Ch6 – Step by Step

Luo Yusen walked to the stairs and saw that Feibai was still standing there, so he asked, “What? Aren’t you hungry?”

Feibai realized that the other party was inviting him to eat together.
He quickly followed, “Hungry.
So hungry that my reaction was a bit slow.” 

There were only two people at the table, Lou Yusen and him.
He originally wanted to ask about their parents politely, but then he thought that Luo Yusen did everything in his own hands.
Maybe, the parents of the siblings don’t know what’s going on.

What if they are dealing drugs in the Golden Triangle?



There are many rich people who do legal and illegal business, so it’s right to shut up and not ask.

Fei Bai looked at the house, and at Luo Yusen’s face which rivaled that of a male star/ He felt that this person was out of his mind to date Xu Geyang. 

He suddenly realized that he had been in a daze for too long.
And It seemed that he had attracted the attention of the man on the opposite side because Luo Yusen put down the tableware at some point and just watched him leisurely.


Fei Bai was nervous for a moment, he cleared his throat and planned to say something.

“…Aren’t you going to discuss what happened yesterday?”

Luo Yusen’s words were just casual remarks when he asked Fei Bai to go to dinner.
The boy raised it solemnly, and he thought it was a little funny.


“Oh, then you can talk about it.”

Do you know what a discussion is? Discussion is when two people talk about something and tell each other their ideas.

Fei Bai complained in his heart, but he couldn’t offend his current Party A’s father and his future revenge helper, so he bit the bullet and said, “What I said to senior brother yesterday was inappropriate.
I would like to apologize, but that’s because I really like you a lot.
I couldn’t control it and said it a little bit too much.”


“A little too much?” Luo Yusen repeated. 

“It’s a lot… ” Fei Bai immediately changed his tune, “So I deeply reflected on myself, and I thought that it’s better to proceed step by step.”

Luo Yusen nodded, “I personally agree with the step-by-step process.”

He didn’t take Fei Bai’s words seriously at all.

But it’s rare that a child attracts the likes of Fei Fei, so it’s not impossible to coax him a few words. 

Fei Bai blinked and decided to interpret Luo Yusen’s words as giving himself a chance.

The two ate quietly for a while.
Fei Bai had no appetite at first, but after picking up a few dishes, he found that Luo Yusen’s meal was better than any takeaway he had ordered, so he thought of a very important question.

“Senior brother, will I take care of Fei Fei’s meal when I come to class in the future?”

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Lf rdeffhfv bea j meaf rwlif jcv rjlv, “P vlvc’a ajxf j ubbv ibbx ja la.
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Oeb Terfc rjlv “Ytt.
Ktfc Aera ub yjmx jcv ajxf j ubbv ibbx ja la lc atf qijmf ktfgf atfgf lr cb rfclbg ygbatfg.”


Fei Bai choked for a while, and quickly took a sip of soup to calm his breath, “…I see.”

The voice was a little wrong. 

Luo Yusen smiled lightly and the deep breath was quickly overshadowed by the sound of plastic products hitting the ground in the nearby room.

Fei Bai and Luo Yusen put down the cutlery in their hands at the same time.

Aunt Zhang hurriedly ran out of that room, and her breath was still a little unsteady when she stopped by the dining table.

Luo, she accidentally knocked the bowl over again…” 

Fei Bai recalled the loud noise he heard just now and felt that Aunt Zhang’s words were really euphemistic.

At this time, there was another piercing scream from the little girl.

Luo Yusen stood up immediately, “I’ll go take a look.”

Although his tone was still calm, Fei Bai could hear a hint of exhaustion.
He looked at Luo Yusen’s face and found that there was a faint shadow under the other party’s eyes. 

He stayed with Feifei so late yesterday and communicated with him until the second half of the night.
It’s no wonder that Luo Yusen is tired.

Feibai felt that this was a good time to show his tenderness and thoughtfulness.
He reached out and stopped Luo Yusen.

“Senior brother, I’ll go.
I’ll take this opportunity to get acquainted with Feifei again.”

Luo Yusen hesitated, then asked him, ” Are you full?” 

Fei Bai said quickly, “I’m full, and I’m in good spirits now.”

After speaking, he opened his eyes wide and raised the corners of his mouth to perform a “very good” smile on the spot.

Luo Yusen looked at him for a while and finally did not reject the proposal.
“Okay, you can go.
Aunt Zhang, take him there.”

“Let’s go Mr.
Xiaofei, come with me.” Aunt Zhang seemed to see a great savior.
She immediately pulled Fei Bai’s arm and dragged him away. 

Fei Bai walked into Feifei’s separate dining room.
The little girl sat on the chair and played with the spoon in her hand while screaming intermittently.
There were a few people around who were carefully cleaning up the mess she made on the ground.
No one dared to make a sound.

Aunt Zhang made a gesture to those people, and they immediately went out with the garbage as fast as possible.


Feibai approached  Feifei and called her name softly.
When he called her for the fifth time, Feifei finally had some reaction.
She looked up at him ignorantly and lowered the volume of her screams.

“Very good, Feifei” Feibai encouraged, “learn to control yourself.” 

He pointed to his throat.

“Relax Feifei.”

Luo Feifei stared at him blankly, then stretched out his hand, and two syllables beginning with b came out of his mouth.

“What?” Fei Bai didn’t understand. 

It was obviously not the first time that Aunt Zhang heard Luo Feifei make such a sound.
She explained to Fei Bai, “Hug, she said hug.”

Fei Bai made an “oh” and tried to touch Fei Fei’s arms with his fingers.
After finding that she didn’t react violently, he gently wrapped her shoulders.

He turned his head and asked Aunt Zhang, “Does she often ask people for a hug like this?”

Aunt Zhang nodded and shook her head, correcting, “She often does this with Mr.
Luo, and when Mr.
Luo hugs her, she will calm down.” 

Fei Bai nodded.
Looking down at Luo Feifei.
He found that the little girl’s eyes were very similar to Luo Yusen’s.

After a while, Luo Feifei calmed down.
She put the spoon in her hand on the table and returned to the quiet appearance when Feibai saw her this morning.

Aunt Zhang “tsk tsk” twice.
“This is the first time for Feifei to recover so quickly without Mr.
Lou around.
Sometimes even with Mr.
Luo doesn’t work.
Last night, Mr.
Luo hugged Feifei for a long time before she stopped shouting until her voice was hoarse.”

Fei Bai took his hand back from Luo Feifei’s shoulder, “I suggest that it is best to reduce Mr.
Luo’s hugs for healing gradually.  She is already nine years old, her parents should pay more attention to the cultivation of gender awareness.” 

This is why he only put his hand on Luo Feifei’s shoulder just now.

Auntie Zhang sighed, “Mr.
Xiaofei, that’s what I said, but there’s nothing I can do whenever she’s like this.
There’s really no way to do it.
And she probably won’t be able to go out of this house for the rest of her life, so it’s useless to cultivate these things.”

“Auntie Zhang, Feifei’s life has only passed nine years, and no one knows what will happen in the future.” Feibai said.

Auntie Zhang wanted to say something, but after seeing Fei Bai’s expression, she swallowed it back and said, “Mr.
Xiao Fei, I’m going to bring food for Feifei.
If you don’t mind, just stay with her for a while.” 

The door to the dining room is open.  She pushed it away and saw Luo Yusen standing outside the door.
She was about to call “Mr.
Luo”, when Luo Yusen shook his head slightly, and then continued to stare at Feibai and Luo Feifei inside the door.

Aunt Zhang understood and left a small crack in the door.
She went to the kitchen to bring back a nutritious meal, and then quietly left.


Feibai often volunteers at the Children’s Welfare Institute, and he is very familiar with taking care of children’s meals.
He squatted next to Luo Feifei, patiently watching her slowly bring the rice to her mouth, occasionally catching the rice grains and vegetable residues that fell using paper.

While Luo Feifei was eating, there was a sound other than swallowing in her throat, as if she was talking, Fei Bai put his ear close to her, trying to hear what she was saying. 

The bright sunlight hangs on the thin body of the young man, sketching the soft outline, and his eyes are gentle as if there are countless springs hidden in them.

Luo Yusen, who was outside the door, looked at this picture, and an inexplicable sense of familiarity came to his mind.
He was almost certain that he had seen Feibai somewhere.
Yesterday was not the first time he met the child.

Luo Yusen couldn’t help but take a step forward, wanting to take a closer look at Fei Bai.

Fei Bai felt the change of light caused by the shaking of the figure outside the door.
He raised his head and happened to look at Luo Yusen. 

“Senior brother.” Fei Bai smiled lightly.

Luo Yusen opened the door and walked in, “I’m worried about Feifei.
I came to have a look.”

“Senior brother came just in time,” Feibai raised his face and looked up at him, “Do you have a voice recorder? I want to record what Feifei said and go back to analyze it.
If I can train Feifei in linguistics, later we can make a periodic comparison.”

The boy’s eyes showed a very beautiful amber color in the sunlight. 

Luo Yusen didn’t answer him immediately.
After a few seconds of pause, he said, “I’ll go get it.”

He was a little absent-minded when he went to the study to get the recorder, opened the safe and glanced at it, and picked one out.

The child’s hands were very soft, and when he took the recorder from his palm, he deliberately rubbed his fingertips against him.

Luo Yusen glanced at his palm and asked slowly, “Junior Brother Feibai, do you think it counts as your working time now?” 

Feibai was stunned, what do you mean? Aren’t you going to pay me today?

Rich people are still stingy ah?

“Count .
right?” he said.

“Seducing the employer during working hours,” Luo Yusen looked down at him, “who taught you this?” 

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