Chapter 117: Could It Be a Certain Someone’s Reincarnation?

However, even that genius did not seem to be as fast as the current Gong Ziliang!

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“Why does he feel… as if the spiritual qi in his body can never be used up!”

First Elder Liu looked at the surrounding spiritual qi continuously gathering over and felt that it was a little ridiculous!

Breaking through to the Illusory Core Realm would definitely consume two-thirds of his spiritual qi.

The remaining spiritual qi was used to condense a spiritual qi vortex!

But now, it seemed that when Gong Ziliang broke through to the Illusory Core Realm, the spiritual qi in his body did not seem to have been exhausted much!

This was a little strange!

“Fortunately, I’ve cultivated the Great Azure Mystic Spirit Technique.
Now, as long as I consume a little spiritual qi, it’ll immediately recover!”

In the courtyard…

At this moment, Gong Ziliang was only guiding the spiritual qi vortex in the sky to not disperse.

The effect of the Great Azure Mystic Spirit Technique simply far exceeded Gong Ziliang’s expectations!

Now, he could condense this vortex for as long as he wanted.
There was no limitation at all!

“It’s already seven miles!”

Outside, Elder Mei Hua looked at the spiritual qi vortex above and gulped.

As the spiritual qi vortex became bigger and bigger, the other disciples of the Profound Heaven Sect also noticed this strange phenomenon.

Even they knew that something major was about to happen!

Immediately, almost all the disciples looked towards the courtyard where Gong Ziliang was.

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Then, the eight-mile spiritual qi vortex…

Nine miles of spiritual qi vortex…

Ten miles of spiritual qi vortex…


When the spiritual qi vortex reached ten miles, it could be said to be extremely magnificent.

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It even made the eyelids of some elders jump, feeling waves of shock!

Elder Mei Hua’s eyelids twitched, and the corners of his mouth began to tremble.

Even the twin fish in his bamboo basket could not help but jump out and sigh at the spiritual qi vortex in the sky.

“This kid is definitely a small monster!”

The ten-mile spiritual qi vortex meant that Gong Ziliang already had the talent of a peerless genius!

Since ancient times, almost every existence who could reach the ten-mile vortex after breaking through to the Illusory Core Realm did something that would be recorded in the history books!

Now, the only living genius with a ten-mile spiritual qi vortex was not only a top ruler, but his strength was even more unfathomable!

The faction he was in was something that even the Myriad Sword Sect did not dare to provoke!

Now, another disciple with the ten-mile vortex had appeared and was actually still in front of him.
This made Elder Mei Hua involuntarily tremble.

“Wait! Why hasn’t his spiritual qi vortex stopped…”

However, following that, just as everyone thought that Gong Ziliang was about to end condensing his spiritual qi vortex, a bang suddenly erupted in the sky!

Then, under everyone’s shocked gazes, this spiritual qi vortex actually rose another mile!

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A spiritual qi vortex of 11 miles!

“Gasp! A spiritual qi vortex of 11 miles? How is this possible…”

When Elder Mei Hua saw this, he finally could not hold on anymore.
He could not help but lose his composure and directly shouted in extreme shock.

Xuan Guangzi and First Elder Liu were even more stunned.

They had never seen such a scene!

The ten-mile spiritual qi vortex was already praised as the standard for peerless geniuses.

As for the eleven-mile spiritual qi vortex, it had never appeared in Elder Mei Hua’s memories before!

After all, whose dantian was so big that after breaking through to the Illusory Core Realm, there was still so much spiritual qi that could be used!

Perhaps only the supreme elders of the ancient legends could condense so much spiritual qi when they just broke through to the Illusory Core Realm!

However, such an existence was a supreme being who crossed endless territory and ruled a continent!

Could it be that he was witnessing the birth of such a mighty figure?

Or could this be the reincarnation of some mighty figure?

If not for that, how could he have reached this stage!

Elder Mei Hua felt a little uneasy in his heart.
He was simply terrified to the extreme!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

However, even so, the spiritual qi vortex in the sky was still continuously condensing.
Its range had already exceeded 15 miles.

Looking at the spiritual qi vortex that was getting bigger and bigger, Elder Mei Hua and the others were stunned!

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As time slowly passed, the moon rose and the cold stars shone.

However, Elder Mei Hua and the others could not see anything.

This was because above them was already completely enveloped by the huge spiritual qi vortex!

[Ding! It is now 8pm.
Gold farming activity is about to begin.
Please be prepared!]

In the room, Gong Ziliang was simply bored of condensing this spiritual qi vortex.

After hearing the system notification, Gong Ziliang’s eyes flashed and he looked at the sky.

Unknowingly, it was already eight in the evening.

This breakthrough of his had actually lasted for almost four hours!

“Alright! Then let’s prepare for the gold farming event!”

After hearing the notification, Gong Ziliang almost immediately stopped condensing this spiritual qi vortex.

Compared to the gold farming activity, this spiritual qi vortex was clearly not as important!

“This… this 33-mile spiritual qi vortex…”

At this moment, Elder Mei Hua and the others had already been standing here for four hours.

They looked at the incomparably huge spiritual qi vortex above their heads.
It had already condensed to the size of a total of 33 miles!

A spiritual qi vortex of 33 miles!

Elder Mei Hua felt that even in his dreams, he could not dream of such a magical scene!!

The spiritual qi vortex of 33 miles meant that even if Gong Ziliang was at the first-stage Illusory Core Realm, the storage level of his spiritual qi was not inferior to an expert at the third-stage Illusory Core Realm!

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If it was those Illusory Core Realm disciples with inferior qualifications, they would only have condensed a one-mile spiritual qi vortex when they broke through.

The current Gong Ziliang already had 33 times their spiritual qi!

Even if it was a peerless genius with a ten-mile spiritual qi vortex, Gong Ziliang was already three times ahead of them!

Such a terrifying difference made Gong Ziliang have absolute suppression at the same level!


Just as Elder Mei Hua and the others’ minds rumbled, the spiritual qi vortex in the sky suddenly paused slightly and directly withered!

Clearly, this was the phenomenon caused by the owner of the spiritual qi vortex stopping its condensation!


Seeing this, Elder Mei Hua wished he could immediately rush in and drag Gong Ziliang out to ask!

When others condensed their spiritual qi vortexes for the first time, they would use all their strength and wish they could squeeze out a bit more.

However, this kid actually took the initiative to end it and give up on condensing the spiritual qi vortex!

How could this be!

“Could it be… my guess is right!”

However, Elder Mei Hua suddenly thought of something and recalled his guess, “If this disciple is really the reincarnation of an ancient mighty figure, he doesn’t need to condense a spiritual qi vortex at all!”

“Condensing a larger spiritual qi vortex will only attract more attention! The real big shots are usually low-key…”

“I see, that’s right! This disciple is most likely the reincarnation of a mighty figure!”

When he thought of this, Elder Mei Hua revealed a smile as if he understood the situation.

Immediately, he became calm and composed…

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