Ah, but I really didn’t want to do it.


And there is nothing I can do, well. 


I lifted my chin with all my heart.


“Let’s move first.”




I smiled and then frowned.


“You’re going to visit the Grand Duke, right?”




In the original story, Fleur accidentally discovers the magic circle.


It’s right in the Grand Duke. 


I knew this right away, but there was one reason I didn’t want to do it. 


‘It’s not very well-formed.’




But it can’t be helped.


Now that this has come, I have no choice but to go to the Grand Duke. 


In fact, it is not easy to visit the Grand Duke. 


Because they have to invite you.
This is because, as I said, people who come are overshadowed by the Duke’s terrible health anxiety. 


However, Sylvester could go without an invitation.




Because Sylvester was the head of the aristocratic faction and the most powerful.
In addition, it is possible because he is ‘very’ close with the Grand Duke.


So we were on our way to the Grand Duke in a carriage.


“By the way.”


Said Sylvester, who was sitting opposite me. 


“Why is the Grand Duke suddenly?”


I knew he would ask like this. 


I saw it in the original, and there is a magic circle in it— but I couldn’t say that, so I had no choice but to answer indirectly.


“I thought it’d be good to see the Grand Duchess after a long time.”


I said it casually.


“We haven’t seen each other since the last time, right?”


That day. 


The thing when Fleur tried to kill me with perfume.


‘Oh, I have to get revenge for that.’


What should I do?


I was in agony for a while.


“Is there anything you want to ask for the Grand Duke?”


At that time, Sylvester asked.


“That’s a lot of things to do.”


I nodded my head.


“For example, when we build our school, he will come and give a congratulatory speech.”


Sylvester’s eyes widened.


“That sounds good!”


He clapped his hands and said.


“Then we can highlight the relationship between us and the Grand Duke, so the emperor’s stone statue will be buried soon.”


Uhm, I didn’t think that far before I said it.


But I think that would be nice.


“Yes, I think so.”


So I smiled while answering.
Sylvester smiled similarly to me.


“As expected, you’re smart.”


He took my hand.
Holding hands with him, I stared blankly at Sylvester.


Then Sylvester smiled low and kissed the back of my hand.


“What are you doing!”


I was surprised and tried to pull out, but Sylvester wouldn’t let go.


“Because you’re so pretty.”


He kissed the back of my hand once more and slowly raised his eyes.


“That’s why I kissed you.
Is there a problem?”


There’s a lot of problems! 


I tried to calm down my pounding heart and breathed heavily.


“No I mean, you should’ve given me a signal.
But suddenly!”


“When will you stop being embarrassed?”


He smiled and put his fingers in my hand.


“If I do more than this, my wife’s face will explode.”


More than this? 




I leaned back without realizing it.


Sylvester’s smile deepened.


“Stop it because it’s cute.
It makes me want to do more.”


I don’t know what else he wants to do, but for the first time I was shy, so I quietly shut my mouth.
Sylvester smiled again and tapped my cheek. 


“Now we can see the sea.”


And pointed to the outside.


I turned my head slowly, too.


Then I could see the vast open sea.




I approached the window in awe.
I looked out with my nose on the window.


I asked him to pass by the sea before going to the Grand Duke, but it was a good thing he did.


“Do you like it that much?”


Sylvester said.


I like it.”


I answered as if it were natural.


No wonder, I’ve never seen the sea in my life.


I was sick in my previous life and had never been to the sea.


But I can’t believe I’m seeing the sea from here!


There was a desire to run and dip my feet right away.


But I shouldn’t do that.


The Duchess has dignity, and I also have to meet the Grand Duchess—.


“Shall we go?”




I was surprised and asked Sylvester’s words.


“No, I’m happy to see you like it so much.”


Sylvester held my hand tightly.


“Go soak your feet and get some fresh air.”


“I like it.
But will it be okay?”


“About what?”


“The dignity—”


“Since when did you care about your dignity?”


This is right.


Since when did I keep my dignity?


Thinking like that made me feel lighter.
Sylvester smiled and said.


“You’d better go.”


I will.”




Sylvester pulled my hand.
And he kissed the back of my hand again.


No, he kissed slowly from the back of my hand to my fingers.


The hot breath spread throughout the hand.


“Let’s do it again next time.”

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