Chapter 59 – Congratulations To The Black Rose Team

Chen Xiaoyan looked at the Dazzling View‘s fallen figure, with a bit of sadness in his voice: “I have to say, the Red Leaf team’s captain and vice-captain really work well together.
I really didn’t expect them to be able to perform such a perfect assassination operation even after being forced to use the Shadow Escape technique first.”

Xu Qingli also said with emotion: “In the face of this instantaneous burst, unless there is a system bug, even a top expert like You Jing is just as helpless.”

Chen Xiaoyan sighed and said: “What a pity for the Black Rose team.
The faux pas in this round of the team competition can be said to be fatal to them.
With the current results, I’m afraid it will be…”

“Could this be the end? No, not yet.” Xu Qingli’s eyes fell on a corner of the map, and he smiled meaningfully, “Before that, it seems we were missing another very important key person.”

Forgot someone? Lin Xiao! After being reminded by the commentator, this name instantly flashed in many people’s minds.

With the rapid switching of the camera, the screen suddenly changed to Adorable Ghost‘s point of view.
However, from this angle, all that could be seen was the opponent being blocked once the ice spell exploded.
Black flames rose from the raised staff and flew over a white-robed figure, taking the last trace of blood from the blood reserve.

[System] Adorable Ghost killed Lychee Smoothie.

[System] Second Blood!

Is she dead?

After Ou Xinxin’s cry for help on the voice channel a moment ago, the Red Leaf team’s chat room was completely silent now.

The joy of successfully assassinating Dazzling View has not even been tasted yet, and at this time, the two assassins who left in a hurry to save their own priest, were standing not far from the crime scene with less than 10% of their blood bar.

This sudden change came too quickly, maybe if the two had arrived a second earlier they could still have made a turn for the better.
Or maybe if Lychee Smoothie could avoid those techniques a bit, she wouldn’t have died just yet.

However, under Lin Xiao’s operation, all of Adorable Ghost‘s attacks came so quickly, and the placement of each skill was so precise and tricky that Ou Xinxin had no way to dodge, and her last blood was thus taken away before she had time to react.

But, was this really the end?

Nope, it was just getting started.

Operating Adorable Ghost, Lin Xiao turned his field of vision and looked at the two figures facing each other in the center of the screen with a meaningful smile.

In the middle of the map channel, a sentence appeared on the screen: “Exchanging two ‘one-hit kills’ for our priest‘s life is a big deal, girls.

Beefsteak Rice Beauty: “Not really, the tactic required it.”

Aged Cold Wine: “Looks like you want to take revenge for your captain, little brother?”

The words “little brother” left Lin Xiao speechless, but thinking about his current age, he was indeed not as old as Ding Jie, the sexy imperial concubine, so he acquiesced: “Yeah, so ladies, be careful!”

Aged Cold Wine: “That depends on your strength.”

Even though she said so, Ding Jie was not as optimistic as she appeared on the surface, but she couldn’t admit it.
In the current situation where they had lost their healer, the only feasible way left was to ‘toughen up.’

Beefsteak Rice Beauty and Aged Cold Wine rushed towards Adorable Ghost with their bloody knives in their hands.

Adorable Ghost was already prepared, and immediately adjusting his position, he faced the two beautiful girls rushing towards him and summoned a rain of flames above their heads.

After the intense rain hit the two, their blood bars, which were originally less than 10%, began to drop again.

The reaction of this ghost priest was so fast! Xu Yun was astonished and wanted to withdraw Beefsteak Rice Beauty, only to see a piece of ice blooming under her feet.
Followed by the single-target attack Void Burning, as the pillar of fire completely engulfed the character, the blood bar was finally emptied.

[System] Adorable Ghost killed Beefsteak Rice Beauty.

The three consecutive skills happened almost at the same time, and the audience could only stare dumbfounded.
They even forgot to cheer for a while, and some even felt something wasn’t right.

Dead… for real? In a blink of an eye, another one was dead!?

The Red Leaf team, which was almost unanimously considered victorious just a moment ago, only had Aged Cold Wine left, and her blood bar was almost at the bottom.

Although this was just an ordinary preseason game, and it didn’t even affect their team’s progress into the playoffs, at this moment, Ding Jie felt a huge pressure that she hadn’t felt for a long time.

Instinctively, she wanted to retreat, however, when she operated her character with the fastest hand speed to perform the evacuation operation, that skill that fell from the sky already blocked all the way back.

It was the ghost priest‘s biggest move, Ten Thousand Ghosts Void.

It’s really hard to imagine that after such a close battle against time, this man, through his ultimate move, still had the situation firmly in his hands.
Perhaps, it was just to ensure that he can 100% cut off her back?

When this thought crossed her mind, Ding Jie let go of the mouse, slowly took off her headphones, and gave up the fight.

[System] Adorable Ghost killed Aged Cold Wine.

[System] Double Kill.


The word “Victory” appeared on the screen next to Team Black Rose, and the entire Black Rose fanbase froze for a few seconds before finally coming to their senses.
There was a thunder-like roar in the arena, expressing their inner excitement.

Even the other players, who had been nervously following the game from the player’s boxes, had all risen from their seats at this moment.

Team Black Rose vs Team Red Leaf, 5:0.

Although it was only the small team match, everyone was as excited as if they had won the final victory.
They knew better than anyone what winning this game meant – to be just one last step away from the playoffs.

In the battle room, Lin Xiao, who had just taken off his earphones, turned around and said with a smug smile, “What do you say, Captain You? I told you I could win, right?”

As You Jing who was putting away his equipment, looked up, the “Little King” LOGO on the mouse and keyboard caught his eye, and he looked at Lin Xiao.

Calmly, he said, “Well played, indeed, very much in the Old Ghost style.”

When Lin Xiao heard this, the smiling expression on his face froze slightly, he coughed dryly twice, rubbed his forehead, and said, “Cough…you don’t have to praise me so much.”

You Jing smiled faintly.

This expression made him look somewhat ethereal, and from that angle, the color of his eyes was even slightly transparent, like glass.

Lin Xiao inadvertently looked up and felt a little confused, then a feeling of modesty surged.

Truthfully, this was probably the first time You Jing had such a ‘friendly’ attitude towards him, right?

When he returned to the contestants’ bench, Xu Yiming excitedly jumped over Shen Changyu directly and threw himself on Lin Xiao: “Wow! I couldn’t even tell that there were indeed two techniques!”

“Come down now, you are too heavy!” Lin Xiao seemed to hear the sound of ‘cracking’ bones and finally pulled away the kid hanging off his body.

After massaging his muscles and bones, he looked at You Jing, and reconfirmed: “Are you sure there is no problem with the team competition?”

Hearing this, the others immediately looked over.

“Of course.” You Jing placed the mineral water on the chair, and under everyone’s gaze, he said, “Victory is ours.”

As if influenced by this unyielding tone, the eyes of all team members filled with a strong fighting spirit that was ready to go.

After the break, the team competition officially started.

When the formations of both sides were displayed in front of everyone, You Jing’s second appearance finally completely dispelled people’s speculations about his hand injury.

The Black Rose team players were: You Jing’s priest, Dazzling View, Shen Changyu’s summoner, Seasonal Rain, Liu Zeshen’s paladin, Choose A Tree To Live In, Xiao Li’s magic swordsman, Laughing Sky, and Lin Xiao’s ghost priest, Adorable Ghost.

In this composition, there were: healing, defense shields, explosive attacks, and long-ranged control.
It could be described as a very formal and complete team battle lineup.
However, because the lineup looked too much like a demo tutorial, people couldn’t help but feel that something must be wrong with it.

This doubt persisted until the battle broke out.

After seeing the Red Leaf team, who had worked so hard to make detours, finally being drawn into a melee, not only were the spectators stunned, but even Xu Qingli, known as the most professional commentator in the League, was speechless.

After the previous battles, everyone thought that the Black Rose team would maintain this unpredictable strategy style.
Who expected, that, just when the Red Leaf team began to talk strategy and tactics, they actually went for a simple and brutal fight mode!

The skills’ dazzling light effects were all over the field, and the soaring APM values on the big screen made the chaotic battle look even more thrilling.
In the end, after a completely chaotic battle, when the smoke finally cleared, two figures were still standing: Dazzling View and Adorable Ghost.

In the last round of the preseason, the Black Rose team finally defeated the Red Leaf team with a perfect score of 10:0 and qualified for the playoffs from eighth place.

Although this was what the supporters of the Black Rose team expected, when this result was really obtained, many fans finally couldn’t help crying with joy.

“We won.” With the close-up of Dazzling View and Adorable Ghost still on the screen, Lin Xiao took a deep breath, looked up just in time to meet You Jing’s gaze, smiled, and opened his arms, “Wanna hug?”

In fact, he was already prepared to be kicked off, but You Jing actually came over, hugged him, patted him on the back, and said, “Thank you.”

These two words had a very profound meaning, and Lin Xiao smiled, and hugged him back tightly: “You’re welcome.”

“Hey, hey, hug me too!” Xiao Li was the first to be killed by the opponent’s poisonous hand in the team competition, and he was feeling a little uncomfortable.
Seeing those two acting like no one else was there, he was even more unhappy.

Liu Zeshen had just packed up the equipment, and upon hearing this, he approached him with a smile and said, “Why don’t I give you a hug?”

Xiao Li kicked him angrily: “Who wants to hug you!”

Liu Zeshen nimbly took two steps back to avoid the surprise attack, casually brushed the dust off his pants, and smiled without saying a word.

When they opened the door and walked out of the battle room, enthusiastic cheers immediately engulfed them.

Xu Qingli’s voice from the commentary table spread throughout the venue, being heard very clearly: “Congratulations to the Black Rose team, who defeated Red Leaf with a perfect score of 10:0, and they will get the last spot in the playoffs! Once again, congratulations to Black Rose!”

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