Chapter 56.1 – Lots Of People Have Watched This Game!

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On the way back, Lin Xiao checked out his mobile phone and found seven or eight missed calls.
Surprised, he clicked on the caller ID and felt a headache coming on.
Wasn’t this the original Lin Xiao’s childhood friend, the Scattered Clouds team’s player, Yan Lingjiang, who was looking for him so frantically?

Apparently, the live broadcast of today’s event caught the attention of this man as well.

Facing this old friend, Lin Xiao had complicated feelings.
After all, he had inexplicably occupied another man’s body, so there really was no way to give him a reasonable explanation.
Hiding everything seemed to have become the only option now.

Thinking of the time when Yan Lingjiang asked him to join the Scattered Clouds team, Lin Xiao looked up at the sky, feeling emotional.

However, he didn’t hesitate for too long and finally chose to call back.

“So you still know to call back!” The answer was almost instant, and Yan Lingjiang’s voice was so loud that Lin Xiao had to take the phone away from his ear.
After a while, confirming that there was no other sound, he responded, “The celebration banquet just ended now.”

“What are you celebrating, what banquet? As if you have already entered the playoffs.” Yan Lingjiang muttered, obviously a little upset, “I say, what the hell is wrong with you?! You actually went to the Black Rose team without a word? And suddenly it became the right choice, no less! Oh, and didn’t you use to play as a black mage before, is that ghost priest account specially assigned to you by the Black Rose Club?”

Those were a lot of questions… In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, Lin Xiao did not make any rebuttals, but with a solemn look, he uttered some nonsense: “That’s right, the team found that I was very talented in playing ghost priests, so they tailored a role for me.
Doesn’t it look awesome?”

“Awesome my ass!” Yan Lingjiang complained, “Stop fooling with me, that’s not the point at all, okay? The point now is, why did you suddenly go to the Black Rose team without saying a word?!”

Lin Xiao smiled indifferently and said: “Of course, there’s a reason why I didn’t tell you.
I knew that you would make such a fuss.”

Yan Lingjiang choked and said, after a long pause: “Damn it, what a show-off! Don’t let me catch you on the field, or I’ll hunt you down specifically and beat you up!”

“It seems that our opponent in the last round is not your team, is it?” Unconcerned, Lin Xiao laughed, “But it’s right for you to say that.
In fact, you also know that we’re definitely going to make the playoffs, right? Why else would you provoke me so impatiently?”

Yan Lingjiang paused for a long time and finally lashed out, “…Dream on!”

After getting rid of this nuisance, Lin Xiao felt somewhat cheerful.
After strolling for a while, letting the night wind dissipate the alcohol, he slowly headed to the dormitory.

When he went upstairs, he was surprised to see the half-closed door to You Jing’s room.
Could it be that the door was left open for him?

With this thought, he pushed the door casually, as familiar as entering his own room.

Right now, if he had looked back, he could have seen three figures standing stiffly in the corner.

Because Xu Yiming and Qin Lei clamored to go out for snacks after the banquet, Xu Yichen had no choice but to go with the two drunken boys.
It never occurred to them that returning a little later, they would run into this unexpected scene.

Xu Yiming subconsciously turned his head to look at Qin Lei’s jaw-dropped expression, and his voice trembled slightly: “You… did you see that? Where Lin Xiao just entered was not his room, but Captain You’s room, right? It was Captain You’s room, right? Huh?”

Speechless, Qin Lei could only nod silently, guessing in a weak voice: “Is it true that Captain You was going to give him individual tutoring?”

“Captain You is giving this newcomer individual tutoring alone!? Are you kidding, I’ve never had this kind of treatment!” Because Xu Yiming drank too much wine, he was much more irritable than usual at this moment.
So, hearing this, he was displeased and rolled up his sleeves, ready to knock on the door aggressively.

“Do you want us to be punished with additional training tomorrow?” It was unknown if it was due to a telepathic relationship, but Xu Yichen had already skillfully grabbed his twin’s collar before taking the second step.
While dragging him to their dormitory, although he didn’t show much on his face, he still gave a meaningful look as he passed by You Jing’s room.

Following behind, Qin Lei couldn’t help but go to the door to listen carefully, but hearing no movement inside, he returned to his room with a disappointed face.

Lin Xiao had no idea that he had been caught red-handed, and at this moment, he was carefully applying medicine for You Jing.

After removing the gauze, he took a look, but the injury didn’t seem to be aggravated by the reporter’s rude behavior today, and his tense heart finally relaxed.
When he finished dressing the wound, he heaved a sigh, looked up at You Jing, and joked: “By the way, you kicked that damn reporter pretty hard today.
Have you practiced anything before?”

You Jing glanced at him: “Taekwondo.
Black belt.”

This answer actually shocked Lin Xiao.
After all, this man looked so thin and slender that it was really hard to associate him with something like that.
Thinking back to all the actions he had done before, the fact that he was not disabled yet, was indeed due to You Jing’s compassionate heart.
He inwardly wiped the cold sweat in his heart.

His hand was still on the back of You Jing’s hand a moment ago, and coughing covertly, he drew it back, particularly aware.

The surroundings were quiet, and Lin Xiao waited for a long time before the other man spoke again.
Inevitably, the atmosphere became complicated.

In fact, he had already made enough preparations for today’s battle situation and for receiving the corresponding interrogation.
Previously, he even memorized the lines of the explanation he prepared.
However, even in the current situation, You Jing still acted as if today was a calm and ordinary day.

Such an attitude made people more insecure.

This strange feeling still persisted even when he went back to his room.

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