Chapter 62 – Blowing Up The E-Sports Domestic Circle.
(Additional Explanation)

After a moment, Shen Changyu was the first to react, and coughed twice: “It seems that we should come back later.”

Qin Lei was frozen in place in a petrified state, and his mind was blank.
Hearing this, he subconsciously accepted the order, turned around, and was about to walk out of the house, when he was stopped again.

“Everyone, come back.” You Jing’s voice was extremely low, and the words fell to their ears coldly, making a thought flash in their minds– he wouldn’t kill to silence them, right?

Xu Yiming was about to cry: “Captain You, please believe us, we really did not see anything!”

Well, what a way to reveal what he intended to hide.

Xu Yichen shook his head heavily.
There was a saying: don’t be afraid of God-like opponents, but of pig-like teammates.

In contrast, Liu Zeshen was much calmer.

He leaned against the door, slowly stroking his chin with his thumb, and said with a meaningful smile: “Captain You, are you exercising?”

You Jing didn’t respond to this clearly teasing question, his eyes fell coldly on Lin Xiao’s hands on his shoulders: “Let go.”

No matter how thick-skinned was Lin Xiao, under the ambiguous words of everyone, he felt a little hot.
After letting go of You Jing, he stood up, straightened his messy clothes, and said with a serious face the words that seemed to be said a little too often recently: “Actually, it’s not what you think.”

Liu Zeshen grinned: “Oh, we know.”

Lin Xiao: “…”

Xiao Li gave him a meaningful look, raised his hand with a clenched fist, and said with an underlying connotation, “Don’t worry, I understand too!”

Lin Xiao: “Understand my ass…”

Zou Qiguan’s expression was much more complicated than the others.
After looking back and forth at Lin Xiao and You Jing several times, he said firmly as if he had finally made a decision: “Brother Lin, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone what happened today!”

Lin Xiao was speechless: “Hey, hey, don’t lead Switch astray! Actually, I just wanted to take a picture…”

Suddenly, an unknown object flew towards him, interrupting his words, and he subconsciously raised his hand, only to find that it was his cell phone whose screen had been dimmed.

“Take care of it, don’t leave it at random places.” You Jing’s voice sounded without inflections.
Lin Xiao met his gaze, and subconsciously swallowed all the explanations he wanted to make.
Although he didn’t say it clearly, his instinct gave him a very clear feeling that if this photo was seen by others today, he would, um, die a terrible death…

You Jing had already tidied his clothes and sat at the computer.
The farce from now seemed to have not affected his emotions at all.
He looked up at Shen Changyu and asked: “What happened, why did you come to me at this hour?”

“Oh, right.” Although the topic changed abruptly, Shen Changyu returned to the main topic very naturally, “Some things that happened on the Korean side have now blown up the entire national forums.”

Lin Xiao, who was furtively fiddling with his phone, trying to remove the photo, looked up when he heard the words: “What’s wrong with the Korean side?”

Xu Yiming, full of anger, interjected, “Those arrogant people think that if they won two world championships, they can look down on others.
They simply mocked our domestic players for their lack of standards in interviews on the game website.
It’s so annoying!”

Shen Changyu patted him on the shoulder to calm him down and explained the details carefully.

It turned out that the domestic professional league in South Korea had just ended its preseason two days ago.
After the last game, the host interviewed Jiang Minjun, a player from the MTG team who won the MVP, as usual, and when asked if he was stronger or weaker than Yan Duzhou, a Chinese player with a similar fighting style, he made the following statement on camera:

“I have always admired senior Yan Duzhou’s perseverance, but I wouldn’t say that my style is similar to his.
After all, as an older generation of e-sports players, as his hand speed deteriorates, his combat style is not as sharp as it used to be.
Although the current situation in China is that the level of e-sports is relatively low and older players cannot retire, I still believe that e-sports should be a stage for young players.
Senior Yan Duzhou is already old and it’s not sufficient to compete with the new generation of young players.
Anyway, now I have enough confidence that I am better than him.”

Because not everyone understood Korean, fans who watched the match live that day didn’t have much of a reaction because they didn’t know the content of the interview, until someone broadcast the subtitled version on the Internet, and all the netizens were in an uproar.

Although it was true that Yan Douzhou failed to win a trophy with the team, he held the highest status in the hearts of all e-sports fans in China.
So what does this bastard who hasn’t even grown up yet want to say!?

That Yan Duzhou is old and should retire because his skills declined?

As the current leader in the field of domestic e-sports, how could he say that he is not worthy of being compared to such a novice player as himself, and even shamelessly say that he is not as strong as him?

How dare he say “China’s overall e-sports level is low” just because Korea won the international league in the previous two years?

What gave him the guts!?

With tens of millions of rebroadcasts of the video, the anger of netizens was further ignited.
The key trigger was that the arrogant Jiang Minjun, faced with the people’s anger after the incident, instead of apologizing, posted another tweet early in the morning bragging about how he had completely crushed Yan Duzhou in Korea.
He even listed many videos of top national players defeated by Korean representatives, which, between the lines, once again scorned the low end of the national gaming level.

As soon as this tweet was released, the comment section was filled with curses.
However, before they could organize a response, many people found that not only Jiang Minjun but also several professional players from other Korean teams had reposted it, making a mockery of it.

Many netizens also launched a counterattack, posting videos of Korean e-sports players being defeated in national team competitions.
However, those shameless arrogant people didn’t seem to get angry, all immersed in their self-constructed “weakling Chinese theory,” completely ignoring the unfavorable videos about themselves.

I have seen shameless people before, but not to that degree!

Henceforth, the domestic e-sports circle has finally exploded.

But that’s not all.
After all, not all professional players in South Korea were as arrogant and domineering as Jiang Minjun.
Many veteran players still had enough respect for god-level players like Yan Duzhou, and some stood up for him and tried to mediate.
However, before things settled down in the League’s professional circle, a post on a Korean forum was picked up by Chinese netizens in its original form.

The post was from a Korean ladder first-rank player, the entire article was a mockery of Chinese players and finally insinuated that all Chinese players playing in the Korean League should all leave.
The posts after the story added exponentially.
Basically, it was some ordinary players who followed the trend to show off their might and contempt for the players of the national server.

In the past, there were players in South Korea who had a certain degree of contempt for Chinese players, but now this kind of contempt has been directly put on the table, and displayed in the hearts of players in the national league.

For a while, in the wake of the stir created in the domestic circle, the posts and microblogs of the major teams were almost entirely related to this incident.
As the top experts from the first and second tier of the national circle spontaneously attacked the Korean league one after another, the comment area seemed to be a petition asking the professional players of each team to jointly sweep up the Korean ladder.

Saying that the level of our domestic professional players is at the bottom?

Saying that Yan Duzhou, the top god in the domestic league, has degraded?

Saying Chinese e-sports are now declining?

Let’s see if there is anyone in the national circle to wipe you out properly!

Do you really think that after winning two World League Championships, you can touch the sky? Just wait for the hundreds of millions of players in the national league to sweep up the Korean ladder and win the top places in the Korean league to give you a slap in the face!

Oh no, it can no longer be called a slap in the face, it should be called stepping on the face!

After listening to Shen Changyu’s explanation, Lin Xiao was not as angry as Xu Yiming.
He only felt those people were like clowns jumping around, making it look more like a joke.

When he was still in the league, the e-sports circle was dominated by European and American teams.
Only when he won the championship leading the Black Rose team did he break their dominance.
After his comeback, although he heard that the previous two championships were won by the Korean team, he never thought they would be so arrogant.

At this thought, he smiled slightly.

Pride has been the natural enemy of competitive sports, so such a self-righteous mentality may make their downfall all the more painful sooner or later.

After all, not everyone could bear the feeling of falling straight from heaven to hell.

“Damn it, those people are really too arrogant! There was still some time to go before the playoffs, and anyway, there was not much training, so their team will apply to the coach to collectively enter the Korean ladder! It’s really unbearable to look at the arrogant faces of those suckers!”

Lin Xiao really admired Xu Yiming, it must be quite difficult to continue to blow up for so long.

You Jing did not object: “I will discuss it with Manager Li.”

Having received an accurate answer, the crowd left satisfied.

After walking out of the door, Xiao Li turned his head inadvertently and saw Lin Xiao coming out with them with a calm face as if nothing had happened.
He glanced into the room meaningfully, and said with a smile: “Actually, it’s okay if you go back and continue, don’t worry about us.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the others turned their heads to look at him, knowingly.

Misunderstandings, I guess, are called misunderstandings because they can’t be explained.

Lin Xiao silently glanced at the mobile phone in his hands under the collective ‘knowingly’ gaze and thought of You Jing’s threatening words.
In the end, he choose not to take out the photo, but sighed faintly: “I’m giving up last night’s big challenge and inviting everyone to the buffet tomorrow or the day after…”

Liu Zeshen patted him on the shoulder with a smile: “Oh, you know how to bribe seniors, good, good.”

Lin Xiao took out a cigarette and looked up at the sky with some melancholy.

How to say, he felt an inexplicable and subtle change in his mood at this time…

The author has something to say: I saw everyone’s message reminders today, so here’s an explanation:

I personally don’t hate Korea, and I don’t have the so-called disgust, so everything here is just for the sake of the plot, don’t read too much into it.

There are arrogant people and fans who stir trouble everywhere.
The article also explains that there are decent people in Korean esports who are trying to salvage the situation, showing that not everyone is bad.
The plot needs to be treated rationally.

The author knows that many e-sports fans are fans of the real Korean team, but please believe that all the characters are fictional.
If you want it, you can consider substituting your idol for the handsome Korean e-sports professionals who will appear in the future.
Don’t make things difficult for yourself by supporting the few jumping clowns that have appeared so far!

If you really can’t accept my explanations, you can address them.
Lao Jiang is not a stubborn person! = ̄ω ̄=

*** *** ***

You Jing: Yes, you understand the deep meaning of my words well.

Lin Xiao: Actually, I just realized that bribery is the primary productive force.

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