Chapter 40 – This Stinky Rascal!

“Brother Lin, what level is Brother Xiao?” Due to his young age, Zou Qiguan did not care at all about his status as the so-called leader of the area.
He asked this while Xiao Li stepped up to the podium.

“His name… Laughing Sky.
Have you ever heard of it?” Lin Xiao made no secret of it.

“He’s the Wanderer King!” Zou Qiguan’s eyes lit up immediately.
“Then won’t it be exciting later?”

“Well, it should be.” Lin Xiao replied with a smile.

While the two were talking, the battle gear on the stage was being prepared.

Wei Si was the first to play, and he and Liu Zeshen sat in front of the computers on either side.
Since it was an internal battle, both sides used simulation servers that imported role data in synchronicity.
After the battle room was set up, the first mentoring match was about to begin.

Nearby, boot camp staff were adjusting equipment, and on the high wall in front of the podium, a screen slowly unfolded as the projector lights came on.
The global view of the battle map was projected onto the huge screen, just like a miniaturized game scene.

Many of the new members were amazed as they experienced this powerful competitive atmosphere for the first time.

For Lin Xiao, it was impossible to own this kind of equipment back then.
This was not only because of the undeveloped technology but also because the unfavorable environment at the time did not allow them to “waste” the few funds on it.
But now, this level of equipment was the most basic setup in major training camps.
As long as an investment can benefit the improvement of the players, the club will spare no effort to fulfill it.

Looking at everything in front of him, he smiled, “Today’s players are really blessed…”

Zou Qiguan nodded along with a dreamy face: “That’s right, if the official players could come to guide us every day, we would be even happier! Even more so if it’s Captain You!”

Lin Xiao: “…”

On the big screen, after completing the maps’ banning, the players quickly selected their equipment and decided on skill points, and then, in front of everyone’s eyes, everything entered the readout interface.

As a member of the training camp who was neither new nor old, Wei Si was in an awkward position.
He knew full well that if he continued like this, sooner or later, he would face elimination.
Then, all his previous efforts would have been in vain.
His talent was average, so he had to put in more effort than others in training, but because he had enough enthusiasm for e-sports, he was really happy to be picked this time.

Although he didn’t really think that he could win against an official player like Liu Zeshen, he was still looking forward to it.
At least there could be one or two brilliant moves to catch the coach’s attention and score some tiny good points for future training.

With such a simple expectation, Wei Si entered the battle map nervously.

The operator adjusted the screen interface to display on the sides the equipment configuration, skill route, and full numerical details.

After a glance, Lin Xiao had a simple judgment on Wei Si’s status: “The selection of equipment and skill routes are pretty decent…”

Facing Liu Zeshen’s rogue paladin, Wei Si’s demon hunter chose an agility-based main attack, speed equipment, and the Light Archer skill route based on increasing passive movement speed.
This style was defined as a flying kite battle method.

However, did Liu Zeshen face this kind of routine any less often?

Lin Xiao glanced briefly at the equipment and route selected by Choose a Tree to Nest In, then looked away with emotion, silently shaking his head.

Actually taking the output route meant that he was completely unwilling to give his opponent a chance to fly the kite! Although it was a mentoring match, there was no need to be so ruthless, right? If the boot camp members are left with psychological trauma, how will they cope in the future… Tsk.

“If you’re ready, let’s begin?” When entering the game, the words of Choose a Tree1 appeared in the map channel.

With that said, the paladin went into hiding under everyone’s gaze, and on the other side, the demon hunter sneaked into the jungle cautiously.

Although he had the advantage of a better tactic because of his superior understanding, in the map selection process, Liu Zeshen picked one with less water.
He deliberately left such a wild forest as a battle map to allow a long-ranged character to occupy a dominant position.
That said, the gap between the two sides was already very clear in terms of map usage.

In fact, Wei Si was nervous from the start of the match. According to the strategy he had worked out in his mind, he groped forward cautiously, carefully watching every inch of movement around him.
Because his mind was too tense, the palm holding the mouse was already sweating.

However, he still couldn’t find the opponent’s position.
Others, on the other hand, have already seen Choose a Tree from the global perspective on the big screen going around to get behind him, and their heartbeats sped up.

While Wei Si was still looking around, suddenly a muffled roar came through the headset.
Before he had time to react, he saw a rider-like figure charging straight toward him.
His hands were shaking, and unable to dodge, he was directly trampled by the opponent.

Choose a tree to live in launched the ultimate move of the paladin profession Soul Trampling.

With a boost of his own attributes, the dazzling golden light enveloped his whole body, and the spear in his hand was particularly bright, stabbing directly at the demon hunter.
For a long-range character, being stabbed by a paladin was fatal, and Liu Zeshen could be said to be ruthless.

The series of techniques employed connected almost perfectly, leaving Wei Si in a complete mess.
He could only watch helplessly as his character was stabbed again and again by his opponent, almost in a state of suspension where he had never fallen to the ground during the entire process.

It was the first time he felt such a direct suppression of his power that his mind went blank and he, not knowing how to fight back, could only frantically press the keyboard.
However, before the blood bar was emptied, any operations were already redundant, let alone expect any outstanding performance.

Until the end of the game, Wei Si was still sitting on the chair in a daze, unable to process the “Failure” sign that popped up on the screen.

“Good fight.”

A voice sounded from above him, and he raised his head in a daze, only to see Liu Zeshen’s extraordinarily elegant smile, but he was unable to say a word.

Did he play well? He didn’t seem to have any brilliant move just now, did he?

Seeing his look, Liu Zeshen guessed what he was thinking, patted him on the shoulder, and said with a smile: “Your outfits and skill settings are perfect, which shows that you do have a certain level of understanding of the professional mindset.
This is one of the qualities required of a professional player, but it’s not enough.”

Glancing at the computer screen that was still dim because he didn’t click to exit, he smiled faintly: “Go back today and watch the battle replay a few times and you’ll find there are still many places on this map that you need to understand.”

Wei Si was silent for a long time after his words, and when he looked up again, although his eyes were still reluctant, the discouragement in them had greatly diminished.
He stood up, bowed to Liu Zeshen, and said seriously: “Thank you for your advice!”

Liu Zeshen hurriedly helped him up, and not being used to such a thing, he felt embarrassed by the grand gesture, “You’re welcome, you’re welcome.”

The crowd gave a round of applause to Wei Si, who left the stage, and the next one, Chen Xiaoxiao, sat in front of the computer.

Seeing such a beautiful girl with big eyes on the opposite side, Liu Zeshen had a somewhat awkward expression, “It’s not good, I can’t do anything against a pretty girl.”

Everyone was speechless.

This self-proclaimed gentleman Liu Zeshen said this in an interview before, but when they met the Red Leaf team with only female players, coincidence or not, he really didn’t show up.
This became one of the three unsolved mysteries of that round.

When the game started, everyone’s attention was immediately drawn to it.

Pretty soon, many observant people noticed that in terms of equipment, Liu Zeshen had indeed held back a lot compared to the previous round.
He did not employ the same offensive equipment but replaced it with some of the defensive equipment often used by the paladin characters.

However, although Liu Zeshen was very upright in this round and did not play any tricks, the fight was not as one-sided as with Wei Si and even lasted twice as long.
But once the onlookers had the full picture, they could only say two words in their hearts – Holy shit!

Is this a war? Is this a game? Is this a mentoring game? It looked like a hooligan in paladin armor messing with a sexy-dressed gladiator in the wilderness.
The whole video was like a crime scene from start to finish!

Chen Xiaoxiao stood up from the computer with a mixture of emotions but politely nodded to Liu Zeshen, “Thank you for your guidance.”

Being next, Xiao Li could barely wait for the two games to end and stood up eagerly.

After watching Liu Zeshenin the previous battle, the look on his face said: ‘this stinky rascal!’

Although Liu Zeshen was puzzled by this inexplicable hostility, he smiled at him politely.
After they logged into the game, he was surprised to see his opponent’s ID, and his initially calm expression subsided, revealing a bit of interest.

At this time, other people also saw the name on the big screen, and the whispering in the crowd suddenly stopped.
In an instant, all eyes fell on Xiao Li, and a moment later, the chatter rang out again, filling the hall with even greater force.

It was at this time that many people realized that this new member was actually Laughing Sky.
They were surprised, excited, and filled with anticipation.

As the script unfolded on the big screen, the room went completely silent again, and everyone held their breath in anticipation of the next awesome duel.

Not caring about the audience’s reaction, Xiao Li glanced at Liu Zeshen, rubbed his hands to exercise his muscles, and sneered contemptuously.
At this moment, there was only one thought in his heart: Destroy him! Then show this video to his cousin, and let her know who’s more handsome!


I shortened his name for practical reasons ~^_^~

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