Chapter 43 – Team Black Rose vs Team Apocalypse

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After shaking hands and greeting each other, both players took their seats, and the game officially began.

In the first round of the individual competition, Qin Lei’s heavy gunner Fire Barrier from the Black Rose team faced Chen Rifa’s gunsmith One Shot A Day of the Apocalypse team.

Shen Changyu noticed the tension on Qin Lei’s face, smiled, and patted him on the shoulder, comforting him: “Just relax and play like you normally do.”

Qin Lei did not speak, just nodded quietly and clenched his fists.
Although he also knew that his chances of winning were not that high, he still cheered himself in his heart.

Regarding the current situation of the Black Rose team, every point was extremely important.
So when they saw this inexperienced rookie opening the game, the crowd in the arena froze for a moment – this arrangement meant giving up a point since the beginning of the game?

Although the battle area was completely soundproofed, Qin Lei could feel the changes in the atmosphere even from the stage.
However, his face remained unchanged.
As the import data reached the end, the two sides refreshed at their respective resurrection points, and Fire Barrier had already begun to move proactively.

The map for this round was Ancient Oasis in the Desert.
He had made detailed preparations before the battle and had some confidence in his heart.
After finding the coordinates, he began to meticulously arrange the line of fire according to the battle preparation strategy.

The key to the outcome of the whole game depended entirely on whether the Fire Barrier could build his line of fire accordingly.

The audience held their breath, watching the distance change between the two opponents through the global view on the big screen.

It’s getting close.
It’s closer.

Just as the fire line was about to be completely set up, One Shot A Day finally found Fire Barrier under the tower in the southwest corner.

When the two guns were brought out, there was a blinding burst of gunfire almost without pause, and the final arrangement of the Fire Barrier was completely disrupted.

The whole audience suddenly erupted with a “wow” exclamation.

Fire Barrier fled in a bit of panic under the complete suppression of One Shot A Day‘s shooting fire.
With the help of the surrounding gun turrets, he made a few covert counterattacks.
He also rolled several times in succession, trying to escape the opponent’s field of vision, only to see One Shot A Day avoiding all his attacks with agility.

Seizing the opportunity, the shotguns in One Shot A Day‘s hands fired non-stop, and a laser beam wrapped around Fire Barrier‘s legs, significantly reducing his movement speed.
In the blink of an eye, the firepower concentrated on his body suddenly became more intense, and his entire figure was almost obliterated in the firelight.

Seeing his blood bar drop at a rate visible to the naked eye, Fire Barrier deliberately moved away to avoid the attack.
However, the opponent’s violent offensive left him with no way out.
Adding One Shot A Day‘s accurate predictions, he was firmly controlled by the opponent and placed in an extremely passive situation.

At such a disadvantage, Qin Lei was inevitably anxious, but the more anxious he was, the more error-prone he was.
Even after repeated struggles, he could not extricate himself from the opponent’s complex offensive until his blood bar emptied completely.

“He is still too young, he can’t hold his ground.” Offstage, Lin Xiao glanced at Qin Lei, who was too impatient, and silently shook his head.
The outcome of this round was as expected, and the victory was already decided.

After that, Qin Lei’s second death looked like a replica of the first.

After the resurrection, Fire Barrier was again actively engaged in finding opportunities for the fire line placement.
However, One Shot A Day seemed to have figured out the routine from the previous firing line location and easily found his position again.
Due to the dual advantages of the profession and hand speed, the battle was easily solved.

With a decisive score of 2:0, Chen Rifa claimed victory, and the Apocalypse team took the first point.

Qin Lei came out of the game looking very depressed.
He was aware of the importance of each point for the team in the current situation, and after returning to the players’ bench, he bowed deeply to his teammates: “I’m very sorry.”

“Sorry? What are you sorry for, you’ve played very well for a rookie!” Xu Yiming hurriedly helped him up, took off his coat, threw it on a nearby chair, and patted him on the head with a smile.
“Don’t worry, let the seniors avenge you and watch me closely!”

At this time, the second round on the battle list was displayed on the big screen.
From the Apocalypse team, Qiu Zhiyuan played with the character tomahawk fighter The Beauty is Back.

When he saw his opponent’s name, Xu Yiming raised his eyebrows, somewhat taken aback, and as he walked towards the stage, he rubbed his hands together, eager to try.
“Ah, ah, my opponent is a beautiful woman! I really don’t think I can bear it!”

Xu Yichen glanced at him as he passed by and said, “If you lose, don’t even think about having dinner tonight.”

Xu Yiming grimaced, and he called out: “What are you talking about!? If I said I can win, I will.
You wait and see.
I’m in great shape today and I’ll show no mercy!”

He shouted loudly, and when he looked up, he happened to see Qiu Zhiyuan’s sharp gaze sweeping toward him, and he immediately covered his mouth.

In fact, there have been many female competitors in the Zone, and some have even reached the highest level of their respective professions.
But there were only a few like Qiu Zhiyuan, who would choose an unsightly tomahawk fighter as their char.

Qiu Zhiyuan’s natural shoulder-length curls and perfect curvaceous figure made the Apocalypse‘s plain, almost old-fashioned uniform look sexy, with a special charm.
Such bright red lips paired with an angelic face were not at all inferior to the beautiful young actresses in today’s film and television industry.
As soon as she appeared on the stage, all the nerds shouted like mad and wanted to rush on the stage.

When she first joined the league, no one understood why such a pretty woman chose such a rough and brutal role as the tomahawk fighter.
Some even speculated that she was just a ‘vase’ relying on underhanded rules.
But all these gossips have been completely silenced by her impeccable performance.

As a high-profile female player, Qiu Zhiyuan was widely recognized for her appearance and strength.

After the two sides entered the preparation phase, they adjusted their equipment, and the competition on the stage officially started.

Many people were eagerly waiting for the beautiful competitor’s performance, but unexpectedly, from the very beginning, when the two sides faced each other, Cry for Blood completely opened up the kite’s tactics based on his flexible and complicated movements.
The turning point of the entire game was whether The Beauty is Back could find a chance to get close to Cry for Blood, but judging by the current situation, it was almost impossible.

Under the gunfire, the scene looked bloody and violent, but Xu Yiming was nothing like Liu Zeshen, a man with protective feelings toward the fair sex.
Once he got high in the fight, he completely ignored everything.
He immediately moved to more unconventional positions, and his wandering on the battlefield seemed even more elusive.

Although The Beauty is Back finally found a chance to get close to him, she had consumed too much health and blood before, and on the other hand, Cry for Blood only lost a third of his health and a little blood.

However, Xu Yiming was completely unleashed at this moment, and he didn’t even stop to look at the body of The Beauty is Back, who had been knocked to the ground just now.
He went directly to the opposite point of the resurrection.

Everyone was silent: Do you have to be so ruthless…

In the players’ box, Xu Yichen smiled slightly, glanced at Qin Lei beside him, and said, “It seems that little Ming is in good shape today.”

Although Xu Yiming’s usual fighting style was wild, he had never seen him run so rampantly on the battlefield as he did now.
Qin Lei looked at the one-sided situation on the field in bewilderment and pursed his lips.
Thinking about what he declared before he went on stage, he didn’t know what to say.
He could only say that he really was trying to avenge him…

You Jing looked at Cry for Blood galloping across the field, and a faint light flickered in his deep eyes.

The second round of the individual competition ended with Xu Yiming’s complete victory, and the overall score was 1:1.

The final game was held between the vice captains of the two teams.
For the Black Rose team, it was Shen Changyu’s summoner, Seasonal Rain, fighting against Song Lan’s shadow swordsman, Rising Shadow Sword of the Apocalypse team.

The captain and vice-captain of Team Apocalypse have always been known as the two most different players in the league.
Back then, everyone thought that a meticulous captain like Yan Duzhou would choose his right-hand man to be equally cautious and steady, but who would have thought that Song Lan, a rookie who had just entered the league, would be promoted to the vice-captain position a year ago? This fact reminded people of Shen Changyu, similarly promoted by Old Ghost back then.
And now, the two vice-captains with such similar backgrounds have met on the field, which was bound to attract special attention.

As one of the fastest players in the league, Song Lan brought the shadow swordsman‘s wind-like agility into full play, and with his tricky and eccentric style of play, he put a lot of pressure on Shen Changyu from the very beginning of the game.

In response to these characteristics of his opponent, during the battle, Shen Changyu used the summoner‘s professional advantage to operate Seasonal Rain to harass Rising Shadow Sword from the sides.
Relying on his precise computer-like terrain control, he forced the one-on-one competition that was initially a fast-paced fight into a protracted battle that Song Lan was not good at.

At 23 minutes and 35 seconds, with Rising Shadow Sword‘s last powerful blast, Seasonal Rain scored the third kill with only 28 HP remaining.
It was a narrow win with a difference of one kill, 2:1.

The players shook hands after leaving the stage.

“I say, don’t you feel tired after dragging the battle for so long?” Song Lan stared at Shen Changyu for a long time with a reluctant expression but finally waved generously.
“Forget it, looking at your team’s points crisis, this point doesn’t mean much, I can ignore it.”

Shen Changyu smiled: “Since you are so considerate, why don’t you talk to your teammates and give us the next 7 points?”

Song Lan threw his hand away: “Oh, what a great idea you have!”

With the vice-captains stepping down the stage, the individual matches ended, and a 3v3 team match was next.
The two teams’ lineups have already been displayed on the big screen.
The names of Yan Duzhou and You Jing stood out in particular.

Watching the players on both sides rise from their seats, the crowd’s cheers almost lifted the roof of the stadium.

Many teams that faced Black Rose, purposely adjusted their strategies because of You Jing’s presence, and the same went for the Apocalypse team.
Just now, Yan Duzhou did not choose the individual competition but remained in the team competition.
Somehow, it was because of the concern about You Jing that their deployment was designated to counter his range.

The atmosphere at the venue was extremely charged, and it was obvious that a fierce competition would ensue.

Instead of looking at the big screen, Lin Xiao focused on the figure sitting at the front of the Black Rose team’s bench.
Watching him walk step by step to the battle zone, the playful look in his eyes gradually subsided, and his thoughts settled in the depths of his eyes.

After taking the stage, the contestants of the two sides shook hands and entered the fighting zone one after another.

Once they adjusted the gear, the team competition officially started.

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