Chapter 47 – The New Selection Did Not Follow The Process.

Unsurprisingly, the news of the Black Rose team abandoning the game caused quite a stir after it spread throughout the gaming community.

While neither Team Black Rose nor Team Apocalypse revealed much information during their post-match interviews, that didn’t affect the media’s imagination at all.
Endless reports with differing opinions continued to pour in from all sides and it became one of the hottest topics in the League forums in recent days.

Among these various posts, the real reason for forfeiting the game became the most important speculation of all parties.
A large number of netizens gave free rein to their imagination, ranging from internal conflicts within the team to conspiracy theories about changes in the club’s hierarchy, and some even correctly guessed You Jing’s troublesome situation.

In the countless frenzied posts and re-posts on microblogs and forums, the attitude of gaming fans also varied.
There was regret, confusion, and disappointment, as well as some trolls wishing for the whole world to be in chaos.
As such, they took the opportunity to spread bad comments about the total decline of the Black Rose team, trying to create a negative image.

In such a chaotic situation, the public relations of the Black Soul Club racked their brains, trying every means to calm down the general turmoil.
That kept them extremely busy.

Seeing all these messy comments, Xiao Li was very angry.
He spent all day in the training hall, browsing the forums on his phone and even fighting with the others through messages, always with a sour look on his face: “Why do you think these people like causing trouble so much? Haven’t we already said that it is a tactical arrangement? Why do they keep going?”

Looks like this guy really believed the club’s PR rhetoric…

But considering how easily he even believed the made-up reason that he rushed to the hospital because a friend had a car accident that day, Lin Xiao shouldn’t be at all surprised.
Lifting his cup and sipping some water, he couldn’t help sweating a little for the PR department.
This time, the scandal was really big, and there may be further implications later, so it was not a matter that could be easily resolved overnight.

“Ahhh, We won! We’ve been promoted! Our team has advanced one level!” Hearing a sudden burst of cheers nearby, Lin Xiao looked over there and saw that Zou Qiguan’s five-member team just won a crucial battle on the ladder.
At this time, on the screen was popping up the promotion logo, shiny, dazzling wings unfolding in front of everyone, particularly eye-catching.

Looking at the face slightly flushed with joy, Lin Xiao couldn’t help but pinch it and said with a smile: “Not bad, you’re starting to look like a professional gamer.”

Satisfied, Zou Qiguan squinted his eyes happily and said: “I’m far from being a professional.
If it weren’t for your guidance, our team wouldn’t have progressed so quickly.”

“I say it would have.
No matter what advice I give, after all, you have your own talent.” Lin Xiao glanced at the health stats on the screen, and his eyes showed gratification as if he was looking at his own child.

In fact, in the beginning, after he discovered this boy’s strong psychological qualities, he just wanted to observe him as he gave it a try.
He didn’t expect the kid to have such rapid growth.

It must be said that the attribute of “shyness” was deeply rooted in Zou Qiguan’s character.
However, after adapting a new five-player strategy for him, the cautious style derived from this attribute played an unexpected role in the game.

But Lin Xiao wasn’t a full-time priest player after all, and he couldn’t give too much targeted guidance to Zou Qiguan, just some general directions.
Seeing the kid’s adaptability, he thought of finding an opportunity to arrange a master for him.
In this way, he will be able to perform even better in the future.

Lin Xiao touched his chin thinking about it, when suddenly a man entered the room, looked around, and asked: “Who is Lin Xiao? Manager Li asked you to go find him in the main office.” After these words, he could feel the eyes of those around falling on him, surprised and puzzled.

Manager Li from the main office could only be Li Bochuan, the head coach of the Black Rose team.

For some unknown reason, a rookie from the training camp was suddenly summoned by the big boss.
Lin Xiao was particularly aware of people’s thoughts.
Although others could not guess, he knew that his summoning must mean that the matter of his joining the team had been settled.
Therefore, he calmly patted Xiao Li on the shoulder and walked out amid everyone’s attention.

When he entered the office, Lin Xiao found that Li Bochuan was not the only one inside.

You Jing was sitting on the sofa, and at a glance, he could see the bandage wrapped around his hand.
Still, that funny wrapping didn’t affect his elegance as he sat there quietly.

When he heard the door open, he didn’t look up, but sipped his tea, turning his eyes to the beautiful scenery outside the house and showing only half of his handsome face.

Seeing Lin Xiao walking in, Shen Changyu’s expression was a bit complicated, as if he was hesitant to say something.

However, it was inconvenient for him to say anything in front of so many people, so he could only show a vaguely resentful feeling in his eyes.
He was, obviously, still brooding over the so-called “Old Ghost‘s apprentice” bullshit.

Lin Xiao smirked and averted his eyes, quietly rejecting his silent accusation.

Li Bochuan was very straightforward: “Lin Xiao, right? The two captains have already told me about you.
Given the team’s current situation, we have decided to make an exception and promote you directly as a main player.
Here is the registration form and the contract.
If you have any questions, you can ask directly.”

Lin Xiao picked up the contract, skimmed it casually, then closed it so fast that anyone could see he hadn’t read the content at all.

However, he just smiled and said, “I have no questions.”

Li Bochuan frowned and was about to speak, but he heard Lin Xiao say again: “I’m not the only exception, am I? Didn’t Vice Captain Shen mention there are two others?”

Li Bochuan turned to look at Shen Changyu and asked, “What, there are others?”

Slightly taken aback by the question, Shen Changyu glanced at Lin Xiao.

Lin Xiao slightly raised an eyebrow and reminded him: “Vice Captain Shen, didn’t you say the other day that you needed someone for the individual competition and a priest replacement?”

Shen Changyu finally understood, coughed lightly, and said to Li Bochuan: “Indeed, the Wanderer King, Laughing Sky has joined our camp this year as well.
Given the current situation, it would be best if they were promoted together.
As for the priest…”

Lin Xiao said: “Vice Captain Shen believes that Zou Qiguan from the boot camp has made rapid progress and should be promoted as a priest replacement player.
After all, given Captain You’s situation, it is not convenient for him to participate in both individual and team competitions at the same time.
As the saying goes, it’s better to be prepared!”

At these words, he felt a cold gaze upon him and shrank his neck with a shudder.
Clearing his throat, he immediately put on a nonchalant expression and shut his mouth.

Li Bochuan pondered for a moment and finally handed over the final decision to You Jing: “Captain, what do you think?”

Lin Xiao also turned to look at You Jing, and all his hopes were openly written on his face.

You Jing glanced at him, put the cup on the table unhurriedly, and said: “Since it’s Vice Captain Shen’s idea, let’s do it.”

Li Bochuan nodded: “Then, go and invite the other two over.”

First, it was Lin Xiao, then one after the other, Xiao Li and Zou Qiguan were summoned, leaving everyone in the camp confused.

However, not to mention the outsiders, when the two entered the office and learned why they were summoned, they froze in shock.
After that, what Li Bochuan said to them did not enter their ears at all.
Staring at the contract on the table, their minds were filled with the words ‘main selection,’ and any other information was blocked.

From the time the three came out holding the contracts until they had arrived at the base camp, they still hadn’t recovered.

For the nth time, Zou Qiguan stretched out his already reddened face to Lin Xiao and urged: “Brother Lin, can you pinch me again? Have I really been chosen? Am I really not dreaming?”

Annoyed, Lin Xiao pushed his face back and said, “Really, you aren’t dreaming.”

Xiao Li sighed excitedly, “Didn’t everyone say that it’s very difficult to be selected for the main team? Lin Xiao, what method did you use to have us all sign the contract at the same time?”

Lin Xiao looked at him speechlessly, “It’s the club’s decision about how to use the new people.
What could I do? I say, can you guys stop thinking so much, hurry back to pack your things and move from the dormitory.
We don’t have much time left, we need to start training as soon as possible and actively prepare for the games.”

By the time they returned, the training in the camp had already ended, and the news that the three people were excepted from the whole process and were directly promoted spread like wildfire all over the training camp.

When they went to the dormitory to pack their bags, there were a lot of whispers and people looking at them from far and near with envious and suspicious eyes.
There was even open contempt in the looks some people threw at Lin Xiao.

Lin Xiao was a little confused about this attitude, but he didn’t pay too much attention to it until he vaguely heard something as he walked out, which almost caused him to fall to the ground.

The muffled voice said, “See, this is Lin Xiao.
I heard someone saw him sneaking out of Captain You’s room in the middle of the night.”

The other person had a sudden realization and was even a little excited for no apparent reason, as if he had finally solved the case: “Oh! No wonder all the people who were selected were recruited from Area C!”

Hey, be reasonable, how can such a righteous person like me be sneaky? How rude!

Lin Xiao dragged his luggage to the front door with an annoyed expression.

A staff member ran from afar and handed them the completed transfer forms.
When he gave it to Lin Xiao, he suddenly paused, sized him up and down, and then said: “Your dorm is next to Captain You’s, room 303 in building A.
Don’t move to the 2nd floor with them.”

Xiao Li was surprised, “Not bad, Lin Xiao, you’re getting special treatment!”

Zou Qiguan also looked with twinkling eyes: “Brother Lin, you are really amazing, Captain You seems to think so highly of you!”

“…” What special treatment, what respect? It’s obviously just to keep an eye on him at all times and prevent him from talking around, right? Sensing more and more gazes upon him from all sides, Lin Xiao froze on the spot for a little while, then he smiled stiffly: “Captain You is really… so kind to me! Haha, ha…”

The author has something to say: Let me explain here.
In this novel’s setting, players are not allowed to transfer during the competition.

However, after a club signs with the player, the lineup of each match can be adjusted before it is reported, and it cannot be changed after it is reported.

So, in the next game, our cute Xiaoxiao will be playing~! (^.^)y-~~

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