Ch4 – To make a lot of money

When the elevator door opened, Luo Yusen was slightly surprised to see Fei Bai standing outside.
However, his mind was filled with Feifei’s situation.
He didn’t have time to think about why the little boy appeared there, so he walked straight out.

The moment he passed by, he was hit hard by the little boy’s shoulder. 

Luo Yusen stopped, turned around, and saw the other person standing in the elevator glaring at him.

Do children nowadays hold grudges like this?



After Fei Bai hit Luo Yusen, he quickly got into the elevator.
He quickly pressed the door and the floor button to prevent the male vixen from chasing after him to retaliate.

When the elevator finally began to rise, he breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that he had finally made a comeback from the third party.
Although the method was not so decent, it could even be very childish and inferior to junior high school students who dared to fight in groups. 

Feibai found Professor Chen’s office with ease.
He found that the door was open as if someone had just left in a hurry and didn’t have time to close it tightly.


As soon as he raised his hand, Professor Chen opened the door from the inside, “Oh, It’s Feibai.
I just heard the sound of someone walking in the corridor, and I guessed it was you.”

Feibai put on a polite and sincere smiling face like a good student and meekly said ‘hello’ to the teacher.

He sat on the sofa opposite Professor Chen’s desk and noticed a teacup in front of him, still steaming out.


Of course, Fei Bai was not naive enough to think that Professor Chen would prepare a cup of tea for a visiting undergraduate student.
He guessed that someone should have been here before him this afternoon.

“How does it feel to be a  sophomore? Are you busy with your studies?” Professor Chen asked kindly.

Feibai feels that asking this question is the same as not asking him.
If he said he was busy, the professor would tell him to make reasonable time for the project, and if he said he wasn’t busy, the professor would say that it was a good idea to spend more time on the project.
No matter what, it would all come back to the project.


So he said, “It’s okay.” 

Professor Chen nodded, “You are an excellent child.
I believe you can handle your studies well.”

Fei Bai blinked, and the sudden high praise confused him.

What does Professor Chen want?

Sure enough, the professor’s next question was, “What have you been doing lately?” 

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I’ve been out of love lately.

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To his surprise, Professor Chen did not blame him but said pleasantly, “I know that the undergraduates in your Department are mainly focusing on theoretical learning at this stage.
Practice is also essential, don’t you think so? 

Feibai agreed blankly, “Ah, it’s quite important.”

“It’s like this.
I know a child, her situation is a bit special, and she needs to find a tutor.” Professor Chen gave Fei Bai a detailed account of Luo Feifei’s situation but didn’t mention Luo Yusen’s relationship with him.
After all, Xiao Luo is not only his former doctoral student but also the president of Fengyun Technology.
He doesn’t want to give his students the impression that he is abusing his power to send favors.


After listening to this, Fei Bai understood the general idea.
It turned out that Professor Chen called himself here today because of this matter.

However, he has not been in a good state recently.
He has not yet come out of the shadow of lovelorn and has suffered a heavy blow from a third party.
He is really not in the mood to accept such a challenging task. 

So he politely said, “Teacher, I suddenly remembered that I am still a little busy this semester, and I feel that my ability is not enough to take care of and teach this child named Feifei that you mentioned, so…”

Professor Chen remembered something, “Did I forget to tell you about the salary just now? If you pass the interview, the child’s parents can give this amount every month.”

He made a gesture.

Feibai’s tongue turned abruptly, “I should exercise myself in practice to help Feifei recover soon.” 

What lovelorn? Making money is the real business.

“Okay, then I will give the parent’s WeChat to you, and you can communicate with him directly about the follow-up matters.” Professor Chen said.

Fei Bai was still in a trance when he came out of Professor Chen’s office.
He thought that he would really hit bottom when he was extremely unlucky.
Didn’t this pile of money rush all the way to find him?

He went to the library to return the book, went to the cafeteria and had a meal that he didn’t know if it was lunch or dinner, and then went home to clean up the room while waiting for non-parents to approve his friend’s application.
The mobile phone’s vibration sounded in his ears just like the sound of Alipay arriving. 

When Fei Bai dragged the cushions from under the sofa, the mobile phone vibrated finally.
He clapped the dust on his hands and quickly got up to touch the phone, only to find that the monitor had sent him a WeChat message.

Feibai patiently read the news of the monitor, and it turned out that he was urging him to hand in the lecture registration form.

The school has recently made a fuss about curriculum reform and invited outstanding alumni to come back to hold a series of lectures.
Everyone has to sign up, which is equivalent to a short semester.

He flipped through the list of optional lectures without looking at who the speaker was.
He randomly picked the latest class -“Big Data Analysis for Data Visualization,” and sent it to the monitor.
Then he continued to drag the cushions and paid close attention to the movement of the mobile phone. 

The parents of Fei Fei seemed to be very busy.
It was not until 11:00 pm that he received an alert that his friend had successfully added him.

The first sentence sent by the other party was, “Sorry for the long wait.
I am Luo Yusen.”

He seems to be a civilized and polite rich person, although it did make him wait quite a long time.

Fei Bai added a note to the civilized and polite rich man, then replied, “Hello, if you don’t mind, can we communicate by voice? It is more efficient.” 

A few seconds later, the other party called him on WeChat.

Fei Bai pressed to answer, and a steady “hello” came from his ear.


Luo Yusen’s voice is deep and pleasant, but as the parent of a nine-year-old girl, it sounds a little too young, and for some reason, it makes Fei Bai feel a little familiar.

“Hello, do you need me to tell you a little more about myself?” he asked. 

After hearing his voice, Luo Yusen paused for a second before speaking, “No need.
My mentor, Professor Chen, has already introduced you to me.”

Fei Bai gave an “oh” and thought, so this parent is Professor Chen’s student.
He is can be considered his senior brother.

It’s really early for the senior brother to have a child.
His voice sounded like he was twenty-seven or eight years old.
Professor Chen doesn’t take graduate students very often.
His Ph.D.
is notoriously difficult to study.
It is considered outstanding to be able to graduate at 30.
So this senior brother probably has not graduated yet.

However, many doctoral students, brothers, and sisters in the school are already parents.
So, Feibai is not surprised.
Besides, he doesn’t care about the private life of customers.
As long as he gives money, even if he gives birth to a football team at a young age, it has nothing to do with him. 

So he didn’t say much.
He made an appointment with Luo Yusen for a door-to-door trial at 10 o’clock tomorrow and then ended the call.

That night, Fei Bai slept peacefully for the first time since his lovelorn.
Not only did he sleep soundly, but he also had a wonderful dream.
In the dream, a lot of money grew legs and ran after him.
Behind him, a man who was driving a sheep lowered his head and urged the money to speed up with a whip.
He was so anxious that Fei Bai said, ” Do not tire them.
What if they become ghost coins due to exhaustion?”, the man raised his head and said —

Fei Bai didn’t know what the man said because after the man raised his head, he found that it was the handsome male vixen.

Then he was awakened by fright. 

The sun shone on his face through the bed curtain.
Feibai rubbed his eyes, gradually focused, and when he saw the clock on the wall, he immediately bounced off the bed.

It’s half past nine, and he’ll be late if he doesn’t get up.

Fei Bai hurriedly brushed his teeth, washed his face and changed his clothes, ate something casually, and went out with his bag on his back.

Yesterday, Luo Yusen asked for his address and said someone would pick him up.
Fei Bai stood downstairs and looked around.
He saw a black business car driving over the intersection. 

The business car stopped in front of him, the window was lowered, and a middle-aged man asked him, “Excuse me, is this Mr.

Feibai nodded, opened the door, and sat inside.

The business car ran towards the Second Ring Road.
After more than ten minutes,  it entered the most well-preserved historic district in the city.
A long river flowed through the center of the district, separating the commercial street from the villa area.

Fei Bai looked out of the window and remembered that he had come to this place with Xu Geyang when he was a freshman. 

There is a famous pub on the commercial street.
Xu Geyang brought him to eat.
After eating, the two walked along the river.
When he saw the building complex with a single courtyard on the other side, he thought it was a scenic spot and wanted to pull Xu Geyang to take pictures.

Xu Geyang grinned at him and told him that it was now a villa area.
Although the exterior looked antique, the interior had been transformed into a modern residence.


Feibai was shocked by the concept of ‘A villa in the Second Ring Road’ How much does it cost?”

Xu Geyang said he didn’t know, but he heard that many celebrities are renting here.
It is estimated that even if there is a market price, it is difficult to buy. 

“Okay, then my goal in life is to buy you a house here!” Fei Bai raised his arms and giggled.

Xu Geyang pinched his face and teased, “You’d better change it to buy a bathroom here.
Otherwise, I don’t think this goal will be achieved in another eight lifetimes.”

Fei Bai, we’re here.” The driver’s voice brought Fei Bai back to his senses.
He opened the car door and saw in front of him a Second Ring Villa that had once shocked him.

The driver led him into the courtyard.
Fei Bai walked a few steps and couldn’t help but say, “Excuse me, can I take a picture? I’m afraid this is the only time in my life I will come here.” 

The expression on the driver’s face should be that he wanted to laugh but held back.
He said solemnly, “You should ask Mr.
Luo about this later.
I’m not the owner of the house, so I can’t decide on behalf of Mr.

“Oh, okay.” Fei Bai nodded, wondering if the interview is unsuccessful, would Luo Yusen still agree to his request to take a photo? I hope this rich man can carry forward the traditional virtue that business is benevolent and righteous.

Next to the floor-to-ceiling windows on the second floor was Luo Yusen holding a paper cup.
His hand paused slightly when he saw the boy whom the driver brought in.

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