s good in many ways if I seduce the Crown Prince.
Don’t you think so?’


Ophelia, who was saying that somehow looked happy.


Well, of course. 


Because she is seducing the Crown Prince, whom she has always loved.


Thinking like this made Sylvester even angrier.
He was pissed off and he felt like he was going crazy.
He shouldn’t have done this. 


It means he shouldn’t be distracted with this thought—.


‘I should at least work.’


Sylvester got up from the sofa.
He slowly approaches the desk.


It was then. 


Knock knock. 


“Your Excellency.
Are you still there?” 


Neil’s voice was heard.
At this late hour… What brought him here? 


Sylvester immediately told him to come in.
As soon as Neil opened the door and came in. 


“What’s the matter At this late hour?” 


“I was going to sleep too, but it was urgent, so I couldn’t help it.” 


He took a letter out of his pocket and handed it to Sylvester.


“The 2nd Prince has contacted us,” Neil said with a serious face.
“He’ll be back soon.”


At the same time as he listened, Sylvester’s eyes flashed.


Ah, right. 


This was what I was going to do.


 It’s all about making the 2nd Prince the Emperor.


 He shouldn’t have thought of anything else.


So, he had to suppress his current feelings and mind and make them into something that didn’t exist.


Sylvester ignored his thoughts as if he were determined.






I sat straight in position as if I were doing a reverent ritual. 


There is a diary in front of my eyes.
The original diary that Ophelia had left with only one book. 


This may contain all the answers to the questions I have so far.
And there may be more dangerous stories written on it—.




Dry saliva was swallowed automatically.


“Let’s read it first.” 


I slowly opened the diary.


[February 12th. 


How can I kill Fleur?]


Wow, the first round is strong.
I guess she didn’t think anyone could read her diary at all.I read the following, clearing my dizzy mind.


[Whatever I do, Fleur doesn’t die

Even if I poison her, pay someone to kill her, or curse her!

I’m going crazy because I’m so angry!]


Below this, traces remain as if she was really angry and played with a pen.
I felt horrified and turned to the next page. 


[March 8th.


I found a way to kill Fleur. 

It was something I had to do when I got stronger.

I just need to make my black magic strong. 

I can do it.
If I can kill Fleur!]


What does this mean?


The hand holding the book trembled automatically.


I hurriedly turn to the next page, and there is a drawing of something that looks like a strange magic circle.


[April 2nd 


It is a magic circle that can amplify my black magic. 

It is a precious magic circle that I obtained from a witch. 

There’s no doubt. 

If I succeed, I will be much stronger than I am now. 

Of course, if I fail, my soul will escape and I will die but—.

I just have to succeed.
I can succeed.
For sure!]


And from this, there is no more content.
And so—.


“It’s only half successful.” 


Instead of getting stronger, the soul seemed to have disappeared.
That’s how I came into the empty body. 


Now I understand a little.
About what happened to Ophelia.
And why black magic has become stronger.


The real Ophelia was dead, and in return, the black magic became stronger. 


“It’s bitter.”


I smiled bitterly and closed the book.
Perhaps the real Ophelia thought that she might fail? So she burned all of her diaries—.


The more I thought about it, the worse I felt.




‘It’s what she did on her own.’


Ophelia wouldn’t have died if she hadn’t tried to kill Fleur.
If she hadn’t been greedy like this, she wouldn’t have died.
But the real Ophelia was greedy, so she died.


I didn’t have to feel guilty about this. 


So, I was able to have a slightly more open mind. 


I looked down at my body and put my hand on my chest.
This heart is beating hard. 


In the past, I used to lose sleep because I was worried about when this heart would stop.
Will I die today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow—.
It was a life of waiting for the day of death. 


But not now. 


I can live a healthy life and live a life that I look forward to tomorrow. 


So, I… 


“I’m going to survive.” 


To do that, I had to get a divorce quickly.
That way, I can move away from the original, and I won’t fall into the abyss.




The decision was made to seduce Callian quickly and accurately by any means possible.
That way Sylvester will divorce me. 


How should I make a plan? 


Today Sylvester irritated Callian so much that I don’t know how the relationship will turn out in the future.


‘Sylvester was pretty harsh.’


Come to think of it, Sylvester had a bit of a strange side before.


‘Do you like that crazy Crown Prince that much?’


‘Never mind.
I won’t listen to your answer.’


He’s saying weird things, too.


It was kind of awkward.
Sylvester has been a little strange these days. 


Does he doesn’t want to give me money even if I seduce Callian?! 


You little—!


I thought we should have a conversation.




I called Irene.
Irene, who was standing like that, approached me. 


“What about Sylvester? Why isn’t he coming?” 


“Ah, he’s in the office.”


“Is that so?”


I narrowed my forehead. 


“I think he said he had nothing to work on today.”


“Something urgent happened.” 


I clicked my tongue. 


‘Should I go to him?’


I thought about it, but soon I shook my head.


I didn’t want to go see the person who had changed into pajamas and was stuck at the office because he was too busy.


Well, nothing will happen. 


With that thought in mind, I laid myself down on the spacious bed. 


And I stayed up all night thinking about how to effectively seduce Callian.

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