Chapter 56.2 – Lots Of People Have Watched This Game!

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Lin Xiao lay on the bed staring at the ceiling, and his mind was full of reminiscences of today’s scenes on the field, causing him insomnia.

Although the past five years he missed were nothing but a concept of sleeping and waking up for him, the fact that he could still personally experience the whole game really made his blood boil.
He knew very well that back then, many people regarded him as a seasoned veteran player.
However, he alone knew that, no matter how many teams he had experienced, every time he stood on the battlefield, he still trembled uncontrollably.

Not because of nervousness, but because of excitement.

No matter when or where, regardless of whether the stage was big or small, every nerve in his body mobilized with extraordinary ease, and that never changed.

After staring at the ceiling for a while, Lin Xiao got out of bed and sat down at the table, opened the laptop he borrowed from Xiao Li, and browsed the web randomly.
While following the online discussion about today’s event, he also logged into his account.
However, just after logging in, before he could do anything else, he was taken aback by a series of friend request messages that popped up like crazy.

He hurriedly turned off the system option that allowed adding friends and closed the friend requests that popped up one by one.

Just when it was almost empty, an ID jumped into his eyes, and the mouse that had moved to “reject” suddenly paused and stopped before clicking it.

The ID was ‘Sunken Boat at Twilight.’

If others had seen it, they would have screamed like crazy.

However, Lin Xiao only squinted slightly and complained: “Looks like there were quite a lot of people watching the game today…”

That being said, he actually accepted the request with sincerity.

The ID “Adorable Ghost” was used by him before he became a professional player.
Shen Changyu found out because, at the time, he often took this kid after the game to eat a lot of noodles, and Yan Duzhou could also remember that he had experienced the glorious years of online games with him.

Now that he was back in the alliance with this account, maybe it was some arrogance because of his nostalgia for his first account, but in short, the idea was to make himself more recognizable to the old acquaintances.

Moreover, facing this man, Yan Duzhou, Lin Xiao felt somewhat guilty in his heart.

After all, Old Ghost passed away suddenly and irresponsibly after reaching the peak of glory, letting the burden of the entire e-sports circle fall without warning on Yan Duzhou, who was too rigid and serious.
So over all these years, he was left alone to support the domestic gaming scene for so long.

That was why Lin Xiao returned with this incredible identity, at risk of being dragged to the laboratory for investigations and analysis if too many people found out.
Still, he didn’t intend to hide anything in front of this best opponent and best friend.
Moreover, even if he wanted to hide it, it probably wasn’t possible for him to do so.

After accepting the friend request without other whims, Lin Xiao just sent a smiling expression that has remained unchanged for thousands of years.

Now that Yan Duzhou has watched today’s entire game and there were so many events, it was obvious that he should drop all pretenses.

Almost at the same time he sent the emoji, the other party also sent three words, “Who are you?”

Oh, it seemed that this man had nothing better to do all night but stay at the computer and follow him? Lin Xiao raised his eyebrows and wanted to reply with “I am a ghost,” but then thought better of it, deleted it, and finally sent back the question: “What do you think?”

Yan Duzhou replied in a second: “Just say it.”

Lin Xiao was speechless.

This old Yan really still has no sense of humor at all…

After thinking for a while, he finally replied half-jokingly, “Would you believe me if I said I was Lin Xiao?”

Yan Duzhou: “I believe you.”

Although it was the same first and last name, it was obvious which “Lin Xiao” he was referring to now.
But the other side’s response was a bit suspicious.
He believed he was “Lin Xiao,” he said, but which “Lin Xiao” was he talking about?

Lin Xiao expected many reactions, but when he received this reply, he almost choked in frustration.
After a moment of silence, he pretended to be serious and said expressionlessly, “Well, then I am Lin Xiao.”

Yan Duzhou: “…”

Still waiting for the other party to have some interesting reactions, Lin Xiao suddenly asked with great interest, “So, do you want to ask something now? ^_^~”

Yan Duzhou: “No.”

What the hell?! He should be horrified and surprised, then suspicious, and after a hundred explanations, he would finally, reluctantly accept the fact that he was resurrected and reborn.
Could this be a plot that can only be seen in novels?!

Very good, typical of old Yan!

Seeing the other man’s calm attitude without even the slightest suspicion, Lin Xiao’s smile became more and more distinct.

For some people, no matter how many years have passed and what they have experienced, no matter whether you have changed beyond recognition, with just a simple glance, they can still recognize and accept you without any hesitation.

In fact, the one who knows you best is often not your teammate but your strongest opponent.

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