Although unexpectedly losing his life in an absolutely dominant situation, Devin was a lot calmer than the audience who couldn’t stay calm.
After figuring out the key points, he just frowned slightly and looked at the opponent’s ID thoughtfully.

After a moment’s thought, the official ACE team players understood what had happened, and they all looked a little indignant, obviously disdainful of this kind of speculative way to win.

Faced with the displeasure of the team members, Devin said calmly: “Winning is winning, and losing is losing.
Remember, losing or winning, there are no excuses on the battlefield, only results.”

After the words fell, silence followed them.

Devin no longer paid attention to their moods and focused back on the field.
After resurrecting, he continued moving to the coordinates of the previous battle without hesitation.
The opponent only had a strip of blood left at this time, and only one skill would be enough to eliminate it easily.
If there was no accident this round, whoever took the second life will set the outcome of the whole game.

But to his surprise, he didn’t see anyone after reaching the previous position.

Was this an ambush?

With his mind on high alert, Devin became more cautious as he moved.

His eyes swiveled in a circle before finally settling his attention on a hole in the ice not far away that towered abruptly in the middle of the ice field.

The viewers in the streaming room held their breath nervously when they saw that Devin had actually accurately guessed LovelyGhost‘s true hiding place.
Although the protagonist was a bit cheap, anyway, this was a duel about the dignity of e-sports, so no matter what, they could only be biased!

Devin was about to walk into the casting range, but LovelyGhost shouldn’t have been able to see the outside situation at all because of the ice wall in the way.
However, the light on his staff began to glow as if it had sensors outside, and the spell began without hesitation the moment the opponent was close enough to get struck.

Almost the instant the spell fell, Devin suddenly closed the distance with a Leaping Step, and the light on his staff soared, the skill landing in the only hiding place there, behind the ice cave.

This series of operations could be described as perfectly connected, there was not even an extra step, no pause, no hesitation.

LovelyGhost was really going to die this time!

The first skill to land was Frost Curse, which caused a short pause, enough to affect the situation.
With the amount of blood that LovelyGhost had left, all it took was to follow up with any kind of damage ability, and he would die for sure.

Sure enough, the instant the Frost Curse fell, the magic staff in Devin’s hand shone out as the Ghost Fire chanting was done, and it swept toward LovelyGhost behind the ice cave like the shadow of death.

This operation was extremely fast, as long as the Frost Curse hit, all subsequent actions of LovelyGhost were completely stopped, and at the same time, the damage brought by the Ghost Fire will take away his remaining life without any suspense.

Just as the complete process of being killed flashed through everyone’s minds, a sudden change occurred!

LovelyGhost, who was hiding behind the ice cave a moment ago, suddenly shifted his position through a Leaping Step!

The moment the Frost Curse fell, LovelyGhost, without seeing the other party’s actions at all, as if having a godly prediction skill, used the Leaping Step and completely avoided the two skills.

And even more jaw-dropping was that, just before he avoided the skill, he had already completed the chanting of his own skill.
Almost at the same time as he leaped aside, the dim curtain interwoven by the Myriad Ghost Void had already risen under Devin’s feet, enveloping him in a heavy blanket.

At this moment, everyone’s minds were almost in a state of shutting down.

How was this possible?!

However, LovelyGhost didn’t give them time to react, and with the spinning of his staff, he had already begun to unleash his skills one after another, raining them down upon Devin, who had lost his sight and had a weak debuff.

The streaks of light became the most dazzling scenery in the picture, and Devin, who had used Leaping Step a moment ago, had no choice but to start Ghost Sprint, avoiding the skills while retreating outside the shroud of the Myriad Ghost Void.

It has to be said, Devin’s movements were really top-notch, avoiding most of what was coming despite completely losing his vision.
After regaining his sight, he didn’t hesitate any longer and smoothly collected LovelyGhost‘s last stripe of blood.

However, Devin, who still had a full blood bar a moment ago, had already lost almost half of it by the time he got to stand in front of his opponent’s corpse.

Replacing 5% of LovelyGhost‘s blood with 50%, even though the current ratio was leveled at 1:1, it still had the same feeling as if chasing a virgin for sex and getting robbed of all the money instead.

The big screen in the live streaming room which was still full of ellipsis a moment ago, was now drowned in a sea of “666 666.”1

Looking at the dim screen, Lin Xiao rubbed his sore shoulders and stretched himself.
He was just in the middle of a yawn when someone behind him said, “Looks like things went pretty well in my absence.” That made him immediately stifle the rest of his yawn.

He didn’t notice when You Jing came in.
Looking back, he saw that he was holding a stack of papers in his hand, and because he had just come back from the outside, a layer of the night’s chill enveloped his entire body.
The dim light in the hall gave him a kind of unique temperament.

“The new equipment felt so good that I couldn’t resist playing a few more games.” Lin Xiao looked at the dazzling white shirt, handed the coat that was placed beside him to You Jing, and asked, “Wasn’t it just a routine meeting for the playoffs, why are you back so late?”

“I had a meal out with the other teams.” You Jing didn’t act formally either.
After taking the coat, he casually draped it over his shoulders.
His eyes fell on the lit computer screen, and he said, “Your opponent has surrendered.”

Surrender? Lin Xiao turned around in surprise, and sure enough, he saw a message from Devin in the map chat record: “GG.”

Although it’s often used in 3V3 or 5V5 matches as a way to taunt the opponents, many people have forgotten that these two letters have another meaning: Good Game.

Lin Xiao smiled slightly and replied politely: “GG.”

Devin was a smart person.
It should be very clear from the previous game that their strength was actually in a state of equality.
After his careful planning gave him the advantage, he was left with only 50% of his blood.
It was completely impossible to compete with 100%.

Of course, if it were someone else, they probably wouldn’t choose this way of self-destroying their reputation, but this was the Devin he knew, who had a very straightforward attitude towards e-sports.

With the opponent’s surrender, the game ended.

After returning to the main panel, a message box appeared in the center of the screen indicating the increase in the leaderboard points.
A bright trophy logo with the dazzling No.
1 word on it took everyone’s eyes in the live streaming room.

Number one on the Korean leaderboard! He really made it to the top!

Everyone went completely crazy!

However, before they had time to express their excitement and enthusiasm in the feed, the picture on the screen dimmed, and the entire live broadcast room was plunged into darkness.

Everyone was stunned for a moment, and it took a while before they started leaving the game and turned off their phones.

Little Monkey Master was roaring excitedly just a moment ago, but after being hit so suddenly, he changed his tone wisely: “Come on, come on! Support LovelyGhost to reach the top of the Korean leaderboard! Move fast, be like a deep-water torpedo! Let’s go, don’t stop!”

Lin Xiao turned off the computer, leaned back in his chair, and turned around, smiling at You Jing: “How is it Captain You, I told you I could get the job done, right?”

You Jing said, “Oh, great.”

Lin Xiao looked at this gorgeous but also cunning face and sighed with complicated emotions, “That’s it?”

You Jing looked at him and said: “I’ll take you to dinner.”

Lin Xiao was speechless: “So stingy… Sigh, forget it, a meal is a meal, I’m going to have a nice dinner.”

You Jing: “As you like.”

Glancing at the tired look on his face, Lin Xiao stretched his muscles and bones, dropped a hand over his shoulders, and said with dignity: “Oh, I’m really tired after playing all day.
It’s so late, I have to hurry back to rest.”

You Jing’s gaze swept over his hand, pushed it away, and left without a word.

The following day, Lin Xiao was sleeping comfortably, but was awakened by a loud knock on the door.
Opening the door with a head of straw-like disheveled hair, before he could see who was there, he just felt himself being pushed back into the room by a gust of wind.

Rubbing his eyes, it took him a while to realize that the person who was naturally and skillfully opening the notebook on his desk was Xiao Li, the rightful owner of the computer.

After all, it was really his notebook, so Lin Xiao couldn’t say anything about it, but he expressed deep dissatisfaction with the attitude of disturbing people’s dreams so early in the morning: “I say, can we make a contract that, no matter what, you won’t come to me before noon, Boss Xiao?”

After Xiao Li finished whatever he was doing, he finally turned his head to look at him, his eyes shining brightly: “Wow, you’re really good, bro! In just one day’s work yesterday, you really became the No.
1 on the Korean leaderboard? Hurry up, sign in, and show me what it’s like to be number one!”

“If you cherish it so much, why don’t you go get one yourself, Loner King?” Lin Xiao glared at him with resentful eyes and yawned before lazily sitting in front of the computer and entering the account password in the Korean login interface he had opened.

He confirmed the login.

However, what popped up after this was not the lobby interface, but a striking message box.

Since the words in the message box were all in Korean, of course, Lin Xiao couldn’t read any of them, but when he turned his head and saw that Xiao Li’s expression was not very good, he couldn’t help asking curiously: “What does it say here?”

Xiao Li looked at him with a complicated expression, and after a while, he said with a dull voice, obviously suppressing his anger: “LovelyGhost‘s account has been suspended for three years, under suspicion of using third-party software.”

Lin Xiao’s eyes flashed with surprise but without any anger.
Rather, he felt amused, and there was a hint of a smile in his eyes.

Suspicion of using third-party software was just a nice way to put it.

The reason for this suspension could be expressed in a simpler and cruder way – You’re using a plugin.

I have to say, in the face of the current pressure of public opinion, the way the Korean side handled things was really, really interesting.


Comes from Chinese gaming slang, where gamers would put ‘666’ in the chat after seeing someone showing an impressive skill

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