Chapter 67 – Are You Sure? Old Ghost Vs.


As the confrontation between China and South Korea was in full swing, in order to keep up with the trend, the Korean leaderboard list was also being updated anytime and anywhere.
One of the things that attracted a lot of attention was undoubtedly the real-time ranking of several professional players led by Yan Duozhou after these days of fierce battles.

A few days ago, Yan Duzhou’s black mage BlackBoat was forcibly pushed back from eighth to ninth place under the joint attack of several Korean professional players.
But after these few days of hard work, he has now risen to sixth place again, and he was also the closest player to the top of the Korean server among the current national players.

Right behind Yan Duozhou was Wen Shuqing, the captain of the Scattered Clouds team under the Streamer Club.
As a player who regularly hung out in the Korean service, he has always been at the top of the leaderboards, but a prolonged disappearance some time ago caused the Shadow Swordsman account to drop right down to 34th place.

Because in these preseason matches, the Scattered Clouds team was led by vice-captain Zhang Fengyu, and Wen Shuqing was never seen from start to finish, everyone thought that maybe there was something wrong with his physical condition.
However, after the China-Korea e-sports war ignited this time, he reappeared in the limelight again, and he even reached the 16th position on the Korean leaderboard in just a few days, giving a powerful and straightforward answer to all the supporters.

As for other temporary rankings of domestic professionals so far, Shen Changyu of Team Black Rose was 30th, Liu Zeshen was 76th; Song Lan of Team Apocalypse was 22nd, Chen Rifa was 89th; Zhang Fengyu of Team Scattered Clouds 25th, Yanling Jiang ranked 42nd; Red Leaf team’s Xu Yun ranked 48th, Ding Jie 69th; and many players from other teams also ranked in the top 80, but a relatively large part of them mainly concentrated in the top 100.

As the rankings have been updated frequently over the past few days, in addition to those professional players’ known accounts, a new ID has also attracted a lot of attention.
He rose all the way up the rankings like a rocket in just a few days, scoring frantically from the end of the first 200, reaching 53rd in a twinkling of an eye and continuing to climb at an astonishing speed.

Many people were shocked when this strange ID suddenly appeared, and in the forums, some players who have visited various platforms have already started to get excited.
They commented that this person was one of the protagonists of the recent popular humiliating video, and someone attached the link to watch the video in the subsequent comment.

This video, with tens of millions of views, was the one that Lin Xiao gave to Little Monkey Master to sell to Lu Xing.

After editing, the entire video brought out the ferocity of each other’s attacks extremely vividly.
Although both sides’ IDs were indeed avoided as agreed during the process, the live broadcast of Jiang Minjun was such a big deal in South Korea that even many Chinese netizens noticed it.
They felt something familiar, and a quick comparison made it very easy to put it in the right place.

The news that behind this mysterious ID was a national expert spread like wildfire, and all the national players who had read the post were immediately excited.
Some people even checked this character’s battle record, and the winning streak starting from a few days ago was all green, the effect downright dazzling.
After the screenshot was posted, all the onlookers were stunned again.

Judging by the situation, in just a few days, the record was close to 100%, which would explain why the ranking of this account constantly increased at such a constant speed.

This interest lasted for a whole week, and after seeing that instead of being squeezed out, this account was promoted all the way to the 10th position on the leaderboard, the entire national league finally completely erupted!

At this point, there were two national players who reached the top 10 in the Korean leaderboard, one was Yan Duzhou, ranked fourth, and the other was Wen Shuqing, who had just been promoted to sixth.
That way, if this new ID that appeared suddenly was indeed Chinese, then he was the third player in the top 10 of the Korean server.


Who the hell was that?

With the uproar in the domestic forums, LovelyGhost‘s record has also attracted the attention of South Korea.
In a way, thanks to Jiang Minjun, I’m afraid the Korean side has been paying attention to this new face much earlier.
Many members of professional teams have become vigilant, and some have even begun to prepare for sniper operations in the game.

At a time when the e-sports fields in China and South Korea were going at a turbulent pace, Lin Xiao was looking with interest at the dazzling skills displayed on the computer screen with his arms folded.

As the victory emblem popped up, You Jing took off his earmuffs and looked back at him: “Wanna fight?”

Lin Xiao shook the cigarette in the corner of his mouth, looked at the various statistics after the battle, glanced at the horrific amount of healing, and refused without hesitation: “Absolutely not.”

You Jing: “Too bad.”

Lin Xiao raised an eyebrow silently without comment.

Although he was very confident in his level, this did not mean he was a masochist.

The reason why this priest role has always been controversial was precisely because of the low damage and the low amount of healing that could cause an awkward situation.
But this issue was obviously completely ruled out as far as You Jing was concerned.

In the usual team matchups, his simple healing routine was good enough to keep under control the health level of the entire five-member squad, but in the 1V1 battle, the only one he needs to take care of is himself, and this amount of healing was more than enough.
In other words, if you need to deal about 10,000 damage in normal battles, then you need at least 100,000 damage when facing You Jing’s priest.

In order to win a round, there must be an outburst equivalent to at least ten rounds.

Just thinking about it a little bit, no one is willing to experience such a thing.

Lin Xiao felt that it was better for him to be a quiet little spectator.

Just as You Jing started the next round, Xiao Li came with the mobile phone, looking at the post on the screen and then at Lin Xiao as if he was a monster: “I say, when did you even climb into the top 10? This is too much! I’ve only just reached 21st place!”

Lin Xiao said with a smile: “Extra training is effective.
If you don’t believe me, you can stay with me all night?”

“You are too complacent!” Xiao Li rolled his eyes angrily, and he looked a little depressed, “Besides, it’s not like anyone who spends more time on this leaderboard will be able to advance.
I struggled all day yesterday between 21st and 25th place.
I’m so tired.”

Lin Xiao turned back to look at You Jing’s nimble fingers which were moving at a rapid pace, and replied somewhat perfunctorily: “This means that you need to have the perfect luck to be matched with rookies all the way through the rankings.”

Xiao Li was speechless and forcefully dragged Lin Xiao in front of the computer next to him, then pushed him into the chair, pressing his hands on his shoulders.

Before Lin Xiao could react, he had already opened the Korean list with a click of the mouse, urging: “Don’t talk nonsense, enter the game, join the queue, and let me have a good look at the level of the top 10 Korean masters.”

Lin Xiao glanced at him: “Hey, I’ll have to charge you for forcing me to perform like this.”

Xiao Li looked disgusted: “Three top-quality cigarettes.”

“Deal.” Lin Xiao said with a happy smile, “Since you admire me so much, I will show you my true strength!”

Xiao Li kicked his chair leg angrily: “Alright, hurry up.”

You Jing, who was supposed to be in the middle of the battle, suddenly turned around, and his eyes fell on Lin Xiao’s hand, which was about to reach for a lighter.
“Smoking is prohibited during training,” he said in a calm tone.

Lin Xiao’s movements paused, then he put the lighter on the table very naturally, with an ingratiating smile: “Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous, I just felt it was too tight in my pants pocket, so I wanted to take it out.”

Xiao Li watched the interaction between the two expressionlessly and glanced at the system kill information displayed in the lower left corner of You Jing’s screen.
Seeing the procedure time of 5 minutes, he then withdrew his gaze, still expressionless, but with a slight involuntary twitch of his mouth.

Captain You was clearly engaged in a fight right now, so how did he suddenly have the time to pay attention to whether people were smoking or not? How can a priest kill his opponent in less than five minutes? These people can’t be human.
I guess the opponent will have psychological trauma in the future, right?

As he was thinking about this, the long queue lined up on the screen for a long time finally ended.

At first, he just glanced over it absent-mindedly, but when he saw the ID of the enemy, the expressionless and stern image that Xiao Li had been trying to create before finally completely collapsed.

He was so shocked that he subconsciously took two steps back and didn’t even react when bumping into someone’s chest until he heard Liu Zeshen’s voice with a hint of laughter in it, and then he came back to his senses: “What’s the matter, Xiao Li? Why are you so surprised?”

It was rare that Xiao Li didn’t argue with him, and even asked as if seeking confirmation subconsciously, “BlackBoat, that’s… Captain Yan, right?”

Compared to his shock, Lin Xiao looked much calmer.
After banning two successive maps, a profound look imperceptibly flashed in his eyes as he looked at the opponent’s ID.
He took off the unlit cigarette in the corner of his mouth and put it aside, muttering to himself in a voice that only he could hear: “Oh, this won’t be easy to handle…”

That’s what he said, but his eyes narrowed slightly, suppressing a smile.

Meanwhile, Yan Duzhou, who was far away at the Apocalypse team’s training base, also didn’t expect that they would face each other in this situation.

The fighting intent in his eyes flickered vaguely, and his already serious demeanor appeared even more solemn.

Song Lan was humming a song, passing by with a cup of water, when he inadvertently noticed his captain’s demeanor and curiously came closer to take a look.
When he caught sight of the other’s ID, his steps stopped, and he couldn’t leave anymore.

LovelyGhost? Wasn’t he the mysterious expert in the national league that has been in the spotlight recently?

The author has something to say: Lin Xiao: Come on, let’s hurt each other!

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