Chapter 52 – Life And Death Game Or Novice Boot Camp Routine?

The MVP player ID of the last game was displayed on the big screen – Priest, Dazzling View.

As the previous comment predicted, although You Jing seemed to be treading water from start to finish, he was actually the key player who decided the outcome.
Even if it was just an auxiliary skill that amplified the damage and a healing skill that restored Adorable Ghost‘s life at a critical moment, these two techniques which took mere seconds, were enough to establish the well-deserved MVP position.

However, aside from You Jing, much of the public’s attention began to focus on Lin Xiao.

Although it was only a small team match, it was already enough to get everyone’s attention.

Lin Xiao’s deliberate tactical positioning during the battle was evident to all.
Even though some members of the Seven Stars team were confused, the audience on the outside could clearly see that every step was completely planned by this man.

There was a reason why he released The Maverick directly after casting the Ghost Blood Curse and turned his target to the Disintegrator.
That was because the damage value had been calculated to ensure that when the last stage of bleeding was over, it was bound to take the opponent’s life.
Naturally, this involved enough confidence in You Jing that he would cast Descending Soul at that exact second, increasing the damage to help him complete the harvest.
Not only that but after entering Dazzling View‘s spellcasting range, he had no fear of standing against the demon hunter, the Disintegrator, also because of that kind of absolute trust.

Such perfect cooperation could be accepted if it involved Shen Changyu, who had been the Vice Captain for many years.
Even Liu Zeshen and the twins, the other important candidates, could not give the audience the means to envision such a meticulous connection.
However, the one who completed this performance was just a newcomer playing for the Black Rose team for the first time.

Could it be that, after holding back the entire preseason, the Black Rose team has finally unleashed a secret weapon for the final comeback? Everyone thought about the dropout incident from the previous game and couldn’t help but associate these things in their minds.
Although it was a bit late to wait until the penultimate game, at this point, they couldn’t think of any other more reasonable explanations.

With that in mind, everyone focused on the next crucial team match.

After the break, the team competition roster was displayed on the big screen as the players returned from the lounge.

First, there was the lineup of the Seven Stars team: Captain Wei Chengzhe’s paladin, Sir Wei, Vice Captain Fang Ke’s fighter, Cube, Lang Haojie’s demon hunter, Disintegrator, Tang Qian’s assassin, Humble Gentleman, and Jiang Shiqi’s priest, Space-Time Gap.

The fans of the Seven Stars team in the audience cheered warmly, but when the roster of the Black Rose team was displayed, the entire venue went eerily silent for a few seconds.

Black Rose team lineup was: Vice Captain Shen Changyu’s summoner, Seasonal Rain, Xu Yiming’s gunner, Cry for Blood, Xu Yichen’s gunner, One Shot to the Head, Lin Xiao’s ghost priest Adorable Ghost, and Zou Qiguan’s priest, White Switch.

After the lineup was displayed, the players stood up from their seats one after another, getting ready to play.

The image director promptly switched the focus to the Black Rose team’s player bench.

From the on-screen footage, You Jing could be seen chilling on the bench with his team uniform draped loosely over his body, clearly in a bystander position.

One by one, people came to their senses, rubbing their eyes and looking carefully again and again.
By the end, the whole arena was boiling.

In such a crucial team game, You Jing, the pillar of the Black Rose team, was unexpectedly not playing?!

Even more, in this lineup of five, two new players appeared for the first time in this round.

If Lin Xiao’s ability was seen by everyone now, who was this Zou Qiguan, who looked like a cute teddy bear with a head full of curly brown hair, standing behind the team? Could there be another powerful god-level healer besides You Jing’s Dazzling View? No one could believe such a thing.

Could the news of You Jing’s injury mentioned in today’s newspaper be true? Why else would the Black Rose have relied on the boot camp rookies in this life-and-death situation that determined whether they could be shortlisted for the playoffs? Or were they ready to skip the playoffs this season?

Following the clamor of the Seven Star fans, the Black Rose fans fell into complete silence.

Because it was his first time on the stage, Zou Qiguan followed his teammates, trembling all the way.
After shaking hands with the opponents, he dazedly entered the battle area, and until the adjustment was completed, he was still burdened by the chaotic beatings of his heart.

Shen Changyu noticed his nervousness, gently patted his shoulder, and said soothingly: “Just relax and proceed as we talked before.
Qin Lei was as nervous as you, so don’t think too much about it.”

Zou Qiguan grinned dryly, but he still felt that his face was stiff.

At this moment, a force suddenly pulled him over, and before he could stabilize himself, he was completely engulfed in someone’s arms.

His tender face was mercilessly rubbed by someone’s claws, finally causing him to wail, “Ah ah ah, ouch, ouch, ouch! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!”

However, Lin Xiao did not let go until he thoroughly rubbed his face red.
Looking down at the young man in his arms, teary-eyed and aggrieved, he smiled and said: “Well, how is it? Are you still nervous?”

Hearing this, Zou Qiguan swallowed the accusation that was on the tip of his tongue, and after a moment of silence, the expression in his eyes gradually brightened: “Oh! I’m not nervous anymore!”

Lin Xiao pushed him toward his seat: “Good, then play well!”

Although it was agreed in advance that Lin Xiao would be in charge, Xu Yiming was still a little uneasy.
After putting on his headphones and entering the chat room, he asked in a rare serious tone: “Say, Lin Xiao, you never told us before what kind of tactics you were going to use, but now that we’re at the critical point, you need to tell us about it, right?”

Lin Xiao seemed to have just remembered this, and after thinking for a while, he said: “Oh.
I don’t know which map will be used in the end, so there’s nothing to say.”

Xu Yiming was angry: “Don’t you even have an overall idea?”

Lin Xiao smiled: “Yes, I do.
As far as you are concerned, the key to the whole process is one sentence.”

Xu Yiming asked: “What sentence?”

Lin Xiao: “Fight at will.”

Is this a sentence? These are obviously just three words! Xu Yiming felt he was going to burst with anger: “Fight at will? Then, can I fight you?”

Lin Xiao corrected him seriously: “We are teammates, you can’t fight me.”

“…” Had it not been for the competition, Xu Yiming could not guarantee whether he would have launched a real-life PK on the spot.

Sure enough, as is the master, so is the disciple.
In the past, he only heard the senior players say that Old Ghost used to drive people to exasperation, but now he felt that Lin Xiao was even worse!

In the banning map session, both sides were extremely decisive, and in the end, Horror Tomb was left as the final battle map.

While rummaging through the equipment storage for the final setup selection, Lin Xiao reminded them: “Except for Switch, check for equipment with the attributes of the ‘Phantom’ series.
If you have them, use them all.”

Shen Changyu answered, “Okay.”

Xu Yiming initially wanted to object to using such strange equipment, but seeing his Vice Captain so obediently listen to this novice’s command, he opened his mouth but finally swallowed the question back.

After the preparation phase was over, when importing the map, Lin Xiao checked out the final equipment configuration of his teammates and, looking around, nodded in satisfaction and praised them: “As expected from the pros, it’s perfect! Awesome!”

The sarcasm of this man was still the same, no matter friend or foe.
Shen Changyu couldn’t listen to it any longer, and holding his forehead, he said, a little dumbstruck: “Lin…cough, Lin Xiao, how do we fight when we go in? Tell us something quickly.”

Lin Xiao smiled and said, “Didn’t I just say it? Fight at will.”

Xu Yiming couldn’t take it anymore and roared, “Speak human!”

Lin Xiao said: “Well, in addition to Vice Captain Shen and Switch leisurely going in the same direction, I will also mark three coordinate points, and you will know it when you’re in.
Really, young people nowadays, are too impatient.”

Xu Yiming’s blue veins swelled on his forehead, and he was about to explode, but Xu Yichen cut his words off first: “Understood.”

In this sensitive atmosphere, Zou Qiguan’s faint voice was heard: “I’m okay with it…”

In the arena, everyone was focused on the two types of setups displayed in the center of the big screen.
If the equipment style of the Seven Stars team was as cautious and stable as ever, it could be said that the raven-colored equipment of the Black Rose team dazzled everyone.

The Phantom series gear was black in style, and due to the wide variety and the easy way to drop many of the pieces, it was not unfamiliar to regular online players.
In addition to the uniform color system, this equipment set also had a common attribute, that is – additional attack/spell life-stealing value.

If this kind of gear could still be used for stalling tactics in individual competitions, then in the team competitions, because of the presence of healers coupled with the poor blood-sucking percentage, it was almost permanently blocked in the cooldown stage.

At this moment, however, four of the five players in the Black Rose team were wearing the Phantom-type black gear, without a care for fashion.
It actually looked like they were wearing Black Rose‘s team uniforms.

As for that priest White Switch? After seeing his equipment, commentator Mao Dou wanted to praise him as the only normal player on the field, but he suddenly choked on his words, his face flushed, and he almost cried out loud.

At this time, he was almost completely messed up.

—Fuck, what the hell is this? A healer wearing equipment that increases movement speed? Where is the healing capacity? What about chanting time reduction?! You still fucking care whether your teammates are dead or alive, or are you planning to run away indefinitely? How afraid of death are you?!

Because they really couldn’t decipher the mystery behind such a “unique” setup, the two in the commentary booth fell silent for a while after analyzing the Seven Stars team.

Meanwhile, the interface import finished, and the image of the two parties leaving the resurrection points and starting to march appeared on the big screen.

When they saw the Black Rose team’s actions, the commentators’ already numb expressions stiffened completely.

Compared to the Seven Star team, who marched together in an orderly manner, the Black Rose team seemed to engage in the novice boot camp routine of playing the team game for the first time.
Except for Seasonal Rain and White Switch marching unhurriedly together, the other three characters, Adorable GhostCry for Blood, and One Shot to the Head, were moving in three completely different directions at a fast pace.

In team competitions, whichever team breaks ranks first might be at a disadvantage, but it was the first time they had seen someone take the initiative to disperse the lineup so early in the game…

Mao Dou and Xiao Wu looked at each other: how could they explain to the audience?

The author has something to say: Lin Xiao: Ah, let’s play the game casually~! ^_^~

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