Chapter 51 – Perfect Timing

The audience was not disappointed.
Just when the Seven Stars team was surrounded on two flanks, Adorable Ghost suddenly stopped running.
As he stopped and turned around, the staff in his hand began to emit a faint light as he chanted.

Almost at the same time as he began to chant, Lin Xiao shouted on the voice channel, “Now!”

Liu Zeshen was already prepared and waiting for the command, so at this moment, he activated his ultimate move, Soul Trampling, and rushed forward.

The neighing of the horse alerted everyone in the Seven Stars team, but the paladin riding on the tall horse had already arrived in a dazzling golden light.

No one would have thought that one moment he was chasing the cute little boy with a knife, and the next, an imposing paladin suddenly emerged from the grove beside the road.
The feeling of being forced into an unwanted situation was really sour.

Since the Disintegrator was the most advanced in pursuit, he was also the furthest away from Choose a Tree.
Therefore, he immediately used his demon hunter skills to avoid the surprise attack and rolled aside in time, avoiding being trampled on.

However, the other two were not so lucky.

Space-Time Gap and The Maverick were both trampled under the hooves, looking like a pair of mandarin ducks fleeing in desperation.

In just a split second, Adorable Ghost completed the chanting for his ultimate move, Ten Thousand Ghosts Void.
The cage of darkness completely surrounded the two, cutting off almost all of their vision.

Mo Li suddenly shouted: “The chanting is over so soon? Impossible!”

Meanwhile, the entire process was shown on the venue’s big screen without a single omission, but most people in the audience were amateurs, so it didn’t feel like much.

However, the two commentators also noticed the surprisingly short chanting time and immediately opened the guide to look up the specific attribute values ​​of the Adorable Ghost.

After seeing the 75% cooldown reduction, Mao Dou subconsciously glanced at Xiao Wu, and seeing the same shock in the other party’s eyes, he lowered his voice and said: “The ghost and priest collocation turned out to be in the extreme cooling direction.
75% is probably the most extreme cooling reduction ever used by all the players in the league, isn’t it?”

Xiao Wu’s tone seemed a bit complicated: “I really didn’t expect to see a player with this outfit style on this stage.
I don’t know if any of the old fans still remember that there was such a player with extreme cooling in the history of the League, the former captain of the Black Rose team, Old Ghost, and the character he used happened to be a ghost priest.”

The name “Old Ghost” made the audience feel a little restless.

Mao Dou sighed and said: The same extreme cooling flow, the same ghost priest, does the appearance of such a player means that the Black Rose team intends to return to the fighting style of its heyday? Or maybe it’s just a tactic to disrupt the opponents?”

Xiao Wu went on to say: “But seeing the current situation, whatever the reason is, the Seven Stars team has indeed fallen into a passive situation.
It’s not hard to see that the Black Rose team’s offensive isn’t over yet.
As you can see, Adorable Ghost is on the move again.”

Mao Dou was surprised: “His position…”

The image on the screen showed that Adorable Ghost‘s location was already within the casting range.
But when Lin Xiao looked at the position of the Disintegrator, he did not rush to continue chanting other spells but unexpectedly took a few extra steps back.

At the same time, he didn’t forget to give further instructions in the voice channel: “Attack the priest.”

Choose a Tree to Live In almost made no pause in reversing the backswing while using the character’s step movement.
Just as Space-Time Gap was about to stand up, he raised his spear and hit him with a taunt skill.

Jiang Shiqi was now trapped in the boundless darkness, and before he had time to perform any operations, he could vaguely see himself through the dim screen, being hit by a tall silhouette with a thick magic book.

The figure of the priest was very slim, and this kind of action looked like in the flirting scenes in a TV series, when the heroine taps the other on the shoulder with a book and shyly says, “You are bad.”

Although he didn’t see the opponent’s appearance clearly, he could figure out from his feet that it was that big meat shield, Choose a Tree to Live In.

The smile on Jiang Shiqi’s face had completely faded, and now he had a look of hopelessness on his face as he said on the voice channel: “I’m being targeted by the paladin, so you be careful.”

Lang Haojie said: “Hold on, I’ll kill their ghost priest first.”

Meanwhile, the Disintegrator rapidly approached the position of Adorable Ghost, and after entering the range of attack, he shot a blood-poisoning arrow from his bow.

Direct hit.

While a small amount of blood was instantly removed, Adorable Ghost‘s blood bar will continue to decrease due to the permanent blood poisoning effect.

However, Adorable Ghost didn’t seem to notice it at all, the light of his magic staff kept shining, and spells were cast one after another toward The Maverick behind the black curtain.

From start to finish, the Disintegrator‘s attack on him was completely ignored, and even though the opponent was almost stepping out, he didn’t move a single step, seeming determined to hold onto Mo Li until he was killed.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the opponent was still chanting his abilities, Lang Haojie would almost have wondered if he had been disconnected during the battle.

Glancing at his teammate’s rapidly dropping blood gauge, as the APM1 value soared, the Disintegrator‘s offensive immediately intensified, and the only idea was to kill the ghost priest before the other party was done for.

At this moment, the effect of the Myriad Ghost Void had ended, and The Maverick who had retreated before was about to step out of the spell’s range, while the Disintegrator‘s timely Demon Trial sent Adorable Ghost back at the same time.

Immediately after Adorable Ghost put a Ghost Blood Curse on The Maverick, instead of continuing to pursue him, he turned his target to the Disintegrator and blocked his actions with a Frost Curse.

For the next six seconds, the Ghost Blood Curse would generate a blood loss every two seconds.
The first two parts had lower damage, while the last stage produced a higher bleeding effect.

Mo Li frowned and said in the chat room of Team Seven Stars, “I’ve been cursed with the Ghost Blood.”

Being pressed by Liu Zeshen, Jiang Shiqi was already annoyed and shouted impatiently, “Come here.”

Mo Li glanced at the blood value and said: “I’m already out of the casting spells’ range, as long as Haojie stops the ghost priest, it’s not a big problem.
His spell damage is pretty low, and I won’t die after three stages of bleeding.”

Jiang Shiqi said: “Better to be safe!”

Just then, Lin Xiao slowly announced in the chat room of the Black Rose team: “In four seconds, hit the priest with the Breakdown technique.”

As he spoke, he glanced at You Jing’s position, took the same stance as the Disintegrator, looking like a schoolboy in front of him, and confronted him face to face.

Due to the previous concentrated attack, Adorable Ghost‘s blood bar was still less than 40%, and facing the Disintegrator, whose blood tank was almost 100% full, this method of going head-to-head seemed a bit unwise.

Not expecting him to be so stubborn, Lang Haojie had no reason to refuse the confrontation.
After discovering the opponent’s tricky skills, he gave up the time-wasting moves, and although he had the feeling that something was wrong, he still faced him and started fighting.

Such a scene might seem a little funny, but the audience saw it much more clearly than the protagonists.
When Adorable Ghost made such an unexpected move, everyone could clearly see Dazzling View‘s location on the big screen.

I’m afraid that no one could imagine that You Jing, who was always the center of attention on the field, became the one who received the least attention in this small team match so far.
This situation was undoubtedly unprecedented.

The Maverick quickly approached Space-Time Gap, ready to have his blood volume restored, but when he just entered the casting distance, he saw Choose a Tree to Live In hitting the priest with the Breakdown technique and knocking him unconscious on the spot.

At the same time, a mysterious dark red halo flashed across The Maverick‘s body as he was still preparing to move on.
When the last bleeding effect of the Ghost Blood Curse was triggered, the screen in front of Mo Li suddenly went dark, and the first system message of the game popped up on the map.

[System] Adorable Ghost killed The Maverick.

[System] First Blood!

Blood, First blood? How was it possible? Obviously, the damage value of that bleeding effect was not enough! Mo Li did not react at all for a while, however, with his death, the voice channel also closed.
In silence, he accessed the death record and saw something that should not have existed before the damage caused by the last stage of the Ghost Blood Curse.

The most basic skill of the priest, that few people used, Descending Soul, increased all the damage the character receives within one second.

He leaned back involuntarily, completely slumping on the chair.

One second.
He never thought that it would be over in just one second.

In other words, no one thought until now that the ghost priest‘s Ghost Blood Curse could be used in combination with the priest‘s Descending Soul technique.

Mo Li’s death undoubtedly put heavy pressure on the other two team members.
Jiang Shiqi felt his heart sink as he heard a ‘shit‘ ringing in his ears, and with a bad feeling, he asked, “What happened?”

Lang Haojie, however, seemed to be suffering, and it took him a long time to come up with a sentence: “This … This game is lost.”

A few seconds later, the system displayed three messages in a row.

[System] Adorable Ghost killed the Disintegrator.

[System] Double Kill.

[System] Second Blood.

Jiang Shiqi was stunned when both offensive players were killed at the same time and completely gave up the fight.

After that, the Black Rose team won the team competition again, with a score of 5:0.

At the end of the game, you could clearly see what happened through the replays on the big screen.

It turned out that when The Maverick died, Adorable Ghost‘s blood bar was almost cleared as well, but at the last moment, a white healing light fell on him, instantly restoring his health and blood with more than half value.

At that time, the positions of Dazzling ViewThe Maverick, and Adorable Ghost were all included within the casting distance.
After he cast Descending Soul on the gunman, without even needing to move, he chanted healing skills on the spot, saving Adorable Ghost, who was on the verge of death.

You Jing’s timing for the treatment was as accurate as ever.
Too early would make the Disintegrator vigilant and adjust the distance.
Too late and would inevitably result in Adorable Ghost‘s death, and the situation would change again.
Add to that the one second for the Descending Soul to enhance the damage and help take The Maverick‘s first blood.

Either video was a classic example of perfect timing.

After getting off the stage, Liu Zesheng understood the true meaning of the successive changes on the field and tried to remember all the commands issued in the chat room at that time.
But he had no recollection of what Lin Xiao had told You Jing, so he asked doubtfully: “Have you guys discussed the tactics before?”

Lin Xiao took a bottle of water, unscrewed the cap, and laughed when he heard this, “Captain You is so skilled that there’s no need to discuss beforehand, even if it’s a temporary solution or something, it should be a perfect tacit understanding!”

Liu Zeshen was speechless.

You Jing took the water handed by Lin Xiao and took a sip, noncommittaly.


APM is an acronym that means actions per minute.
It’s most commonly used in real-time video games such as Starcraft and refers to how many actions a player can perform in a minute.
The best players have high APM rates.

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