Chapter 55.2 – Happy Together.

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Lin Xiao kept picking up the vegetables from the plate quietly, but he actually listened to their every word and tried hard to hold back his laughter.
Looking at the harmonious atmosphere in the venue made him recall the fuzzy feeling of hanging out with his teammates back then, so, in a happy mood, he drank two more glasses.

However, after a few drinks, he started thinking about the arrangement for the next match.

After all, the Red Leaf team was different from the Seven Star team they encountered today.

If the Seven Stars were a second-tier team on the verge of relegation, the Red Leaf this season was a first-tier team with a 100% playoff promotion rate.

Thinking about this, even with his personality, which has never been afraid of any challenges, he still felt a headache coming.

He sighed, glanced back, and happened to meet a cold gaze.

His gesture of toasting the glass stopped, and he put it back on the table quietly.
Then, he subconsciously touched his face, full of doubts.

Well, it seems there was nothing on his face, huh?

Although he understood that the expression “deliciously handsome” must have its far-reach meaning, still, why did You Jing stare at him like there was still a subtle feeling…

Lin Xiao cleared his throat, smiling harmlessly: “Captain You, are you drinking juice? Oh, apple flavor, it looks good.”

You Jing: “…”

Because of his hand injury, You Jing did not participate in the drinking feast but chose apple juice.
However, such a conversation seemed like a pick-up line and was a little weird, so in the end, he averted his eyes.

However, Lin Xiao, like he was the one who was teased, cheerfully insisted: “By the way, Captain You, what do you think of my performance on the field today? I didn’t let you down, did I? Was it good?”

If he got any closer, this person would completely stick to his body, so You Jing had to turn around and push him away a little.
After a moment of silence, the response came, “… Not bad.”

“Hey, what’s with this attitude? Is that all you can say, ‘not bad?'” Lin Xiao frowned dissatisfied, propped his head on his right hand, and looked at him with a smirk, “Captain You, it’s boring to be so difficult.”

You Jing glanced at him: “Are you drunk?”

Lin Xiao: “No.”

Under his gaze, You Jing remained silent for a while, then said, “Very good.”

Lin Xiao understood that he was actually answering the previous question.
Although there was only a different wording, it could be called a qualitative leap.
His smile widened, and he suddenly leaned toward You Jing’s ear, saying in a cheerful tone: “That said, Captain You, I’ll come to your room tonight.”

At such a close distance, the vague scent of alcohol could be smelled on their bodies.

If one didn’t know he was coming to treat his hand injury, such behavior would sound ambiguous as hell at first glance.

You Jing raised his eyelashes imperceptibly.

If his reason hadn’t told him that this person didn’t have a hidden agenda as he initially thought, he would have hit him directly, like in the past.

Fortunately, Lin Xiao knew when to stop, so he raised his glass, tapped gently on the apple juice, and drank it all.

That night, everyone had a good time drinking.

Although Lin Xiao was a little tipsy, he didn’t really get drunk.
At the end, he intentionally stayed behind and grabbed Shen Changyu when no one was paying attention, saying, “After one more round, the preseason will be over, don’t forget about contacting Chen Anqi.”

Shen Changyu drank a lot tonight, but except for the slight blush on his face, nothing on his expression showed that he had just left a banquet.

Hearing the words of reminder, he replied solemnly: “That’s what I wanted to tell you, I already contacted Chen Anqi a few days ago.
But she said she would come to watch our next game against the Red Leaf team, and we will talk about the specific situation after that.”

“That is to say, if we lose, we don’t have to talk anymore.” Lin Xiao grasped the meaning of the words and couldn’t help laughing, “But then again, Vice Captain Shen, you still have the same big heart as always! After all, Red Leaf is Chen Anqi’s old team, built by her from scratch.
Are you sure this lady won’t outright reject our invitation because of how badly we will beat the girls when the day comes?”

Shen Changyu paused, and his expression stiffened: “I forgot about this…”

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