Little Monkey Master: “Hey, hey, are you there, are you there?!”

Lin Xiao just opened the messenger box after a day’s rest and received a burst of indiscriminate bombardment of messages.
He replied speechlessly, “Yes, is there a video demand again?”

Little Monkey Master: “Bah, videos are just a small matter, you must think on a bigger scale! When you start playing for the leaderboard, add me as a friend and let me OB1 (that is, as a true spectator) live! Well, the price is negotiable.”

At this point, Lin Xiao, of course, understood and sent back a smiling face: “What, are you taking advantage of my fame to make a small fortune?”

Little Monkey Master corrected: “Let’s say we make a small fortune together! b( ̄▽ ̄)d”

Lin Xiao: “Actually, live broadcast it’s okay.
The income will be divided 80%-20%.
I take 80, and you take 20.”

Little Monkey Master flipped the table: “Are you kidding me?”

Lin Xiao: “Oops, you caught me.”

Little Monkey Master: “…”

Lin Xiao: “Well, actually, it’s 70%-30%.
I get 70, and you 30.”

Little Monkey Master: “… I can’t stand you!”

“I don’t mind standing myself.
^_^~” Lin Xiao replied, “Today I’m starting the race for the number one spot on the Korean leaderboard.
If you feel you are at a disadvantage, then I can find someone else to cooperate with me.”

He just fell to 11th place yesterday, if he starts racing to the first place, at least 20 consecutive victories should be guaranteed, right? Little Monkey Master‘s mouth twitched, and finally, after weighing the pros and cons, he typed two words with pain: “Deal.”

In front of the computer, Little Monkey melancholically lit a cigarette with a vague moodiness, and looking at the dark clouds outside the window, his thoughts flooded like a river.

Had it not been for creating the Little Monkey Master‘s live stream brand, he wouldn’t have reached such a cooperation agreement with that guy with no conscience!

Of course, even a 30% commission, given the current reputation of LovelyGhost, was definitely a lot of money.
If he was lucky, he may even be able to establish his status as the top player of the platform in one fell swoop.

Taking a deep breath, he didn’t delay anymore, and hurriedly urged Lin Xiao to log in to the game account and add him to the Korean friend list.
The name of the live broadcast room was changed to “Live Stream of LovelyGhost’s Race to the Top of the Korean Leaderboard” while the footage played on the screen.

Almost as soon as the name was changed, groups of viewers and players from the national league began to pour into the live streaming room, and the number of online users increased at a dizzying speed.

Little Monkey Master‘s excited voice filled the entire live room, “Welcome to Little Monkey Master‘s live stream! Today we will give you a broadcast of the whole process of the legendary freshman LovelyGhost‘s race to 1st place on the Korean leaderboard.
It’s now open for prizes, so you can bet if LovelyGhost can hit that goal today.
First come, first served, until the betting is full!”

As soon as the words fell, the entire screen suddenly burst with countless pop-ups with cheers and shouts mixed with occasional disdainful and discordant remarks.
Everything swept by like a rocket filling everyone’s vision.

Just then, the indicator light in front of LovelyGhost‘s avatar in the friends’ list turned yellow, opening the first individual battle of the day.

Because of the high hidden score, Lin Xiao, who was currently ranked 11th, was not as easy to match up with opponents as before.
It took nearly 20 minutes before he entered the battle interface.

After glancing at the opponent’s profession, he casually banned two maps, and after sorting his gear, he entered the battle.

Going from 11th to 1st place seemed to be only ten positions away, but the experience required was beyond imagination.
So, Little Monkey Master actually took it as a joke, and the name of the room was just a gimmick to attract people.

But on this question, if Lin Xiao were to be asked if he was serious, his answer would inevitably be, “Ah, of course I am serious.”

Actually, at that time, the special training time given by You Jing had already ended, and in a way, he hadn’t accomplished the set task within the specified time period.
If before it was possible to put the blame on that inadequate set of equipment, now that he was using a piece of top-notch equipment that worked so nicely, he could no longer make excuses for himself.

One of Lin Xiao’s consistent principles was that he must do what he promised! What’s more, he was now taking advantage of others!

Lin Xiao stroked the keyboard with a smile on his face, enjoying the tactile sensation from his fingertips.
After the game loaded, he smoothly began to control the ghost priest‘s movements.

At 36 seconds into the game, the two players met in the upper right corner of the map.
The ghost priest avoided the head-on assault of the shadow swordsman through subtle movements and used the surrounding terrain to hide, predicting the opponent’s whereabouts and cutting off one-third of his blood fast.

At 2 minutes and 15 seconds, the shadow swordsman was ambushed by the ghost priest.
After the two combatants exchanged leaps and double steps, the shadow swordsman was about to chase after the ghost priest but was hit by the Ground Void and slowed down, losing the opponent’s trace again due to lack of control.

Before 5 minutes had passed, the ghost priest was up to his old ambush tricks, carefully hiding and draining the last stripe of blood from the shadow swordsman and getting the first kill.

At 6 minutes and 15 seconds, the revived shadow swordsman began to walk in a roundabout way, but the moment he approached the ghost priest, he bumped into the opponent’s ultimate move, Myriad Ghost Void.
He didn’t get any chance to struggle and was directly swept away by the opponent’s almost seamless combo.

At 7 minutes and 05 seconds, he got the second kill and won overall.

LovelyGhost won the first victory of the day and returned to 10th place.

“He won! Simply impeccable!” In the live broadcast room, Little Monkey Master was so excited that he jumped up from his chair.
The entire screen was occupied by a series of superimposed numbers, and at first glance, only overlapped and blurred words could be seen, and one could not even clearly see the specific content.

Through the virtual network, one could even feel the cheers and applause of countless national players at the other end of the screen.

Most players have seen the video of LovelyGhost‘s match against Jiang Minjun, a top Korean player.
Although the opponent at the moment was not a top player, the massacre just now gave people this strange feeling that the ghost priest they saw in the live broadcast seemed to be more terrifying than they imagined.

“Congratulations to LovelyGhost for winning the first game, let’s continue to place bets and guess who will win the next game!” Little Monkey Master watched the online viewership grow linearly at a near-doubling rate, and he was smiling so happily that his eyes narrowed into slits.

Meanwhile, Lin Xiao has already started a new game.

For him, the amount of money to be shared and the number of viewers watching the game in the live stream were all things for later.
Right now, the only thing he had to consider was fulfilling his promise to reach number one in the Korean rankings as soon as possible.
It was the only thing he could trade for this expensive e-sports gear.

The previous match was just a warm-up for the rest of the day.

What followed was a gluttonous feast.
The gates to the slaughterhouse have just opened from here on.

Lin Xiao was smiling, seeming to be in a particularly happy mood.

—So, have you ever experienced despair?—

The second round of matches began in the midst of the public’s attention and ended in the midst of a million people’s revelry.
This one took even less time than the previous one, ending in just 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

Right after that, in the third game, he met a member of the Korean team GOD but won easily in about 12 minutes.

With three straight wins to this point, he even crushed a Korean pro and moved into 9th place.

All the players watching the battle went crazy.
Someone created a recording of the battle on the forums, using the live stream name of Little Monkey Master, thus attracting more viewers.
Since then, the number of people watching the live stream has exceeded ten million.

After watching LovelyGhost‘s overwhelming victory, people who still had doubts about the ability of this mysterious expert because of the game with Yan Duozhou, have already started to think – maybe, this person can really achieve the feat of reaching the top of the Korean ranking!

Comments filled the screen, from the initial praise to a unified and neat slogan: “Climb the Korean rankings, dominate the leaderboard!”

By noon that day, Lin Xiao had won eight consecutive victories and was ranked 6th.

Such overbearing and unbelievable scoring speed made not only the Chinese but also the Korean viewers who followed the changes in the ranking, go crazy.
Keep winning, keep scoring, and keep climbing the rankings, he was practically running rampant through the Korean league.
With such strong momentum, he seemed to be about to break through the top of the list without a hitch.

If at first LovelyGhost was only noticed by the Korean players, instead now, he seemed to have become a more daunting presence than Yan Duzhou.

While the Korean league was in shock, professional players from the top echelons logged into the game one after another and started an overwhelming sniper attack in order to defend their last touch of dignity.

However, after out-ranking four Korean pros in a row, the winning streak has yet to be stopped, and several top players have been taken down after successive encounters.

By 7 o’clock in the evening, he had achieved eighteen consecutive victories, ranking second.

There was only one last step left to the top.

The last hope of all Koreans was placed on the current number one Korean myth – Devin, the ghost priest.

Once the procedures to enter the game were complete, seeing both IDs, whether national or Korean viewers, they were all in a frenzy.

LovelyGhost VS Devin.

LovelyGhost had 3488 ranking points, while Devin had 3600 points.
Due to the high hidden scores of both players, the winner will receive 100 points, while the loser will have the corresponding 100 points deducted.

In other words, LovelyGhost originally needed two more matches to overtake the first-place owner, Devin, and reach the top of the Korean rankings.
This matchup has now become an early battle for first place on the Korean leaderboard.

Looking at the familiar ID of the opponent, Lin Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly with an anticipating smile.

What is this, is there no one else left? It’s really, really interesting…


Outside Broadcast (“OB”) refers to any television or radio program which is broadcast from a location away from the normal studio setting.
The location doesn’t actually have to be “outdoors” — the “outside” simply means “outside the studio.”

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