Ch3 – Self humiliation

    Luo Yusen was briefly distracted.
He couldn’t remember reading the meaning of three vibrations in this bracelet’s research and development report last time.

    After a while, he remembered the heartbeat monitoring function that Luo Chengcheng had introduced to him in the morning, which sounded very much like a joke. 

    He returned to his senses, looked at the boy, and asked, “Why did you give me this?” 

    The other party seemed to have not expected him to ask this question.
After frowning and thinking for a while, the other person actually came up with, “Because I want to sleep with you.



    Luo Yusen’s expression did not waver because of this overly straightforward answer.
He pushed the note back to the boy, “I don’t have the habit of having sex with people I have only met once.”

    Then he put the tablet in his bag and left calmly. 

    After he walked out of the coffee shop, he looked back.
The boy was still sitting in the same place, with his head down, not knowing what he was thinking.
After a while, the boy tore up the small note in shame and anger.


    The child has a temper.

    Luo Yusen withdrew his gaze and walked towards the main building.
As he walked, he took out his mobile phone and called Luo Chengcheng.

    Luo Chengcheng answered quickly, “What’s the matter, brother?”


    “The R&D report you gave me last time was missing an explanation about the vibration of the bracelet.” Luo Yusen glanced at his wrist.

    “Lack of the explanation of the vibration of the bracelet? It shouldn’t be.
One vibration means new messages.
Two vibrations for sports reminder, three is…” He was about to say three vibrations feature was the heartbeat monitoring you think is unreliable when he suddenly realized that this function was added only after he submitted the report.

    With a twinkle in his eyes, he asked, “How many times did your bracelet vibrate?”


    Luo Yusen understood everything when he heard Luo Chengcheng’s tone.
He paused and said, “Four times.” 

    Luo Cheng Cheng was stunned, “Then, that might be broken.”

    Luo Yusen hung up the phone and confirmed his guess, the expression on his face became subtle.

    A crush? Object of interest?

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    That little boy who sent out his mobile number more casually, like sending out flyers, and even wants to sleep with him? 

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    Professor Chen was making tea, and when he saw him coming in, he immediately showed a kind smile, “Long time no see, Yusen.”

    Luo Yusen also smiled, sat opposite Professor Chen, greeted him for a while, and then got to the point, “Actually, I came this time to ask the teacher to help find a tutor for my sister, Feifei.
Feifei’s situation is a bit complicated, so I think hiring a teacher from the Faculty of Education is best.
The salary is not a problem.” 

    Only a few outsiders know that Luo Yusen has a half-sister.

    Professor Chen was also obviously surprised because Luo Yusen never mentioned the existence of this sister when he was still studying under him.


    After listening to Luo Yusen talk about Luo Feifei’s situation, he frowned deeply, pondered for a while, and said, “Yusen, in fact, I don’t recommend you to find a teacher from the Department of Education to teach your sister.
You just said that after the former tutor resigned, your sister became very aggressive towards new candidates.
So now your first task is to find someone who makes her relatively non-repulsive.
After all, you have already hired a professional team to formulate a treatment plan for her.
So it may be better to lower the knowledge level requirement and choose a younger and more friendly tutor.
Maybe the effect will be better.”

    Luo Yusen listened carefully, then nodded, “The teacher is right.
I didn’t consider this before, Feifei really needs a tutor that she likes, but such a person is still relatively difficult to find.
I wonder if you have anyone to recommend “ 

    Professor Chen handed him the brewed tea, “I remember one.
Last year, an undergraduate student from the Department of Education hosted a scientific research training project that intersected with our Department of Computer Science and asked me to be their instructor.
The child’s professional literacy is much better than that of his peers, and his personality is also likable.
He often volunteers at the Children’s Welfare Institute.
He told me that he would like to study special education in the future.
A few days ago, I heard that he participated in the defense of the National Award, and his name was quite unique.
His name is Fei Bai.

    “Fei Bai,” Luo Yusen reread it, turning the teacup in his hand, “Can I trouble the teacher to contact this junior brother?”

    “Okay, it happens that today is Saturday.
I’ll ask if the kid is at school, and if he is, I’ll ask him to come over and communicate with you directly.” Professor Chen picked up his glasses, put them on, turned on his phone, and started sending Fei Bai a WeChat message.

    Fei Bai was sitting in a coffee shop sulking when he received the WeChat message from Professor Chen of the Department of Computer Science.
In front of him were two cups of drinks that he hadn’t drunk much, an abandoned cookie, and a small pile of shredded paper. 

    Twenty minutes ago, the male vixen brother broke the fortune cookie he gave him, and the small note with his phone number fell out smoothly.
The senior brother knowingly asked what it was, and he answered dutifully.
Unexpectedly, the senior brother asked him, “Why did you give me this?”

    What do you think?

    Do you think I’m selling insurance to you?

    Fei Bai thought about it for three seconds and felt that this senior brother was either lacking a brain or teasing him. 

    Obviously, the latter is the necessary skill for a male vixen to compete for the job.

    He couldn’t help sighing that it was really a pot with a cover.
Xu Geyang’s broken pot could only find such a cover that every pot wanted to buckle.

    This senior brother has a handsome and upright appearance, which is as bad as Xu Geyang.

   Feibai really wants to find Qiao Li to complain about this pair of dog men right now, but according to Qiao Li’s virtue, he might squint and ask him, “What kind of cover are you?” 

    Cool cover.

    Fei Bai was almost amused by himself, remembering that the senior brother was still sitting across from him and waiting for him to answer.
Somehow, he blurted out, “Because I want to sleep with you.”

    Maybe it was because he wanted to test how shameless a male vixen can be.
As a result, the senior brother threw him a sentence, “I don’t have the habit of sleeping with someone I have only met once,” and then walked away.

    Fei Bai reacted for a while before realizing that what the senior brother said was the extended version of “no appointment.” 

    It was neither lack of strength nor provocation but to make him humiliate himself.

    With the anger of being humiliated by the male vixen, Fei Bai tore the small note with force.


    After a while, he thought with hindsight, wouldn’t it be because the senior brother recognized him that he made such a show, deliberately made him make a fool of himself, and then expressed his loyalty?

    Maybe he will tell Xu Geyang everything that happened today, and they will laugh at him for making a fool of himself. 

    Just thinking about it, Feibai felt his scalp tingling, and his whole body was about to explode.

    I shouldn’t have listened to Qiao Li.
I encountered this kind of social death scene as soon as I went out.

    The male vixen is also really good.
He recognized him and helped him.
Xiaosan was willing to help the original wife.
God’s favor was too strong.
It was a peerless white lotus that was so white to the point of reflection.

    He was about to call Qiao Li for comfort when he received a WeChat message from Professor Chen, asking him to come to his office if he had time. 

    When he was a freshman, Qiao Li and a classmate from the Department of Computer Science did an inter-professional scientific research training project.
It is an educational development app for children with autism over the age of five.
Unexpectedly, the school finally approved his project.
Professor Chen was the instructor he had been looking for from the Department of Computer Science.

    He was looking for him at this time.
He probably wants to talk to him about the progress of the project.

    Fei Bai suddenly felt guilty.
Since he broke up with Xu Geyang, he has been in a state of shutdown, not to mention any scientific research projects.
He didn’t even go to class.
He stayed at home all day drunk and dreamed of death.
It is estimated that the only thing he can talk to Professor Chen is the summary of the bitter love songs of 2000 and the lovelorn experience of a 19-year-old young man.

    However, he still replied to Professor Chen, “Okay, I’ll be there soon.” 

    Let the academic wind and bitter rain beat him violently.

    Feibai jumped off the stool, put his phone in his pocket, picked up the book at hand, and walked out.

    “He is at school and told me that he will come over immediately.” Professor Chen took off his glasses and handed Luo Yusen the chat page with Fei Bai.

    Luo Yusen said, “En.
Thank you, teacher.” 

    Just as Professor Chen was about to say something when Luo Yusen’s cell phone rang, so he smiled and made a gesture, indicating Luo Yusen to answer the phone first.

    Out of respect for his mentor, Lou Yusen wanted to hang up, but after seeing the caller ID, his face froze.
He quickly pressed the answer button and said, “What’s the matter?”

    Although Professor Chen couldn’t hear what the person on the other end was saying, he captured the sharp cry of the little girl in the background sound, the soothing voice of the adults on the side, and the loud noise of something being thrown to the ground.

    “Okay, I’m going home now.
Put away everything that might hurt Feifei, don’t let her fall, and don’t let her get close to the stairs.” Luo Yusen said concisely and strictly. 

    He stood up at the end of the call and bowed slightly to Professor Chen, “Teacher, something happened to Feifei.
I may have to leave first.”

    “I see.
Don’t waste more time.
Go quickly,” Professor Chen waved his hand understandingly.
“I’ll tell Fei Bai about Feifei and let you know if there is any follow-up.”


    Luo Yusen nodded, “I’ll trouble teacher.
I’ll come to see you when I’m free.”

    When Feibai arrived at the lobby of the main building, the elevator happened to descend from the floor where the Department of Computer Science was located.
He waited for a while, reciting the gradually decreasing numbers on the monitor of the elevator and thinking about how to deal with Professor Chen. 

    Ten, nine, eight, seven… When he counted to “one”, the elevator door slowly opened, and he saw a face that left a deep impression on him today.

    Fei Bai’s expression froze for a moment, and then he gritted his teeth.

    Hello there, male vixen.

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