition be!”

When Gong Ziliang heard this, he was a little serious.

As the Supreme Academy in the Primordial Dynasty, once it recruited students, the disciples of all the sects would probably swarm over!

At that time, it would definitely be a major event in the cultivation world of the Primordial Dynasty!

“That’s right! Every time the Supreme Academy invites new students, countless disciples will surge in crazily.
Sometimes, the number of people fighting on the same stage answers to hundreds, or even thousands!”

“Even our high-grade sect needs to send disciples there!”

Elder Mei Hua nodded.
“As for the Supreme Academy, it only accepts 1% of the participants every year!”

“Out of 100 people, only 1 person can enter the Supreme Academy to cultivate!”

“1% enrollment rate???”

Although Gong Ziliang was already mentally prepared, when he heard this number, he was still a little shocked!

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