Chapter 66 – Being Noticed Again.

When You Jing sat up straight, the coat draped over his body went slightly down.
This casual look revealed hints of a languid temperament, slightly neutralizing the iceberg aura that made people feel a little cold but also unable to take their eyes off him.

It’s no wonder so many young girls were fascinated by him, and even the steadfast elders like him were a little confused… Thinking of this, Lin Xiao glanced again at that seductive face and put on a smile that he thought was handsome and charming: “Captain You, are you awake?”

You Jing’s eyes fell on his computer screen, and he replied lightly, “Oh, you are dying.”

Lin Xiao stiffened and jerked his head back, only to see that his character only had a layer of blood left under the intense and indiscriminate bombardment.

With a sudden reaction, his hand speed exploded, and he leaped out of the black mage‘s attack range, thus managing to save his life.

Lin Xiao wiped off his cold sweat, cursing inwardly.

——This Korean guy was not kind, he made a sneak attack while he was not paying attention, almost embarrassing him in front of You Jing!

This thought made him even more unhappy.

Really, what a lack of morals!

Inhaling through his nose, his gaze suddenly sharpened.

You Jing leaned lazily on the chair, half-supporting his arms on his forehead, and his bright eyes fell on the profile of the man in front of him, noticing that this serious expression was completely opposite to his usual sloppy look.

When he was engaged in the battle, he seemed to be a different person.

In the live broadcast room far away in South Korea, Jiang Minjun’s enthusiasm when he thought he could kill the enemy with his own hands disappeared with that sudden leap.

His face darkened in an instant.
Did that mean the Chinese man was back?

Losing this prey that could be reaped easily in just two or three more moves, Jiang Minjun felt reluctant and immediately activated the Ghost Sprint to catch up quickly, vowing not to give up.

At this moment, only the crisp sound of typing remained in the live broadcast room as everyone in the audience was silent.
The expressions on their faces had changed from the initial shock and dismay to a dull look at this moment.

Everyone could tell that, just now, the ghost priest on the other side was either away from the computer or disconnected.

If it was just an ordinary ranking match, it was undeniable that many people would do the exact same thing as Jiang Minjun.

But this was no ordinary game.

And the one operating the black mage was also not an ordinary player.

He was this year’s newly crowned king of the Korean e-sports league, Jiang Minjun.

He was a professional player representing the Korean e-sports level and was destined to become one of the leaders of the next e-sports generation.

However, he chose to trample on his professionalism under the attention of tens of thousands of South Korean fans in such a disadvantageous situation and when there was an unexpected situation of unfair competition.

If a moment ago, everyone was looking forward to Jiang Minjun because the other person was Chinese, right now, no one could cheer for him anymore.

This was not what they expected an e-sports player to be like.

The disappointment was like a virus spreading through the internet, and the fans who were still frantically rooting for him were also reduced to silence.
There was no more chatting in the live feed, and the chat boxes were blank.

At this time, the ghost priest who had just fled away a moment ago had once again entered the vision of the black mage.
But, unexpectedly, facing the menacing enemy who still had a full-blood bar, instead of activating the Ghost Sprint to escape quickly, he directly raised his staff.

Everyone was confused.

Was this ghost priest with only a layer of blood left willing to fight? Was it possible to fight Jiang Minjun’s black mage with his full-blood bar?

When everyone was wondering this, Lin Xiao had already answered this rhetorical question with his crazy and cool operation.
After a predetermined attack that was even more intensive and compact than before, yet still achieved a near 100% hit rate, the black mage didn’t even touch the ghost priest again and died with hatred in his eyes.

[System] Second Blood!

Looking at the word “Victory” popping up on the screen, Lin Xiao stretched lazily, looked at his opponent’s unreadable Korean ID, and sneered.

At first, he was irritated because he sneaked up on him while he was chatting with You Jing, but even after running away, he insisted on chasing, which made him even more upset.

What’s this? You’re underestimating me? I’ll make you cry!

Lin Xiao, of course, did not know that before this, Jiang Minjun was not far from crying after being beaten by him, and had no idea he was actually doing a live broadcast, or he wouldn’t have pressed him so ruthlessly.

If he knew, he would definitely lecture the other as if he were his son so that he wouldn’t even dare to raise his head in front of him!

Rebuking others and rubbing it in their faces, he loved that!

Seeing that he was one step closer to the first level, Lin Xiao looked at the time at the bottom of the screen with satisfaction and clicked the shutdown button casually.
Relaxing his muscles and standing up, he turned to look at You Jing and smiled shamelessly: “It’s getting late.
Let’s go, Captain You, I’ll take you back!”

Obviously, the distance between their rooms was only a few steps, and only he was thick-skinned enough to say that without changing his face or heartbeat.

You Jing glanced at him: “I’m so grateful.”

The next day when he logged into the Korean service again, Lin Xiao was surprised to find that he inexplicably received a large wave of friend applications again, with no apparent reason, so he had to consult You Jing on how to refuse them: “Where is the option to reject friendship requests in Korean?”

After You Jing pointed it out, he showed him the tablet and said, “Congratulations, you’re trending.”

Lin Xiao felt dizzy when he saw the screen full of Korean signs, but looking at the avatar pic, it was vaguely familiar, and in the end, he remembered: “Isn’t that the last one from last night? What’s going on, did he record it?”

You Jing said: “That black mage was Jiang Minjun.”

Lin Xiao had a sudden realization: ”No wonder I felt that his combat style was somewhat familiar.
So, it’s that arrogant Korean kid who is very similar to the old, ahem, to Captain Yan! Oh, wait, why am I trending? He didn’t seem to be in the limelight yesterday.
Why did the Korean media report this? Do they also think my operation is very cool?”

You Jing looked at the Korean title clearly written, “E-sports players participated in the live broadcast show and staged a loser’s drama,” and replied lightly: “Your English is trending.”

Lin Xiao stroked his chin and accepted the reason, “Not surprising, there really aren’t many people in China who speak English as well as I do.”

You Jing paused the water glass at his mouth, put it back on the table beside him without taking a sip, and said slowly: “You can start today’s training.”

Lin Xiao appreciated this rarely-seen choked expression and started his new journey on the Korean ladder with a slight smile.

Although this day’s ranking has been improved, it went much smoother than the previous day.

After Lin Xiao successfully advanced to the first level, he won several consecutive games.
Finally, in the middle of the night, the LovelyGhost ID made it to the Korean top-tier leaderboard.

Compared with Lin Xiao’s leisurely and calm attitude, in the training hall of the Apocalypse team, Yan Duzhou stood in front of the dimmed screen after watching the black mage‘s first-person perspective in the video and remained silent for a long time.

In the minimized chat box, Devin’s last question still remained: “This ghost priest is Chinese.
Yan, do you know who he is?”

The screen lit up again with the resurrection of the black mage, followed by the indiscriminate bombardment of a character who was obviously not in front of the computer, and was interrupted by a sudden leap out of sight.
Then, after finding the opponent through untold hardships, he failed to kill him as he had intended but instead initiated a nightmarishly ferocious backlash.

The screen darkened again with his death, and the battle ended.

Although the black mage was Jiang Minjun, who spoke badly about him, Yan Duzhou was not happy with his tragic death.
He replayed the video, this time, his gaze firmly locked on the ghost priest‘s field of vision, and the calm light in his eyes gradually became brighter.

Although Lin Xiao’s performance was undoubtedly the most eye-catching in the last two games of the preseason tournament, in Yan Duzhou’s view, his strength should be more than that.

He had worried before that the bizarre things that happened to Lin Xiao might have unpredictable negative effects, but after seeing his aggressive and ingenious operation, those concerns immediately disappeared.

Although he has not reached his peak, it was satisfying enough that he could suppress Jiang Minjun to this point.

Lin Xiao, was still the worthy opponent that could make him go all out.

This year’s Black Rose team, with the addition of several new players, will likely be one of the two teams entering the World League alongside the Apocalypse team.

At last, he will longer be the only person who works so hard to support domestic e-sports, and this man will soon catch up with him again.

That’s good.

Yan Duzhou smiled faintly, feeling as if there was a wave of fighting spirit rising slowly in his body.
For a while, it seemed that he had returned to the burning years when both enemies and friends worked together for the e-sports of their country.

Opening the chat box, he answered Devin’s question, “I know he will be a strong enemy for your Korean team.”

The author has something to say: Lin Xiao: Today, I will teach you how to learn English! Remember to read it with me! ^_^~

The first sentence: Let (put) the horse (horse) e on (come over).

Translated as: let the horse come over.

The second sentence: You (you) are (is the red (red) face (face → Yan) know (knowledge) me (I → self).

Translated as: You are my confidante.

The third sentence: We (we) are (is) brothers (brothers), who (who) and (and) who (who) ah (ah)!

Translated as: We are brothers, who and who!

The fourth sentence: First see you, I ** love you.

I won’t translate it, shame~!

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