Chapter 125: Calling for Help, Right? I Can Do It Too

[In the Parkour Event, you obtained a medium-grade Level Pill…]

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[In the Parkour Event, you obtained a Diamond Necklace (Orange)…]

Accompanied by the sound of the wind in his ears, Gong Ziliang could hear the system’s voice continuously sounding in his mind.

Every time it sounded, it meant that he had obtained another prize in the Parkour Event!

I didn’t expect that as my level increased, the things that this Parkour Event gave me also increased!

Gong Ziliang was very satisfied when he heard the system’s reward.

These items really felt like they were picked up by the roadside!

Five minutes passed in the blink of an eye.

Gong Ziliang felt that this event was so fruitful!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

However, what surprised Gong Ziliang was that in these five minutes…

More and more figures followed behind him and began to crazily chase after him!

At first, it was only Lin Jie and the others.

However, later on, when he encountered a few outer sect disciples who were squatting on the trees and preparing to ambush him,

it was as if these outer sect disciples had reached an agreement.
They actually gave up on squatting.

All of them chased after him!

This was extremely absurd!

“Why are these people chasing me…”

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Gong Ziliang looked at the dark figure behind him and felt his scalp tingle.

Had he offended all the outer sect disciples of the Myriad Sword Sect in the dense forest?

However, he did not do anything!

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He was just doing parkour!

“That’s great! That kid has finally stopped…”

Behind Gong Ziliang, the outer sect disciples of the Myriad Sword Sect saw him stop on a tree.

Immediately, all of them were overjoyed.
They increased their speed and chased after him!

“Damn! Is this kid a rabbit spirit? This speed is too fast…”

At the side, Lin Jie, who had been chasing after Gong Ziliang from the beginning, wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.
A shocked expression appeared in his eyes!

It was too exaggerated!

Ever since Gong Ziliang met Lin Jie previously, he had not stopped!

Moreover, he maintained such a terrifying speed.

At the beginning, Lin Jie could barely see Gong Ziliang’s figure.

However, later on, he could not see it at all!

Fortunately, soon, new outer sect disciples were angered by Gong Ziliang and let out roars.

This was why Lin Jie could keep up!

Otherwise, he would have been sent flying long ago!

“What realm is this kid at…”

The other disciple also nodded in shock.
With his strength at the fifth-stage Illusory Core Realm, he could be considered an above average disciple even among the outer sect disciples of the Myriad Sword Sect!

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However, when he faced Gong Ziliang, he felt a dense sense of powerlessness.

He discovered that no matter if it was his realm, speed, or strength, he could not unleash 30-40% of his original strength in front of Gong Ziliang!

Even he could not catch up sometimes.

He was left far behind by Gong Ziliang and did not know what to do!

“The rookies this year seem to be quite impressive!” A disciple spoke.

Soon, this sentence resonated with many people!

They had a feeling that this batch of newcomers would definitely turn the outer sect of the Myriad Sword Sect upside down!

“However, we still haven’t found Gong Ziliang, right?” Another disciple asked.

At this moment, the twenty plus outer sect disciples present were silent.

That’s right!

These people had all come to this dense forest to find Gong Ziliang under the orders of Chi Yan.

It was best if they could kill him directly and end everything!

However, they did not expect that this black shadow would suddenly rush out and interrupt all their plans!

“Looks like we can’t find Gong Ziliang! However, this guy has to pay a price!”

Lin Jie gritted his teeth and finally looked at Gong Ziliang.


The other disciples nodded repeatedly.

At this moment, they came to a consensus!

“How should I deal with these people behind me…”

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Gong Ziliang looked at the black shadows that were getting closer and closer to him and started to think.

It was impossible for him to continue running with these black shadows.
How could he meet up with Li Dan and the others?

“I finally found him? He’s the outer sect senior brother of the Myriad Sword Sect!!”

Just as Gong Ziliang was thinking, a proud voice suddenly sounded from under the tree.

Gong Ziliang was stunned when he heard this and looked down.

Twenty figures actually walked out from below.

They wore different clothes and were gathered together, forming a considerable force!

In front of these disciples was a tall young man who looked at Gong Ziliang and revealed a knowing expression.

If Elder Tai You was here, he would definitely be able to recognize him.

This young man was none other than the Zhou Tong that he had thought very highly of!

“Found it, we finally found an outer sect disciple who ambushed us!”

Zhou Tong looked at the masked Gong Ziliang and immediately waved at the followers behind him.

“Too powerful! Senior Brother Zhou Tong is really too powerful!”

“The first place this year is indeed Senior Brother Zhou Tong’s…”

“I have to say that Senior Brother Zhou Tong is really bold! Everyone else is working hard to avoid the outer sect disciples, but Senior Brother Zhou Tong wants to ambush the outer sect disciples and obtain contribution points!”

Immediately, a series of cheers sounded from behind Zhou Tong.

“Damn it, there are so few outer sect disciples participating in the hunting test this time! After walking for so long, I actually only discovered one…”

Seeing his supporters cheer, Zhou Tong first smiled and nodded, and then he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart!

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In fact, when they were forming a team outside, Zhou Tong had already had his own thoughts!

According to the senior brothers who had entered the Myriad Sword Sect previously, this hunting test was not only for outer sect disciples to harvest the contribution points of rookies like them.

In fact, if one was powerful enough, they could also retaliate against the outer sect disciples and obtain their contribution points!

It was also with this thought that Zhou Tong would begin to team up before entering the forest!

However, he felt strange.

Ever since they formed a team and entered this dense forest, because along the way, he actually did not encounter a single outer sect disciple!

The entire forest seemed to have been emptied, making Zhou Tong feel as if he had wasted his effort!

In order to obtain some contribution points, Zhou Tong brought these supporters behind him and continuously walked in the dense forest.

Finally, the heavens did not let down those who wanted to!

He had found Gong Ziliang!

“So he treated me as an outer sect disciple who came to hunt…”

Hearing Zhou Tong’s words, Gong Ziliang immediately understood!

At this moment, the supporters behind Zhou Tong also spread out one after another, gradually surrounding Gong Ziliang to prevent him from escaping!

When Gong Ziliang saw this, he did not escape.

Instead, an extremely bold plan began to brew!

“You dare to rob me of my contribution points??”

Gong Ziliang looked at Zhou Tong and the others and suddenly smiled in disdain, “Call for help? I know how to do it too!”

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