Chapter 64 – Korean Ladder

The accounts brought by Li Bochuan have been renamed.
Because Koreans couldn’t use Chinese, they all used English names.
Lin Xiao’s ID was LovelyGhost, which was a very literal translation.

Come on, his ghost priest was called “Adorable Ghost,” not “Lovely Ghost!”

It was not an easy task for anyone to promote from the second to the first level tier of the Korean leaderboard.
After all, the Korean players, whether they were amateurs or professionals, were indeed among the best in the world.

In the first round, Lin Xiao got a demon hunter player.

A minute later, the two sides ran into each other at the bottom right of the map, and the demon hunter tried to use ‘kite’ tactics to reduce the blood level of the ghost priest.

This was a strategy often encountered with amateur players.
After all, as a continuous damage-producing occupation, it was not a wise choice to have head-on contact with an official professional.

Lin Xiao wasn’t too worried about this, he operated the character to move leisurely while keeping an eye on the opponent’s every move.
The moment the opponent made a misstep, the staff lit with a flash, and a black-purple ghost fire swept forward through the narrow gap in the middle of the blockage and landed evenly on the demon hunter.

As the flames instantly spread like a prairie fire, the passive skill of the Ice Staff technique was triggered, and a layer of light blue ice-like animation also moved under the demon hunter‘s feet like a wave together with the flames.

The lagging demon hunter was like a slow-moving live target.
Lin Xiao’s operations with both hands suddenly accelerated, and a burst of skill quickly brought out the first kill.

“How is it, awesome, right?” Lin Xiao smiled and turned back.
Unexpectedly, You Jing was sitting on the chair and looking at a tablet, and he didn’t even see the wonderful operation he just did, so he couldn’t help but say seriously, “Captain You, do you know what a waste it is for you to sit behind me and not appreciate my performance?”

You Jing shifted his gaze from the tablet to the battle duration on the screen and said, “The waste is that it took 15 minutes.”

Lin Xiao: “…You wait.”

You Jing looked at him and said: “Oh.”

After that, for the second victim, Lin Xiao was obviously much more straightforward than at the first kill.

Immediately after the end of the first round, he entered the second round.

In the preparation phase this time, instead of using the control-based Ghost Spell, Lin Xiao chose the main output of the Ghost Blood Curse.
Because of the high damage and a concentrated outburst comparable to the long-range physical attack system, it only took 10 minutes from the beginning to the end of the battle.

In terms of mentality, Lin Xiao’s decisiveness can be said to be extremely good for attack.
After all, whether they were amateurs or professionals in the national league, they all should be cautious while climbing the Korean leaderboard from the second tier because they could always encounter some hidden masters.
I’m afraid there aren’t many people out there who could simply and brutally defeat others based on hand speed and no thinking like him.

The thought of losing points for failure did not slow down Lin Xiao’s actions at all.
After the second round of the match, he glanced at You Jing, who was still not paying attention to the battle situation and entered the queue again.

The third match ended in another 12 minutes.

And then the fourth.

The fifth…

Lin Xiao played more and more smoothly, and it was only when he approached the first tier of the leaderboard that he began to slow down a little.
From this stage onwards, it was easy to encounter a real master of the first rank, and even he could no longer take it lightly.

At this time, the sky had already darkened unknowingly.
Looking around, the lights in the training hall were brightly lit, and the others had finished training and left.
Looking around, it seemed a little deserted, only two figures in the corner here and the cool night wind blowing over their bodies.

You Jing had fallen asleep at some point leaning back in his chair.

Lin Xiao walked over to the window to shut out the night breeze.
As he approached, he glanced at the still-lit tablet screen, only to see that it showed the current Korean leaderboard situation.
Some of the listed IDs were marked in red.
Although he didn’t know the affiliation of other characters, it was not difficult to see from Yan Duzhou’s ID that these should be the accounts used by the national league experts for the Korean league.

This man can really fall asleep anywhere.
Lin Xiao remembered how he had always bumped into this ‘Sleeping Beauty’ in various modes since he came to the Dark Soul Club, and he smiled faintly.
However, with the lessons learned from the previous two times, he also knew that although this man seemed lethargic, he actually slept very lightly, so in the end, he dispelled any suicidal ideas.

He took off his coat and put it gently on You Jing’s body, then stretched heavily and sat back in front of the computer.

At this time, LovelyGhost‘s record information page was full of green winning check marks.

From 3:30 in the afternoon, when he took over the account and started the leaderboard battles, until now at 9:20 in the evening, excluding dinner time, there were a total of 15 rounds, all won.

Anyone who’d see such a record would remain dumbfounded.

You must know that this was not an ordinary game of tier 3 or 4.
Tier 2 in the Korean league should be at the end of tier 1 in the national league.
It was undoubtedly a high-end game for anyone.

However, in the current series of victorious battles, from the queue matching time to the preparatory stage, coupled with the complete battle process, each game was controlled within half an hour on average.

In other words, he won all his personal battles along the way in a completely crushing fashion.

However, the intensity of such a continuous battle did get a little tiring.

Lin Xiao leaned on the computer chair and subconsciously touched his pants pockets, then he glanced back at the sleeping figure behind him and finally shoved back the half-empty cigarette pack.

He closed the gaming record and glancing at the current points, he muttered to himself: “Well, I thought Manager Li really had a wide range of means, but who knew that this second-tier account actually needed supplementary points.
It’s too deceptive!”

In leaderboard battles, consecutive wins could make the account earn a lot of hidden points, and in each game, the points accumulation would increase more.
Conversely, even one loss will naturally reduce the hidden points.
Mostly, the perception when you drop below the current actual rank is that the leaderboard points you get for winning each game will generally be lower than the average level.

As for the LovelyGhost account that currently belonged to Lin Xiao, it was the kind with a tragically low score.
A normal account with ten wins in a row can directly advance from the second tier to the first with 0 points, but this account could only reach the stage of promotion after 15 consecutive victories.

The key was that the leaderboard was based on hidden scores.
Given the insane amount of points required for this account, it would take a long winning streak to join the ranks of those highly skilled Korean pro players.

He heard before that these accounts were assigned by You Jing, so it should not be intentional… A strange thought suddenly popped up in Lin Xiao’s mind, and the more he thought about it, the more suspicious he became.
He inadvertently looked up just in time to see the chat box on the screen light up.

In fact, Lin Xiao wasn’t the type to easily remember profile pictures, but really, that silly monkey with a big head is so memorable at a glance that he doesn’t need to click on it to know that it’s Little Monkey Master who comments.

Since his debut in the e-sports competition, Little Monkey Master has been talking about him for a long time, basically saying, “I finally have a friend who is a professional gamer,” “I feel that I have finally been promoted,” and other inept comments, so now that he was looking for him, he didn’t have the slightest expectation.

Clicking on the message, Little Monkey Master‘s words were straight to the point: “Adorable ghost, adorable ghost, this time there is such a commotion, has your club also mobilized to fight against Korea?”

Lin Xiao emphasized his strict tone, “You’ve got the wrong person, I’m not one who likes to gossip.”

Little Monkey Master expressed his dissatisfaction: “~~(﹕‹)~~~ Don’t say that, I’m here to show you how to make money.”

Hearing the word “money,” Lin Xiao suddenly became interested.
He sneaked a glance at You Jing behind him to make sure he was not awake, then he turned around and asked, “Our team is in Korea, what advice do you have, handsome monkey master? ^_^~”

Little Monkey Master said solemnly: “It’s simple, Ah Xing is going to make a compilation of anti-Korean videos.
If you are interested, take this opportunity to record some high-end battle videos.
If you are hired, the salary will be at least three times higher than last time.
I wouldn’t tell just anyone about such a good opportunity!”

Lin Xiao was wary: “As before, the ID should not be exposed, right?”

Little Monkey Master said: “Of course, Ah Xing is a professional, and we will never reveal the source of the video! If there are videos of other team members, you can bring them too! For example, those from Vice Captain Shen, Liu Zeshen, the twins, and so on, bring the whole pack!”

Lin Xiao responded with an angry face emoji: “You think you are engaged in market wholesale and still want a pack! It is enough to have me alone.
Quality and quantity are guaranteed!”

After agreeing on this business with Little Monkey Master, with the stimulation of money, Lin Xiao stopped dawdling and entered the queue again in high spirits.

Meanwhile, during the live broadcast of an e-sports program in South Korea, Jiang Minjun, as a guest, explained the operation essentials of the black mage to the audience at the scene and online.
At the same time, he logged in to the program’s pre-arranged gaming account to enter the queue as well, ready to perform a real combat demonstration.

Jiang Minjun, with the deserved title of the rookie king of the Korean league and with the buzz created after his interview incident, has become one of the most talked about e-sports players at the moment, and he himself was really enjoying the status quo.

Generally, in this kind of e-sports live broadcast, the program would not perform an online battle, but Jiang Minjun wanted to hold a solo show in front of his many fans, so he strongly requested that, and the staff could only specially arrange it for him.
At this point, he was smiling at the camera while selecting the gear in his arsenal: “The previous explanations are all theoretical knowledge.
Next, let’s actually enter the upper games of the second-tier leaderboard so that everyone can directly observe and appreciate the essence of the operation of the black mage.”

At the end of the preparation phase, before loading the game interface, he took a last glance at his opponent’s ID and frowned.


Korean players rarely used such odd English names, and this ID didn’t ring a bell.
Could it be the Chinese who have recently stormed into Korea?

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