Chapter 58 – Is That How It Ends?

In this round, the Black Rose team did not choose the same lineup as they played against the Seven Stars team but assigned Liu Zeshen to the individual competition.
Therefore, in the small team competition, Shen Changyu’s summoner, Seasonal Rain replaced the paladin Choose A Tree To Live In.
The remaining two characters were still You Jing’s Dazzling View and Lin Xiao’s Adorable Ghost.

When Lin Xiao stepped onto the stage, he clearly felt the gazes cast on him from all directions and smiled casually, not very surprised by it.
Sitting in the battle zone, he glanced sideways at the person next to him and joked in good spirits: “Another life and death game, how about that? Are you nervous?”

You Jing paused for a moment and looked back at him: “Who are you asking?”

Lin Xiao changed his target, “I asked Vice Captain Shen.”

Shen Changyu found himself innocently involved…

For this small team competition round, the members of the Red Leaf team were: Captain Xu Yun’s assassin, Beefsteak Rice Beauty, Vice Captain Ding Jie’s assassin, Aged Cold Wine, and Ou Xinxin’s priest, Lychee Smoothie.

The all-female Red Leaf team showed no weakness in front of the audience.
On the contrary, female players mostly used a more ruthless fighting style than many male players.

The current “double assassination” combination was one of the assets among many other combinations specific to the matching style of the Red Leaf team.

Of course, including food names in their chars ID was also one of Red Leaf‘s hallmarks.
Many times, fans were actually calling the Red Leaf team they supported the “Midnight Snack Team” to express their extreme doting over the goddesses.

Shortly after the two sides finished commissioning the equipment, the game began.

Immediately, the Red Leaf‘s pair of assassins, Beefsteak Rice Beauty and Aged Cold Wine, simply abandoned their priest, Lychee Smoothie, and moved intently around the map.

The map for this game was the scarlet-dyed Lava Purgatory.

Red flames kept surging from the ground as if they were going to devour everything at any time.

Featuring a succession of caves that lead nowhere, rather than a map, it was more of a maze of twists and turns.

Many teams who played against the Red Leaf banned this map because it was extremely suitable for ambush and assassination.
Unexpectedly, in this crucial round, the Black Rose team deliberately released this map.

In a way, it could be seen as arrogance.

While operating the Loli-shaped Beefsteak Rice Beauty, Xu Yun, who still had some baby fat on her face, showed no impatience and smiled while her dark and bright eyes were full of caution.
“Jie, what do you say now? You thought that the ghost priest from the Black Rose team would make an appearance.
See, the ghost priest is not here.”

Ding Jie has already spotted the two figures at the end of the character’s field of vision from the corner of her eye.
Her glossy lips lifted slightly, and her magnetic voice was enough to make any of her words sound sexy: “What does it matter? As long as you kill Dazzling View, even the ghost can’t save them.”

When Xu Yun heard this, she giggled: “You’re so bad.”

With that, Beefsteak Rice Beauty was not in a hurry to move toward Dazzling View, instead, she moved in the opposite direction and, a few moments later, disappeared again into the intricate caves.

As for the Aged Cold Wine, she activated the assassin‘s specific rapid movement mode, and they split up, detouring in the other direction.
The tall and slender style of the imperial concubine caught the public’s attention due to the extremely sexy outfit of the assassin.

Right now, from the perspective of the characters of the Black Rose team, it could be said that the surrounding area was peaceful, and there was no sign of trouble.

But suddenly, You Jing spoke on the voice chat: “Get ready.”

Shen Changyu replied, “Understood,” and looked at the screen with increased caution.

By now, the audience had fully seen the situation on the big screen and immediately understood the ultimate goal of the Black Rose team in releasing this map.

Although it cost half his mana, through the careful arrangement of the Seasonal Rain summoner, there was already a summoned beast guarding every nearby cave like a door god.

During this time, when no one took the initiative, and everyone stood still in place, occasionally looking around, the whole picture looked like watching Pokemon.

As the chief commentator of this round of competition, Xu Qingli made a professional analysis after seeing the arrangement: “The Black Rose team is obviously setting a textbook demonstration on how to deal with the double assassination lineup.
When someone enters the attack range of the summoned beasts, they will automatically exit the standby state, which is an excellent alarm against the assassin‘s approach.
It also forces the assassin to enter the Shadow Escape technique in advance, as she can’t get close without being noticed in the first place.”

There was a touch of approval in his tone: “Lava Purgatory is a map that could have given the Red Leaf team an exceptional advantage, but through such ingenious use, they are now falling into a passive and embarrassing situation.
I have to say, the tactics of the Black Rose team are really superb.”

His partner Chen Xiaoyan was a little dumbfounded seeing the formation of troops who looked like goalkeepers on the field: “I wonder who came up with such a vicious…er, so amazing tactic.
In the end, it leaves no way out for the Red Leaf team, hmm!”

Xu Qingli laughed: “You can’t really say that.
According to my speculation, in this situation, given the action style of both the Captain and the Vice Captain of Red Leaf, they will probably choose to make a strong frontal attack.”

As if to confirm his statement, Beefsteak Rice Beauty and Aged Cold Wine, who were meandering on the field a moment before, suddenly increased their speed again and approached the two members of the Black Rose team.

Almost at the same moment, both assassins flashed with blue light and disappeared from the picture.

It was the assassin‘s Shadow Escape technique.

Where did they all go? The audience in the arena held their breath, searching for them on the empty map.

“Get ready.” There was no emotion in You Jing’s tone.
While speaking, the magic staff in Dazzling View‘s hand lit up as he chanted and drew a healing field at his feet.

This was an enchantment that restored a small amount of blood every second within its boundary.

Even though the two characters still had a full-blood bar, and at first glance, it looked like a wasted skill, those who knew the style of the Red Leaf team were completely impressed by such an accurate prediction.

From the Dazzling View‘s perspective, no shadow of any opponent could be seen at all, but this man, simply by virtue of his keen judgment, already took preemptive measures at the first opportunity.

Not far away, as the Beefsteak Rice Beauty‘s concealing time ended, when her figure appeared, the fire elf of Seasonal Rain had already launched a fierce attack.
However, when the fireball swept by, she dodged with a precise side roll and then leaped, rushing straight to Dazzling View.

On the other hand, Aged Cold Wine also escaped the ice dryad‘s attack, stepped out of the summoned beast’s range, and in an instant, flashed in front of Seasonal Rain and hit him with a stun spell.
Instantly, she distanced herself again, avoiding a potential deadlock effect.

Obviously, Ding Jie’s ultimate goal was not Seasonal Rain, but, same as Xu Yun, she was aiming for Dazzling View.

With the delay brought about by the summoned beasts, You Jing had time to stack several layers of buffs on his body, and seeing the two approaching at the same time, he released a space-time portal.

It wasn’t possible to stop them from getting closer, but it was enough to slow the momentum of the two people coming straight at him.

In a short while, most of the blood bar that fell down in a blink of an eye was instantly lifted up again by You Jing in the momentary gap won.

After Seasonal Rain‘s stun time ended, he immediately took control of the summoned beasts and plunged into the melee.

However, Xu Yun and Ding Jie were working together exceptionally well, taking turns to deal with the five summoned beasts while continuously focusing their firepower on Dazzling View.

The fluctuations of the blood bar were particularly exciting, but under You Jing’s precise and accurate healing ability, there was no end in sight.

Xu Yun frowned and said in the chat room of the Red Leaf team: “That Adorable Ghost hasn’t appeared yet.
In order to prevent any mishaps, we must speed up things.”

Ding Jie agreed, looked at Dazzling View‘s blood level, and said in a deep voice, “Let’s do it when his blood level exceeds half the next time.”

Xu Yun stared intently at the events on the screen, and with a flash in her eyes, she said, “Now!”

As soon as the words fell, a red light shone on Beefsteak Rice and Aged Cold Wine‘s bodies as their bloody daggers slashed straight toward Dazzling View‘s throat.

The assassin‘s big move, “Kill with one blow,” was an assassination technique, discarding 90% of the current HP and causing huge damage to the target.

In a time of vulnerability, this skill could often achieve the effect of thousands of troops putting their lives on the line.

And right now, under the double attack, even if Dazzling View‘s defensive attributes were piled up to the extreme, with the premise of only having half of his HP and between the two ‘kills with one blow,’ it was inevitable that the blood bar would empty.

[System] Beefsteak Rice Beauty killed Dazzling View.

[System] First Blood!

As the announcement of the system came out on the big screen, the two characters, Beefsteak Rice Beauty and Aged Cold Wine, who only had a tinge of blood left, disappeared into the center of the screen almost at the same time.

The summoned beasts that lost their target stopped attacking, and the screen that instantly quieted down was as empty as many people’s hearts.

After completing the assassination, the two female contestants successfully retired with an ingenious operation.
The concealing skill used before has completely cooled down by now, and their Shadow Escape at this time was particularly clean and neat, without muddling along.

There was a moment of silence in the arena, and then, the fans of the Red Leaf team burst into cheers.

On the contrary, the supporters of the Black Rose team were in a daze after losing their vital healing role.

Looking at the head score of 1:0 on the screen, it felt like a layer of coldness caused by the reluctance to accept failure gradually spread from the soles, and finally, the whole body became cold.

Could this year’s League qualification round really end like this?

The author has something to say: You Jing: What are you looking at?

Lin Xiao: What are you doing?

You Jing: Huh?

Lin Xiao: I was talking to Vice Captain Shen!

Shen Changyu: …

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