Chapter 41.1 – Mentorship Match

“Hmm, they both chose the most familiar routines and put forward their genuine skills…” As the preparation phase was over, Lin Xiao looked at both display panels on the screen and sighed.
If Liu Zeshen really had a reason to win because he couldn’t lose face to the camp members, then Xiao Li’s persistence in his ‘handsomeness pageant’ was really admirable.

The map used this round was the Lost Desert City, which had no particular advantage for either of the two melee-type chars.
You could say that it will be a competition between two complete forces.

Compared to the Wild Forest, the map of the Lost Desert City was actually not that big.
In the center was a piece of yellow sand, surrounded by a circle of old and abandoned ruins of a city, and everywhere there was a gloomy and desolate atmosphere.

After loading the battle map, the two sides began to march almost at the same time.
From the global view, both of them could be seen moving toward the center of the map.

Originally, according to this pace, they would meet soon, but upon passing through the ancient city, they both turned around and reversed their route toward the top of the map.
Obviously, they both intended to avoid each other, who would expect that in this situation they were still about to collide head-on?

From the first perspective displayed in the corner of the big screen, no matter whose point of view it was, you could see the scenery changing as the two people moved at an impressive speed, and many people felt a little shocked.

Not to mention that it was necessary to ensure the speed of travel while balancing the character’s physical attributes, but while moving at such a fast pace, they also had to be aware of their surroundings which could change at any moment.
This was not something ordinary players could do.

Just as everyone was holding their breath, anticipating the collision of the two, they saw Choose a Tree making a sudden side flip at a tricky angle to enter the dilapidated house next to him.
At the same time, Laughing Sky was just entering the field of vision, and in a span of 0.1 seconds, he had successfully avoided being discovered.

No one could explain how Liu Zeshen made such an accurate judgment without seeing the opponent.
The crowd marveled and focused even harder, afraid to miss any of the subtle details of the master’s movements.

At this moment, there was no one in Laughing Sky‘s field of vision, no sign of Choose a Tree in the barrenness of the ancient city.

However, Choose a Tree, who was hidden in the house, saw all his movements clearly.

As Laughing Sky passed in front of the house step by step, the spear of Choose a Tree was suddenly flung, striking from behind.

This sneak attack could be said to be perfect, but Laughing Sky reacted sharply the moment he heard the sound of the air splitting.
He turned with a wave of his heavy sword and made a superb block, firmly stopping the spear behind him.

His reaction was so fast that someone couldn’t help but say “beautiful,” but then he remembered where he was and hurriedly covered his mouth and quieted down.

Xiao Li didn’t notice the audience’s reaction because of his concentration, but he smiled complacently.

— Didn’t you say he was inexperienced? What does it matter? Let’s show that hand speed!

Thinking of this, his hand suddenly erupted with violent action.

After this block, Laughing Sky immediately changed the defense to attack, and the light overflowed with the swing of his sword.
There was a flurry of skill combos against Choose a Tree, forcing him to go on the defensive.

Not bad.
Liu Zeshen was also taken by surprise for a moment, but soon he stabilized his rhythm again.
He silently praised in his heart and immediately activated the Holy Light Armor.
Due to the ricochet damage, the attack was stopped for a moment, and he immediately saw the opportunity to raise the spear and hit Laughing Sky with a heavy blow, which produced a short-term dizzying effect.

After seizing the opportunity, naturally, Choose a Tree would not easily let go, so he immediately followed with a series of skills in a row.
The blood bar that was dropping after Laughing Sky‘s pressing offensive just now was almost leveled again.

As soon as the stun effect ended, Laughing Sky made another counterattack.

The moment the heavy sword struck the spear, it instantly cast a three-stage thunderbolt streak, pushing Choose a Tree backward a few feet.
Then a broad vacuum wave shot out, slashing straight at the opponent.

Seeing that he was about to be hit again, Choose a Tree suddenly jumped and avoided the ripple effect.
When he landed, he performed several consecutive backflips directly towards the tile house, disappearing behind the tall dilapidated wall and out of sight of the Laughing Sky in the blink of an eye.

Laughing Sky made a quick decision and gave chase into the dilapidated house without delay.
However, by the time he entered the house, there was no sign of his opponent.

Xiao Li was slightly taken aback.
Where did this man go?

There was no one in Laughing Sky‘s field of vision, but the onlookers saw the process clearly.
At this moment, everyone couldn’t help but sweat for him.

After rolling into the house a moment ago, Choose a Tree didn’t stay there, and without delay, he had already exited from another side window.
Once out of the house, he did not leave but made a detour and returned to the main entrance of the tile house again, meaning he was now behind Laughing Sky.

When the roar of the great technique of Soul Trampling sounded, no matter how fast Laughing Sky was, there was nothing he could do in such a narrow space.

Choose a Tree charged straight at him with a roar, and on impact, he used a flying kick, overthrowing Laughing Sky straight into a corner and, at the same time, hitting him head-on with a taunting skill.
With the buff effect attribute of this great maneuver doubling the buff of the fighting power, the fierce combo attack firmly subdued Laughing Sky.

Trapped in the corner between two walls, there was not enough room for him to resist.
He was brutally plastered against the wall, and the blood splattered under the spear attack made a gruesome picture.

“The winner has been decided.” Lin Xiao knew that a comeback was impossible when he saw Choose a Tree skillfully controlling Laughing Sky in the corner.
Looking at Xiao Li’s black face on the stage, he smiled slightly.

This disastrous defeat may not be a bad thing.
At least, he should finally realize that the gap between professionals and amateurs is not in the speed of operation, but in the on-the-spot strategy.

When the word ‘Failure’ appeared on the screen, Xiao Li’s face didn’t look too good until Liu Zeshen politely approached him and shook his hand.
After hesitating for a moment, he shook hands with the other party, his expression still showing displeasure: “If you have the ability, you don’t have to play tricks.
If you win like this, you might not be better than me.”

Liu Zeshen was taken aback for a moment, then laughed nonchalantly: “You are welcome to play your tricks next time.”

Xiao Li felt stifled and his neck seemed to be twice as thick.

Amused by his reaction, Liu Zeshen looked at him from head to toe with a faint smile, still speaking with courtesy, “I look forward to being your teammate in the future.”

At these words, not only Xiao Li but also the other people present were stunned.

——Is this implying something?

Anyways, when Xiao Li left the stage, he received extraordinarily warm applause.

Returning to his seat under everyone’s gaze, he coughed twice in response and said: “Accidentally I got in his way, it was an accident, pure accident!”

Lin Xiao looked at him with an “I understand” expression, and smiled without saying a word.

Zou Qiguan, who was still immersed in the wonderful battle just now, comforted him with regret on his face: “Brother Xiao, you can actually fight so fiercely with senior Liu, it was very impressive! It’s normal to lose, don’t be discouraged, you can definitely get your revenge in the future!”

Is it normal to lose? Don’t be discouraged? Xiao Li’s mouth twitched when he heard these words, and it took him a while to utter a normal sentence: “Thank you, Switch!”

Lin Xiao was amused and was about to say something when he saw Liu Jinxuan step up to the podium again and start drawing lots for the second round of the mentorship matches.

Because time was running out, the number of Xu Yiming’s opponents in the lottery was reduced from three to one.

He himself didn’t have much to say about it, and smiling, he pulled a note from the pile of lists and read: “The one who will join me in the next battle is Lin Xiao.
Where are you, friend? Come up, come up!”

Amidst the sighs of the people who saw their hopes dashed, Lin Xiao choked up his words just as he wanted to tease Xiao Li.

——What were the odds of being drawn with only one spot left? Is this for real?

Xiao Li reacted first and clapped him on the shoulder excitedly, “Brother, good luck! You’ve been chosen!”

Lin Xiao glanced at him wordlessly.
What was there to be excited about, did he look like he really wanted to go up and play?

“I’m here.
I’m coming.” When Xu Yiming called out his name again after seeing no movement for a long time, Lin Xiao finally stood up and slowly walked onto the stage in front of everyone.
Among all the looks, there were two in particular that, falling on him, stood out clearly and abruptly due to different emotions.

Xu Yiming stared at him blankly until Lin Xiao approached, then he suddenly came to his senses and almost jumped up.
“Damn, why are you in our training camp!?”

Liu Zeshen also frowned, and his amiable expression froze instantly when he saw Lin Xiao: “You’re a new member this time?”

Such behavior managed to turn those envious eyes into gossip and curiosity in an instant.
Especially Zhang Jin and Feng Sheng, who had witnessed the previous conversation between Lin Xiao and You Jing, were even more circumspect in this scenario – who in the world is this person, who not only knows Captain You, but also even Xu Yiming and Liu Zeshen, two seniors?

Hearing the whispers rising from below, Lin Xiao felt a little helpless.
It was precisely because he anticipated that it would be a troublesome situation that he did not want to face these two people head-on in this situation…

Lightly rubbing his messy bangs, he flashed the two of them a friendly, harmless smile: “Since we’re going to be teammates, please let bygones be bygones and help each other out in the future.”

“Since when have we been teammates with you?” Xu Yiming has never seen such a brazen person who would take for granted something that hadn’t happened yet! At this moment, there was only one thought in his mind, what would happen if Captain You knew that this kid had sneaked into the training camp… The more he thought about it, the crazier he felt.
It was unimaginable!

Compared with the turbulence in Xu Yiming’s eyes, Lin Xiao was much calmer.
He patted him on the shoulder with a smile, pointed to the computer, and asked, “Then, are you still playing?” Xu Yiming felt stifled internally from his calm demeanor and gave him a stern look.
Turning around, he hurriedly sat in front of the computer, vowing to get revenge in his captain’s name: “We’ll fight! I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Oh, it’s a mentorship game.
Lin Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly, sat opposite him without other questions, and logged into his account.

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