Chapter 53 – Comparable To A Top-Star’s Performance

The Seven Stars team didn’t know what about the movements of the Black Rose team.
During the march, the atmosphere in their chat room seemed a bit heavy due to the successive losses suffered.

Vice Captain Fang Ke was the first to break the silence: “Stop thinking about the previous game.
Captain Wei, hurry up and make a decision, how are we going to play this game?”

After thinking for a moment, Captain Wei Chengzhe said: “First, we must find an opportunity to break up the opponent’s lineup.
Lang Haojie and I will keep an eye on Seasonal Rain while you, Vice Captain Fang, try to make trouble for that Adorable Ghost guy.
While we are fighting, Tang Qian, you should walk around the periphery more and be careful not to get involved.
Find a chance and try to assassinate one of the twins after they expose their whereabouts.”

No one expressed any objection after receiving the orders.
After a while, Tang Qian cleared his throat and said: “Well… Captain Wei, why don’t we kill the priest first in this round?”

Wei Chengzhe was puzzled: “What priest to kill, don’t you know that their priest is…” At this moment, his words stopped abruptly, and there was a sudden realization in his tone: “Yeah, why not kill the priest first!?”

Attacking the healer was supposed to be the most basic strategy in the team competition.
However, because the Black Rose‘s priest was You Jing, many teams suffered great losses over and over again because they wasted too much time targeting him.
Over time, whenever they encountered the Black Rose team in the game, more teams had to make changes and adjust to deliberately bypassing the priest, which was extremely annoying.

But this round, it wasn’t You Jing’s Dazzling View in the priest role, but White Switch of the rookie player, Zou Qiguan!

Wei Chengzhe reacted promptly by adjusting his strategy in time: “In this round, let’s pay more attention to see if there is a chance to kill their priest first!”

While they were talking, the whole group reached the graveyard in the middle of the map.

The entire map of Horror Tomb was immersed in a thick night, and the background arrangement was an uninhabited wilderness.
The dense forest was shrouded in darkness, marked by faint shadows that gave a pervasive eerie feeling.

Normally, both teams should have reached this position by now, but there was no sign of the Black Rose team at this time.
Wei Chengzhe reminded them once more: “Spread around and watch out for ambushes.”

Heeding his words, the other teammates retreated a little in all directions.

Among them, Jiang Shiqi’s Space-Time Gap priest stayed behind to ensure he could grasp any changes around him and provide healing assistance for his teammates in time.

At the commentary table, Xiao Wu glanced at the positions of the Black Rose players and slightly furrowed her beautiful eyebrows: “Now, Cry for Blood and One Shot to the Head appeared in the forests at the top and bottom of the map, and Adorable Ghost isn’t far ahead of Team Seven Stars.
Looks like the opponent is almost surrounded.”

Mao Dou nodded: “That’s true, but Seasonal Rain and White Switch‘s position deviates too much from the line.
Judging by the current distance, if a fight breaks out now, they may not be able to join the battle in time.
Sure enough, sending two rookies out in such an important game, what is the Black Rose team thinking… Holy shit!”

He hadn’t finished speaking when he saw a sudden change on the map that made him blurt out some nasty words without realizing it.
Under Xiao Wu’s sideways gaze, he hastily covered his mouth.

The three people who were supposed to lie in ambush approached the center fast, and once they were in the attack range, they started a sudden bombardment of skills toward the Seven Stars team members, officially igniting the battle of this round.

Driven by this sudden offensive, the atmosphere in the arena immediately flared up.

As Lin Xiao maneuvered Adorable Ghost to march at full speed, he also paid attention to the formation layout of the opponents, then estimated the approximate position of the twins on the map and seized the proper opportunity.
With a sharp look in his eyes, he made the call: “Open fire, now!”

The twins had been waiting for his words and opened fire almost at the same time.

At once, the sky was full of flames, looking particularly blinding on the pitch-black map.

Under the hail of bullets, as a well-trained official team, the formation of the Seven Star team not only did not disperse but actually shrank to the center in an instant, completely condensing together.

Such a formation was meant to avoid the firing range of the guns and bombs.
Further bombing harassment would be impossible unless the twins left the forest area, which would expose their positions.

Even so, the situation of the Seven Stars team’s members was extremely difficult.

At this moment, they have thoroughly realized that the previous deployment and even the usual group combat practice were almost useless, seeing as there was no need to find a way to break up the opposing team.
From the beginning, they never intended to play by the rules.

In the silent chat room, Wei Chengzhe knew that the team members were waiting for him to make a decision, so he asked with a frown, “Does anyone have the approximate location of the opponents?”

“If they haven’t moved too much, they should be around (498, 260) and (-338, 189), but we can’t tell if they’ve changed places now.” Tang Qian replied with a serious tone, “But that’s only the twins’ location.
Shen Changyu and Adorable Ghost haven’t revealed their whereabouts yet, maybe they are lying in ambush somewhere.”

Wei Chengzhe paused, then said in a deep voice, “Stay where you are, and wait for their next attack!”

On the Black Rose side, Xu Yiming felt a little pressured when he saw that the Seven Star team hadn’t moved for a long time: “Hey, I was having fun playing, but why is the opponent so cowardly? How can we fight if they are shrinking like this?”

Lin Xiao laughed: “Then we need Vice-Captain Shen’s big move to open the way.”

At this time, Shen Changyu and Zou Qiguan had also entered the visible area.

Before Lin Xiao finished speaking, he had already started chanting the Fire Dragon technique.

A few seconds later, a huge flaming dragon appeared in the center of the map and rushed straight into the lineup of the Seven Stars team with a roar.

Such an initiative was tantamount to revealing his whereabouts.

The demon hunter, Disintegrator, immediately melted into the darkness, and the assassin, Humble Gentleman, also took advantage of his invisibility to start a detour.
The remaining fighter, Cube, made an instant decision and cast a huge wave of power, hitting the incoming fire dragon head-on.

The powerful impact brought up a monstrous flame, and almost at the same time, the impatient Cry for Blood rushed straight out of the forest area in the disturbance brought by the light.

The messy gunshots continued to ring out, and in an instant, the three people left in the center of the field lost some of their blood.

A golden light flashed from Lord Wei‘s body, and after he hit the giant dragon with a taunt, he held up his holy shield in front of his teammates, canceling out more than half of the attack.
Immediately, he threw his spear, stunned the giant dragon, and seeing that the priest‘s enchantment had greatly increased his defense parameters, he turned and rushed toward Cry for Blood.

At the same time, a Void Wave from Cube also hit Cry for Blood head-on.

While stunned in place, Xu Yiming saw the paladin fiercely rushing toward the center of the screen and frantically started typing on the keyboard.
Seeing that the opponent was about to trample his gunner, he immediately rolled back, continued with a leap, and slipped into the night filled with shadows behind him.

But after finally forcing the opponent to act, how could he just let him go? Lord Wei started the Ghost Walk almost at the same time and quickly caught up with him.

Initially, Cube followed closely behind him, but suddenly, another rapid burst of shots from behind passed directly in front of him, blocking his path.

After learning about the situation in the rear, Wei Chengzhe immediately made a decision: “Jiang Shiqi, you and Vice-Captain go after One Shot to the Head, and leave Cry for Blood to me!”

After this order, Cube did not continue the chase but went straight to the rear after One Shot to the Head.

His blood bar continued to decline during the chase, and One Shot to the Head returned to the woods on the lower side of the map, trying to escape into the deep forest.

Cube then pursued him relentlessly, and with a flying kick followed by a fighting technique, he knocked him to the ground.

During the struggle, due to the close-up shooting, the opponent’s damage reached the maximum value at the same time, and his blood bar also decreased at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

Meanwhile, the priest, White Switch, was caught in the combined siege of both the Disintegrator and the Humble Gentleman, while his own priest was following him, which made Cube‘s attack more fearless.

After several blood refills, the gap between the two sides became more and more clear.

Lin Xiao said, “Hold on and bring some more inside.”

Hearing this, Xu Yichen engaged the Leaping Step at his disposal and took a few steps back, causing Cube to punch in the air.
At the same time, he activated the Ghost Walk and quickly started the retreat to the right top side of the map.

“You’re actually running farther and farther away from your priest, you really want to die!” Fang Ke thought in his heart and followed without pause.
As they moved deeper inside, they heard Jiang Shiqi suddenly call out through the voice channel: “Holy shit, Adorable Ghost is waiting here in ambush!”

Although he saw One Shot to the Head with only a trace of blood left, he unwillingly had to leave to help his own healer.

However, at this time, the other party also was unwilling to quit.

One Shot to the Head, who was fleeing a moment ago, suddenly turned his gun and launched several projectiles, throwing the place into chaos and completely blocking his retreat.

In this short period of time, Jiang Shiqi was already shouting madly in the voice channel: “Ahhhhh! Help me now! Somebody, I’m dying! I’m going to die! Ah, I have to….”

Here, his voice was completely cut off, and with the sudden silence, the hearts of the Seven Stars members sank to the bottom.

Obviously, the sudden disappearance of the voice was not because Jiang Shiqi shut his mouth but because he was blocked on the voice channel after his death.

[System] Adorable Ghost killed Space-Time Gap.

[System] First Blood!

It was Team Black Rose‘s first blood again, and again, the first blood of Adorable Ghost!

The audience clearly saw Adorable Ghost‘s series of interception and killing operations.
No matter the route or the time of the attack, it was all a perfect performance.
After living up to expectations and taking the first blood, the audience completely erupted.

Was there anyone who thought that these were the actions of a novice? Even considering this round alone, I’m afraid even a top-star player wouldn’t have accomplished all that.

Adorable Ghost? Many people began to think back, but be it in the online games or the daily reports of the League, they didn’t remember ever being such a player.

The boiling arena did not disturb the players on the field.
After learning that Space-Time Gap was isolated and died in battle, Fang Ke did not pause to mourn the loss of his teammate.
Instead, he turned around and rushed out of the smoke bombs, appearing in front of One Shot to the Head.

Although the previous attack had caused him to lose a lot of blood, now that there was no other healer around and One Shot to the Head only had a sliver of blood left, he still hoped to take the opponent’s head first.

Such thoughts crossed his mind, but when his vision cleared, and he saw the blood bar above his opponent’s head, Cube‘s attack faltered due to his surprise.

A moment before, the opponent only had a small half-unit of blood left.
When has it been restored to more than three units?

In a daze, Fang Ke looked at the light blue outfit the other party had changed into and smiled helplessly.

According to Xu Yichen’s personality, he wasn’t the type to be interested in fashion.
The reason he behaved unusually right now was probably to hide the special equipment he wore.

To actually use blood-sucking equipment in the team competition, was completely unexpected…

[System] One Shot to the Head killed Cube.

[System] Second Blood!

[System] Seasonal Rain killed Humble Gentleman.

[System] Third Blood!

With two consecutive kill messages flashing across the map, the team match was decided.

In the end, without losing any of its members, the victory sign appeared on the screen in front of the Black Rose team.

“It’s a shame we didn’t even get one of them.” Such an ending would inevitably make people feel frustrated.
Fang Ke took off his earphones, stood up, and sighed helplessly, turning his gaze to Tang Qian, “How come you didn’t even succeed in assassinating the rookie priest? I thought at least we could get one kill.”

Tang Qian said helplessly: “I thought so too, but that priest runs faster than a rabbit.
You try to kill him if you have the ability…”

Fang Ke was confused.
How the hell does he run like a rabbit?

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