t one thing.


“You’re pretty, too.”




Then Sylvester’s lips went up in a round line.




He patted my cheek and then guided me.


I walked down the hall with my arms folded to him, came down the stairs, and crossed the hall.
Then I got on the carriage


.The carriage door is closed.


Soon after, the carriage departed.


“Come to think of it.”


Sylvester said.


“The construction of the school and nursery will begin soon.”


“Ah, it’s a bit late, isn’t it?” 


It took me a while to buy the site.”


It seems that there was a rough situation.
I nodded my head.


“Anyway, the building will go up soon, and when it’s finished, it will go according to your plan—”


Sylvester continued.


“A stone statue of the Emperor will be built.
If that happens, I will have to explain in many ways.”


Sylvester, the head of the nobility, built a stone statue for the Emperor.
At school, too.


It is something that nobles can carry and happen.


But isn’t this already agreed upon?


I said with my eyes glazed.


“We decided to say that His Majesty invested and built a stone statue.
Then everyone will be quiet.”


“But the words will keep coming from behind.”


“I don’t know.
I don’t know.”


“You’ve done this, but you don’t know?”



Sylvester laughed in vain.


“You’re so mean.”


He smirked, touching the tip of my nose.


Anyway, he likes to touch my face.


I slightly blushed as I stroked my cheek.


“It is said that the 2nd Prince was put on probation.
So he won’t be able to go out for a while.”


“That’s a relief.”


“It’s not a relief to me.”


Sylvester narrowed his eyes.


Sylvester has to make Largo emperor, so he will not be willing to take care of it.


“Magic circle.” 


So he asked me.


“How are you going to find it?” 


If I only stole the magic circle that Largo had, he wouldn’t have to support him anymore.


Sylvester’s eyes were twinkling as he asked, and he seemed to have high expectations for me.


So I answered right away.


“I don’t know yet.”




“But wouldn’t there be a way?”




Sylvester laughed in vain.


“You’re so easygoing.”


He shook his head.


What is it?


I listened intently to see if he was swearing.


But what I heard was a compliment, not an insult.


“So when I see you, I feel at ease.”


Oh my goodness—.


Hearing these words, a corner of my heart melted.


It makes her heart pound, too.


So, I tried to ask the question I had been holding on to the whole time.


“Why do you like me?”


Sylvester raised an eyebrow.
I added a word.


“No I mean, that’s right.
I don’t know why you suddenly fell in love with me.”


“I think I’ve answered a similar question.”


He crossed his legs with a smile.


And he stared at me.


“I like it because it’s you.”




“I like that I have you.”


How can you not blink your eyes while saying something embarrassing like this?


It was amazing.


I put my hands together again, feeling my heart pounding again.


“Actually, I don’t know what the feeling of liking is.”


So I said the words I had been holding on to the whole time.


Because I was really curious.


“What the hell is that?”


Sylvester’s expression changed slightly strangely.


He interlocked and leaned his body forward a little.
Make eye contact with me a little closer.


“Things that remind you of that person in everything.”


Sylvester said, giving each letter of strength.


“At least I was like that.”


I stumbled over his words.


And unconsciously, I glanced down at the dress I was wearing.


Sylvester’s favorite velvet dress.


Why did I choose this?


‘Things that remind you of that person in everything’


No way.


Is that the reason?

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