that beats capitalism.


However, I quickly regained my reason.


I had to get a divorce.


Therefore, Sylvester’s heart had to be rejected.


This couldn’t be helped.


If it’s for me to live, and not to get involved in this original story!


So I answered carefully.


That’s a bit…”


“You’re determined.”


Sylvester frowned slightly by loosening his tie.


“Do you like the damn Crown Prince that much?”


“Argh, really!”


I jumped up and shouted.


“I think I’ve said no a hundred times!”


“You said it about five times.”


“I mean that.”


“There’s a bit of a difference.
Hundreds of times and five times are completely different.”


“It’s not important! We’re not just sitting here to talk about this! Are we?”




Sylvester answered obediently.


I stood in front of him as he was sitting on the bed and glanced at him.


“Anyway, I don’t like His Highness the Crown Prince.
That’s never the reason why I’m trying to divorce.
Okay? Don’t misunderstand me!”


Sylvester blinked slowly. 


He seemed to try to understand me.




Sylvester said with a slightly narrowed forehead.


“Did you decide to get a divorce to live in peace?”


“That’s right.”


“Is it because you don’t want to be involved in politics?”




Sylvester crossed his arms.




He pondered for a moment, then said. 


“If I quickly stabilize the political world, there will be no reason to divorce me.”




I tilted my head. 


“What are you talking about?”


“What do you mean?”


Sylvester pulled my arm with a smile.
Suddenly, my body intervened between his knees.


“So, if I put the 2nd Prince on the throne, everything will be stabilized.
I’ll do that.” 


He looked up at me holding my arms.


I swallowed my dry saliva.


“You, what is your real reason for supporting the 2nd Prince?”


“I told you.”


Sylvester answered right away.


“He has what I can’t have.”


I narrowed my eyes. 


“You won’t tell me what it is, right?”




“You’re so rude.”


“I can hear it.
But you’re cute.”


He replied with a smile.


No, well.


I didn’t even do anything cute.




But I feel good to hear that I’m cute.


I smiled and glanced at Sylvester.


At that moment, the grown-up shadow of a flickering lamp touched his face.


The high bridge of the nose and the shadows cast on the thick lips seemed to beckon to me.


Just give up to Sylvester at this point.


‘I can’t.’


I’ve come to my senses.


No matter how handsome Sylvester is, 


And even though Sylvester says he has a lot of money,


I can’t! 


If Sylvester says he doesn’t support Largo, things will change a little then.


But he is unlikely to be.
As he said, there’s something he has to get from Largo. 


So there are two things I can choose.


I ignore Sylvester and divorce him.


Either prevent Sylvester from supporting Largo.


I don’t know what to choose yet, so I’m thinking of doing both.


I thought so and looked down at Sylvester.


“There’s a banquet at Count Cardel.”




“I don’t know why, but if you come, the 2nd Prince will also come.
So, please attend with me.”




Sylvester raised his head. 


“What about the first dance?”


Ah, really. 


I gritted my teeth and answered.


“Let’s dance.
Just dance 100 times.”


Sylvester smiled brightly at what I said.


“100 times.
You promised.”


Wow, how can you be so clueless?


I wanted to applaud this man for his lack of sense.


Clap clap clap. 


“It’s better to sleep now.”


Whether or not he knows how I feel, Sylvester said, pulling my arm a little more towards him.


“Come here.
Let’s sleep together.”


H, huh? 


Does he want to sleep together? 


A cold sweat broke out.


“I…don’t want to?”


“You don’t want to?”


Sylvester looked up at me with his eyes drooping.






“Are you really going to throw me away and sleep?”


No, looking at me with such a pitiful expression makes me feel weak—.


“Oh my!”


Taking advantage of the time I was shaking like this, Sylvester hugged me and laid me down on the bed.


“Ah, really!”


I struggled.
Then Sylvester, who was holding my body tightly, said.


“Do you hate it?”


Our eyes met. 


Looking at his innocent and pitiful eyes, I couldn’t say no to him.


He really seems like a sneaky man.


Whoo. I let go of the strength I had given my body by exhaling.


Then Sylvester smiled brightly and hugged me more.


“Your body is so soft, it feels good to hug it.”


He said, buried his face on the back of my neck.


“Good night.
Sweet dreams.”


He’s so good at making me goosebumps like this! 


With my eyes closed, I just wanted Sylvester to fall asleep quickly.


Because I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep if he didn’t.

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