with a terrifying answer.


Yes I understand!”


“Y, yes!”


I smiled satisfactorily at them.
The reason for telling them is simple.
To let them know that I’m strong.
So that they can’t betray me. 


They must have noticed that I can easily kill them if I want because they’re smart enough. 


So they’ll be more loyal to me.


As if my thoughts were right, the eyes of Countess and Jasmine were brighter than before. 


I raised myself slowly with a smile.


“Then, it would be better to go out and see.”


Both the Countess and Jasmine raised themselves.
Then I said, staring straight at the Countess.


“Today, I’ll give you whatever you want.”


As soon as I finished talking, Countess Cardel’s face turned bright.


I tapped her shoulder and passed her.


Wow, I was really cool just now.


While muttering to myself.




We chatted happily all the way to the capital.


Most of the chatter was about the noble man that Count Cardel and Jasmine were meeting.


It was not a very interesting conversation, but I enjoyed it very much. 


I’ve never had such a light conversation since I became possessed.


I thought it would not be bad to live with normal conversations like now. 


Now I’m living a troublesome life with my head wrapped up.


I have to get divorced quickly and run away and live a normal and peaceful life like this. 


I thought with expectations for the future.


“—So, Duchess.”




I turned my head to the voice calling me. 


“Did you call me?”




Countess Cardel said. 


“I don’t think Madam is bragging about His Excellency.
If you are proud of His Excellency, we are ready to listen, so please tell us.” 


“That’s right! You’re welcome to brag about His Excellency!”


Jasmine also helped out.


“There was a time when His Excellency publicly confessed that he liked his wife.
How romantic it was back then! 


They seemed to be referring to the time when he made a strange confession to provoke Callian.


Ugh, it’s far from romantic.


I shook my head, kicking my tongue.


“Is His Excellency always this romantic? I’m really curious.”


“That’s right.
I don’t know if he’s cold-blooded outside, but I think he’s a really warm person inside!” 


What did I just hear?


Really warm person inside—? Where did such nonsense spread—?


“Please brag about it, Madam.


“That’s right!”


I sighed for now.


If I swear at Sylvester here, it’s like spitting in my face.


But it hurts my conscience to say that they are right.


Because it’s Sylvester’s pride.


What would be good? 




After contemplating for a long time, I slowly opened my mouth. 


“First of all, he’s strong.”


When I think of the time when he knocked down the monster, he was really strong.
That’s why I said this.


“And he doesn’t sleep much at night either.”


Because he comes into the room late at dawn and leaves the room early in the morning. 


It said that the early bird catches the worm, and he seemed to be very diligent in that area.


However, the Countess and Jasmine’s sense of humor were strange. 


“O, oh my—”


Jasmine avoided my gaze with her face red. 


“You must be on a really good relationship—”


Countess Cardel said, waving a fan.


I tilted my head. 


Can you guess that we’re on good terms with these words? 


I shook my head.


“It’s not exactly good.
We don’t usually talk much.
We only talk a little at night.”


“Oh my!”


Jasmine screamed and buried her face on both hands.


At first glance, I could see a bright red face.


“What’s wrong?”


“I, it’s nothing.”


Jasmine shook her hand and swallowed her saliva.


“I’m so jealous of your relationship.”


“I, I know.
When I go back, I’ll have to scold my husband.”


What did I say to make her scold Count Cardel? 


I shook my head because I didn’t understand it well, but the Countess and Jasmine just looked at each other and fanned, but didn’t say anything more to me.


So I had no choice but to stay still with curiosity.


Like that, we arrived in the capital. 

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