p>Abandoned by his mother, who should love, care for, and believe in him the most, he eventually became a person who couldn’t believe and loved anyone. 


At the same time, Sylvester wanted to find his mother, not to love her like before, but to take revenge. 


Revenge for using him. 


Revenge for abandoning him. 


Sylvester wanted to take desperate revenge on his mother.


In the midst of this, Largo’s words made Sylvester shake.


‘I know where your mother is.’


He asked where she was.
Then Largo replied.


‘It’s in the devil realm.’


Devil realm. 


A place where humans can never go.


Unknown territory.


But how did his mother get there? And how does Largo know that fact? Sylvester thought Largo’s words were false.




‘She wants to come back to the human world.’


‘But she can’t come back.
She was trapped in a devil realm.’


Sylvester was shaken at these words.


He raised his head thinking, ‘No way.’


So in fact, he thinks his mother may not have abandoned him.


For some reason, he thought that she might have been forced to be separate with him because she was dragged into the Devil Realm.


He had to confirm this.
He didn’t know why, but he felt like he had to.


‘I can make her come back.’


‘I have a magic circle from the Devil Realm.’


‘What do you think about doing business with me?’


Sylvester ended up joining hands with Largo. 


He has never regretted this. 


Because Sylvester was an arrogant guy who always thought that his choice was the best.




‘I will support the Crown Prince.’


The moment Ophelia said so, Sylvester regretted his choice for the first time.


If this happens, Ophelia and he would be in a hostile relationship.
He’s going to be against Ophelia? And he has to think of her as an enemy? 


However, Ophelia looked tough.
She seemed unlikely to withdraw the idea of supporting the Crown Prince.


Since she likes the Crown Prince, it was natural to come out like that. 


Because she loves Callian much more than Sylvester himself—.


“This is crazy.” 


Thinking about it like this made him suffocate.


He really didn’t want to accept it.
The fact that Ophelia loves Callian. 


But looking at Ophelia’s past deeds, she loved Callian more than anyone else. 


So Sylvester could feel his anger again.


For Ophelia who is not faithful to her marriage, and to himself who can’t easily abandon his feelings for Ophelia.


Sylvester sighed and raised himself. 


No destination has been decided where to go. 


He left the office because he thought he had to walk a little to get through this frustration.


The wind across the hallway was cold.


When he looked outside, it was snowing again.


Sylvester hated snow.


He was abandoned on a snowy day.


Even so, to claim to be the king of the north, he himself was ridiculous.


After walking for a long time, he entered the room without thinking.
It was Ophelia and his own room. 


He really didn’t mean anything to come in here.
He just came in intuitively.
So he stared out the window blankly.


Until he heard Ophelia’s voice. 




Sylvester turned his head along with the sound.
As soon as he did that, he turned his head back again.


This is because— Ophelia’s clothes were too thin.


“That’s— Why don’t you wear something else?”


At what he said, Ophelia ran out of the room with a red face.


“Irene! Bring me something else to wear!”


She shouted. 


Looking at Ophelia, Sylvester burst into laughter.


As soon as he saw her, he understood the frustration.
He also tried to take a breath, which was not easy to do before. 


He was annoyed by her, but as soon as he saw her, the annoyance disappeared. 


What a contradiction this is. 


Sylvester knew better than anyone else what this feeling was.






He got his mind together again.


Ophelia doesn’t like him for now.


And she supports the Crown Prince.


This alone was the opposite of him.
He couldn’t continue to like Ophelia like this.
To achieve his goal of getting his mother back. 


Sylvester chewed and swallowed the promise. 


It was then. 




Ophelia, who had changed her clothes, often ran to herself in steps. 


“You didn’t tell me anything, right?”


Ophelia said with her mouth open.


Sylvester unknowingly opened his mouth in half.
Ophelia looked so cute.


‘Damn it.’


What’s so cute about that cold-looking girl! 


He’s going crazy. 


Sylvester sighed while looking at Ophelia, which still looked cute.


“What are you talking about?”

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