about what to do if he said he would go to Callian.




I took a breath.


“So, what are you curious about today?”


Joseph said.


I answered with the corners of my mouth rolled up.


“Magic circle.”


“…Magic circle?”





I nodded my head.


“I want all the information about the magic circle that the 2nd Prince has.
Come to me by any means possible.”


Joseph’s eyes widened.


2nd prince.


Because it was no different than touching a huge giant.


But I did not give Joseph a place to step back.


“If you fail.”


I blinked my eyes.


“I’ll let my husband know about this place.”


“Argh, really!”


Joseph ruffled his hair and shouted.


“Why are you doing that! Leave me alone!”


I shrugged my shoulders.


“So, shouldn’t you just succeed?”


“That’s easy for you to say!”


“The deadline is until tomorrow.”


I ignored Joseph’s scream and said.


“You can do it, right?” 


Joseph bit his lip.


Then, as if he had no choice, he let out a deep sigh and spread out his two fingers.




He continued to speak.


“Twice as you promise.”


I smiled.


“Of course.”


Joseph murmured in response to my answer.


I thought it was a good deal, but a very nasty Madam came in.”


He grumbled so much, but he went inside the store because he had something to do anyway.


I left him behind and left the store.


Ah, it was a good day.






As soon as the carriage door closed, Callian sat down as if burying himself in a chair and relaxed his body.


The reason he came to this place today was because it was strange no matter how much he thought about it.


Because the time when Ophelia suddenly said that she knew the information merchant was the same as when she offered him a monster meat


Isn’t that where Ophelia uses the information?


Judging by this, he tried to find a place that sold monster meat, but he couldn’t find it easily.


Meanwhile, Fleur said that it was a pity that she couldn’t buy the monster meat.
Callian wanted to find out the location of the store.


However, there was no result no matter how many times she came.


Meanwhile, he met Ophelia today.


The moment he saw Ophelia, Callian was convinced that this place was an information guild.


Because she couldn’t come all the way here just to buy monster meat!




‘I’m going to give it to Your Highness.’


‘No, the first time I saw it, it seems that Your Highness likes it.
So I came to buy it to give it to Your Highness, is there any problem?’


He can’t believe she said that! 


As soon as Callian heard those words, he had to make sure his face didn’t turn red. 


He doesn’t think so. 


It’s a relief. 




Callian laughed unknowingly. 


In fact, he had no choice but to do so.


Because it’s clear that Ophelia is still thinking of him! 




Ophelia can’t abandon him. 


I mean, there’s no reason she won’t like him. 


Ophelia still likes him. 


But she must have said that she liked Sylvester Ryzen for some reason.


‘Poor woman.’


Callian suddenly thought that it would be good if he could save Ophelia from Sylvester’s beast.


This is just sympathy.
Other than that, there are no other feelings.




He thought it wouldn’t be bad to save her from Sylvester.


Moreover, there were words from the Emperor.


[Make Ophelia McGuffin yours.
I’ll help you.]


The Emperor made it clear that she was not the Duchess of Ryzen, but the daughter of the Grand Duke McGuffin.


It was as if the Emperor didn’t recognize the couple.


In other words, even if Callian took Ophelia, it meant that the Emperor would turn a blind eye to it. 




With this in mind, Callian made the decision to get Ophelia.


‘I don’t believe you.’


I will never believe it. 


Everything she said.


‘I like my husband.’


He doesn’t believe it. 






I came back home.


“I didn’t do much, but I’m tired.”


I guess it was because I met Callian.


Anyway, I get annoyed like this when I meet him.


We shouldn’t be seeing each other for a while.


I thought so and opened the gate.


As soon as I did that, I saw Sylvester standing in the middle of it. 




What happened?


He’s not in the office?


I tilted my head. 




At my call, Sylvester slowly turned his head.


“Why are you here?”

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