Chapter 99: Chi Song’s Anger

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“Killed him casually…”

This was what Chi Ming had heard before the last trace of his consciousness disappeared.

These words sounded so familiar!

It seemed…

He seemed to have said this before!

At this moment, as the exploration of the Myriad Spirit Ruins ended, not only did this place not feel relaxed at all, but it also became more and more nervous!

This was especially true for First Elder Liu and Chi Song, two experts at the True Martial Realm.

At this moment, the spiritual qi circulating in their bodies was simply terrifyingly dense!

They looked at each other and had been accumulating their strength!

When the disciples who had come out of the Myriad Spirit Ruins saw this scene, they trembled and did not dare to speak!

What in the world happened here…

“Old bastard, I advise you to be honest!”

First Elder Liu looked at Chi Song, his tone extremely serious!


Regarding this, Chi Song only snorted coldly, and the aura on his entire body was still ferocious!

Knock, knock, knock…

At this moment, a round thing suddenly rolled out from the entrance of the ruin.

The elders of the sects present hurriedly looked over and realized that this was Chi Ming, who had just been beheaded!

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When he saw this scene, Chi Song was stunned for a moment before he let out a beast-like roar, and his mind instantly broke!

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It was because Chi Ming was his youngest son!

Chi Ming was the most active and had good talent.
He was deeply loved by Chi Song.

This time, seeing that Chi Ming could obtain the Yellow Peak’s recognition, he, as a father, was also happy!

However, who would have thought that this would be the outcome when the two of them met again!

“Elder Chi Song, it’s Gong Ziliang.
He killed Chi Ming!”

The disciple from the Crimson Flame Sect hurriedly said to Chi Song.


When Chi Song heard this, he was simply about to go crazy!

Gong Ziliang!

It was this Gong Ziliang again!

“This time, I’ll definitely kill you here!” Chi Song roared angrily, and the strength of the True Martial Realm erupted!

“Old bastard, do you think I don’t exist?” On the other side, First Elder Liu also snorted coldly and released an aura that was on par with theirs!

“You’re courting death!” Chi Song roared angrily.
This Chi Ming was like the last straw that crushed him.
At this moment, he looked at First Elder Liu and directly threw a punch!

First Elder Liu was not afraid either and immediately faced the enemy!

When the two True Martial Realm experts fought, all the surrounding cultivators felt a mountain-like pressure land on them!

On the other side, the killing in the cave was also underway.

Because the Crimson Flame Sect no longer had the peak combat strength, Gong Ziliang, Lin Xiao, and Li Dan were simply like wolves entering a flock of sheep!

Although Gong Ziliang sighed in his heart regarding the slaughter on this side, he did not feel any guilt for bullying the weak.

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In such situations, the winner took all.
This had been the truth since ancient times.

It was the same in the Martial Spirit Continent!

If the situation today was the other way around, the Crimson Flame Sect would probably attack the Profound Heaven Sect even more ruthlessly and sinisterly!

In the end…

The disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect suffered heavy losses.
Only ten to twenty percent of the disciples escaped, and most of them were only at the Qi Refinement Realm!

This time, the Crimson Flame Sect was determined to obtain the Myriad Spirit Ruins.

Therefore, almost all the elite disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect were sent.

However, who would have thought that in the end, they would end up dead!


When Chi Song saw the escaped disciple of the Crimson Flame Sect, he really roared!

He knew that the disciples were the soul of a sect.
Without disciples, there would be no fresh blood!

Could a person live without blood?

Their Crimson Flame Sect was definitely doomed this time!

“Kid, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

At this moment, Gong Ziliang, Lin Xiao, and the others also walked out of the Myriad Spirit Ruins.

The moment he walked out, he immediately became the focus of attention!

Gong Ziliang’s performance in the Myriad Spirit Ruins was really too perfect.

He was simply leading the way alone and suppressed all the disciples!

As long as such a person did not die, he was bound to be a top existence in the Martial Spirit Continent in the future!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

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The moment Gong Ziliang came out, a layer of blood-colored light actually appeared on the bodies of the elders from the Crimson Flame Sect!

Their strength also increased crazily at this moment, directly repelling the Profound Heaven Sect elder beside them!

“Using a secret technique to burn your life force, how dare you?!”

Seeing that Chi Song in front of him seemed to have gone crazy, First Elder Liu widened his eyes, and a crazy fluctuation appeared in his body!

“Tsk! That’s it?”

“Life force burning? Who doesn’t know this!”

First Elder Liu roared and attacked Chi Song!


The collision of the two created a powerful shock wave.
The surrounding trees broke with a bang, and countless disciples with low cultivation levels were sent flying!

They were all unable to stop the battle of True Martial Realm experts!

“Come on!”

After the other elders of the Profound Heaven Sect reacted, they also imitated First Elder Liu and started to burn their lives!

Immediately, the entire entrance was heated!

“Good lord! He really hates me to the core!”

When Gong Ziliang saw this scene, his heart shook and he was a little shocked!

“If I were an elder of the Crimson Flame Sect, I would kill you even if I had to self-destruct today…”

Lin Xiao continued jokingly, “With your talent, if anyone becomes your enemy, I’m afraid they won’t dare to sleep in the future!”

“Fortunately, you’re not.”

Gong Ziliang pouted.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

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In the sky, First Elder Liu and Chi Song’s battle was still ongoing.
The two of them were originally not much different.

At this moment, it was definitely difficult to determine a winner!

“Old thing, I said that I’ll definitely protect this kid’s life today!”

Who knew that when Chi Song was fighting, he suddenly sneered.

Then, his hand that was clearly going to receive First Elder Liu’s fist suddenly turned around and blasted in a direction below!

“You’re crazy!”

When First Elder Liu saw that Chi Song actually let him attack freely, he was shocked and directly slapped his palm on his chest!


Chi Song directly spat out a mouthful of blood!

However, even so, his palm still struck towards an elder of the Profound Heaven Sect below!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The attack of the huge True Martial Realm expert made the Profound realm elder unable to endure it and was sent flying by a palm!

As for the elder of the Crimson Flame Sect who was fighting him, he immediately became free to attack!

“Quickly! Quickly attack!” Chi Song roared at the elder.

“Oh no!”

Seeing this, First Elder Liu’s eyes instantly reddened.
He immediately wanted to stop this elder.

However, Chi Song risked his body and actually forcefully stopped First Elder Liu!

“Little bastard! The tallest tree will be destroyed by the wind.
Don’t you know this logic?”

When the elder of the Crimson Flame Sect obtained the opportunity, with his cultivation in the Profound realm, he almost instantly appeared in front of Gong Ziliang!

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