Chapter 50 – Life Is Like A Play, It’s All About Acting

If the words ‘Adorable Ghost‘ only brought a little surprise, then at the name ‘Lin Xiao,’ the surprise in Yan Duzhou’s eyes turned into deep shock.

No matter whether now or in the past, if we searched the entire League, Yan Douzhou was the only one who knew Old Ghost long before becoming a professional player.
At that time, he was not called Old Ghost but had a rather silly name – Adorable Ghost.

Yan Duzhou was lost in thought at this moment.

When the images of the Black Rose team players appeared on the screen, his eyes swept over You Jing and Liu Zeshen and finally fell on the stranger who was shown last.

This new competitor with the name of Lin Xiao and the account of Adorable Ghost had a completely different face than the one in his memory.

Yan Duzhou’s eyes narrowed slightly, looking at the vaguely familiar smile on that face, and his train of thought derailed as he began to recall some events from the past.

If there was one person who could be considered on the same level as him in the gaming world, that person was undoubtedly Old Ghost Lin Xiao.

At the time, both could be said to be at the top of their field, and countless people compared them to each other.
Fans of both sides often got into scuffles at the events and even in Internet cafes where they watched live broadcasts.

Such situations were commonplace, not to mention that reporters who wanted to cause trouble would often deliberately instigate them during post-match interviews, trying to find the real intentions behind the words.
To this, Yan Duzhou often just replied calmly, “He is very good,” as for Lin Xiao, he said solemnly, “Old Yan is the e-sports player I admire the most, none other.”

Laid-back and easy-going were the most perceived traits of Lin Xiao in the gaming circle, and seriousness was the positive impression that Yan Douzhou left on all his fans.

As captains, they were also the pillars of the two teams, and everyone in the circle knew that although the two were the strongest opponents, they were also each other’s heroes.
What was not known, however, was that they did not know each other from the arena, but their relationship could be traced back to the ranked battles of the earlier era of online gaming.
They’ve been rivals ever since.
Even entering the professional circle at that time was due to the agreement made by the two to make the country’s e-sports flourish.
As for the fact that they weren’t on the same team and how they became rivals, that’s a story for later.

Yan Duzhou withdrew his distant thoughts and stared pensively at that unfamiliar novice.

In the arena, Lin Xiao, who was sitting in the battle area, sneezed several times in a row for no apparent reason and sniffled as he focused on the upcoming match.

Both sides entered the preparatory stage after completing equipment commissioning.

In past matches, You Jing, who held the first position, was responsible for the map ban decisions.
This time, however, instead of deciding on his own, he asked through the voice channel, “Which one to ban?”

Lin Xiao was still wondering who was talking about him behind his back.
It wasn’t until he felt a cold gaze that he realized he was the one asked, and replied without thinking: “Ban the Polar Ice Field first.”

The confirmation for that place was sent.

On the other side, the Seven Stars team banned the Horror Tomb.

Lin Xiao: “Ban Lost Desert City.”

The Seven Stars team banned the Lava Purgatory.

Lin Xiao looked at the only one left, the Wild Forest, and said in surprise, “That’s good, I’m familiar with this map!”

You Jing said: “Since you are familiar with it, you will be in charge of this game.”

Before Lin Xiao could express his surprise, Liu Zeshen had already asked, “Captain You, is this okay for such an important match?”

You Jing said, “It’s okay.”

Lin Xiao originally wanted to pretend to be polite, but he stopped being polite when he heard this: “Then please cooperate with me.
Follow me when we enter the map and don’t wander around.”

Liu Zeshen’s mouth twitched at his familiarity, but he replied, “Got it.”

After the map loaded, both teams spawned at their respective recovery points.

Under Lin Xiao’s lead, Choose a Tree To Live In and Dazzling View followed Adorable Ghost‘s pace and began to move.

In fact, although he made a fuss before, ever since the banning of the maps, Lin Xiao had guessed that between the two maps left, Lava Purgatory and Wild Forest, the Seven Stars team, known for their professional long-range players, would undoubtedly choose Wild Forest, which was more suitable for long range play.
It’s just that ghost priests were of course also long-ranged players, and Lin Xiao had a very strong preference for this map.

Because the Wild Forest was covered in layers of vegetation, it was very conducive to hiding and sneaking around.

On the big screen, the audience could see the strategic detours of both sides.
Because they were all too cautious, the angle of the detour route was extraordinarily large, and moreover, as in a tacit understanding, they did not choose the same direction.
In the end, it was no surprise that they missed each other completely.

Team Seven Stars marched to the top of the map, and when they realized they missed the encounter, they changed direction and began to head back.

As for the other side, Lin Xiao suddenly stopped when he saw that he was about to reach the end, then found a thick clump of trees nearby, and signaled to his teammates, saying: “Come on, hide in.”

When Choose a Tree and Dazzling View completely hid in the lush forest, Liu Zeshen found that Adorable Ghost was still standing there motionless, so he asked, “Why don’t you hide?”

Lin Xiao clicked his tongue and said, “It’s enough for you to go in.
Don’t come out no matter what happens later.”

Liu Zeshen was silent for a moment: “…You are not going to fight 1 vs 3, are you?”

Lin Xiao: “Hehe.
We’ll see.”

With that, Adorable Ghost took two steps forward, standing in the sunlight among the towering trees of the rainforest.
The cloak of Little Red Riding Hood swayed lightly in the breeze, and the crowd could not help admiring the excellent quality of the Zone animation team.

“Look at this rookie, he wants to use himself as bait …” At the commentary table, Xiao Wu was speechless after seeing such a series of actions.
“This action of hiding in the grass waiting for the enemy to fall into the ambush is probably familiar to the audience who played low-end multiplayer games.
To use this kind of routine in a professional tournament is a bit unlike You Jing’s command style.”

However, just as she was speaking, the situation on the big screen suddenly changed.
Standing in the center, Adorable Ghost began to chant and cast a series of spells.

The black shadows from his staff were thick, and the crimson beams struck the surrounding plants one by one, cutting them to the ground.
After a while, a big area that was initially hidden by vegetation was cleared by him effectively.

“What should I say? Well, I’d say this new player has good hand speed and doesn’t skimp on spell value.
It seems he is not at all afraid of a shortage in the later stages.
It looks somewhat imposing! I said…” Mao Dou’s comment came to an abrupt end at this moment.
When the figure on the screen appeared in the field of vision, his mouth twitched slightly: “I have to admit that Lin Xiao’s luck is indeed… very good.”

Lin Xiao couldn’t hear the comments from outside.
After clearing the surroundings, he saw several figures flashing by out of the corner of his eye, and he smiled slightly.

Adorable Ghost didn’t stay in the same spot to pose but nimbly turned back and hid in the jungle area he hadn’t cleared and was still dense.

This location was some distance from where Dazzling View and Choose a Tree were hiding.

Almost as soon as the Adorable Ghost retreated, a few distant gunshots rang out, and scattered bullets struck in all directions, causing a commotion in the initially silent rainforest.
Mo Shou Chengui, the powerful gunman of the Seven Stars team, was the one who took the initiative to launch the offensive and test the positions of the Black Rose team’s members.

Several stray bullets whizzed past Adorable Ghost but missed him as he didn’t move from his spot.
From his angle, he could see his opponents through the gaps in the leaves, carefully approaching step by step.
Although they were obviously trying to avoid exposure, it was really difficult to make a strategic approach without leaving traces through all that mess.

When the demon hunter, operated by Lang Haojie, shot a fluorescent arrow from his bow, Adorable Ghost, who had been concentrating on the ambush, suddenly started the Ghost Speed and, making an almost seamless leap, quickly retreated to the rear.
Before fleeing, he dropped a Void Spike behind him, as if he was afraid of being chased by the opponent.

Seeing that one opponent was flushed out, the Seven Star team, relying on its long-range advantage, kept a certain distance behind, while being on the lookout for the other two players.
However, Adorable Ghost‘s panicked look and hasty escape led them to believe that he had gotten separated from his teammates.

As the healer of the team, Jiang Shiqi observed very carefully from the rear, finally stopped holding back, and said decisively: “That kid is alone.
Let’s not miss this opportunity.
Go, get him!”

At this, the other two rushed forward, and after some bombing techniques that cut down one-third of Adorable Ghost‘s blood bar, they tried to block his retreat.

Seeing that the opponent was quickly retreating and about to get out of attack range, the gunman and the demon hunter simultaneously activated their Ghost Speed and chased after him.

Right now, outside the arena, such an extraordinarily heroic charge did not arouse any enthusiasm from the Seven Stars‘ fans at all.
Because on the big screen, they could see that in the bushes not far behind their team members, the spear of Choose a Tree to Live In began to glow faintly with golden light as he activated the Spirit of Chivalry.

Obviously, the Seven Stars team has completely fallen into the opponent’s ambush.

Looking at the Seven Stars team members flanked by the enemy, commentator Xiao Wu, who witnessed the whole process, expressed her heartfelt emotion: “The escape performance just now was really top-notch acting! This player Lin Xiao who has just walked on the path of the League competition, could, without exaggeration, be an Oscar winner…”

The author has something to say: Lin Xiao: Life is like a play, it’s all about acting! ^_^~

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