Chapter 39 – The Competition Team Is Here

After a short lunch break, they all returned to the training hall again.

Because he hadn’t woken up early for a long time, Lin Xiao inevitably felt a little drowsy after lunch.
As he yawned, he heard Xiao Li complain, “It’s been a long time.
Why hasn’t anyone come yet?”

When Zou Qiguan heard this, he smiled and reassured him, “Coach Liu has gone to the competition team and should be back soon.”

Xiao Li was surprised: “What is he doing over there?”

Speaking of this, Zou Qiguan’s eyes shone with excitement: “Coach Liu revealed to us this morning that he negotiated with the team and invited some official players to come in the afternoon and give teaching explanations to the training camp members.
In the end, some members will be selected for a one-on-one mentoring competition.”

Xiao Li cheered up: “Sounds like fun!”

‘Official players, who could it be?‘ Thinking of this, Lin Xiao lazily fluttered his eyelashes and frowned slightly.

Obviously, Zou Qiguan was looking forward to the afternoon activities.
Puffing his small face, he pulled Xiao Li to his side to chatter endlessly: “Say, who do you think will come this afternoon? Captain You, Vice Captain Shen, or Liu Zeshen, hmm? In fact, the Xu brothers are also very good… I don’t know if Qin Lei got used to staying there.
I haven’t seen him in a long time.
Will he also take this opportunity to return to the camp to see me?”

“I really hope Captain You can come.
Every time I see him in action, I feel that everything is absolutely accurate and perfect.
Although I guess I will never reach his level in my life, I’d really love to receive his guidance up close! I’m also looking forward to the 1v1 mentoring match, but unfortunately, I’m a priest, so I probably won’t be able to play even if I get picked…”

For such a meek and shy boy to become so exulted, one could see that he was looking forward to this event from the bottom of his heart.

Lin Xiao yawned listlessly again, slumping all over the table.

Maybe he would have been a bit more interested if it was about matchups with other teams.
At the very least, they could more or less understand the real situation of the enemy team, which would be useful for future confrontations.
But now it was just the Black Rose team’s guys.
He got tired of watching their videos a while ago and was already familiar with their general style, let alone listening to their lectures.

By this time, the other people apparently also started getting the news and the initial impatience caused by waiting was replaced by an expectant look on their faces.

As the forms were submitted, each person filled in their own information, and then they were all collected.
A large stack was gathered in the corner of the podium, said to be used to determine the number of seats selected.

Zou Qiguan glanced at the time and muttered, “It’s almost time, they should be here…”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the sound of footsteps coming from outside was heard, and the training hall, which was so noisy a moment ago, suddenly fell silent.

Lin Xiao looked up, as did the others, and saw three people enter the door.
Of the two in front, one was wearing gold-rimmed glasses, looking gentle and refined.
The faint smile at the corner of his mouth and the shirt that set off his slim figure showed the demeanor of an educated gentleman.
The other one had clean-cut and tidy hair and a fair and delicate face that girls liked very much.
The casual T-shirt looked very clean and neat.
Behind them was Liu Jinxuan, looking very serious.

So, the people sent by the Black Rose team were Liu Zeshen and one of the twins.

As one of the two delegates, as soon as he entered the door, the twin said with a sunny disposition: “Oh, hello, everyone.
I’m glad to meet you here!”

‘Oh, so it’s Xu Yiming.‘ Lin Xiao thought and bowed his head lower as the two stepped onto the podium.
After all, the impression he left previously on several team members was really ‘upsetting.’ Obviously, You Jing didn’t expose him until now because he thought it was better to avoid unnecessary trouble.
Coincidentally, he thought the same.

On the podium, Liu Jinxuan glanced down at the audience and said: “Today is the first time for new members to participate in group training, and we would like to welcome you here.
I think many of you should already know that my name is Liu Jinxuan, and I am the head coach of the training camp, so I won’t introduce myself any further.”

After a pause, he continued, “Today, we are honored to invite two official team players, Liu Zeshen and Xu Yiming, who will share some simple experiences with you.”

At this, many people in the audience began to stir.

“It’s really Liu Zeshen! Holy shit, I finally got to see him in person!”

“Xu Yiming looks much taller than on TV.”

“Captain You and Vice Captain Shen did not come ah, what a pity ……”

“Where is Xu Yichen? Didn’t the twins come together?”

Even Xiao Li couldn’t help but grumble: “When I was having dinner with my cousin, she kept praising Liu Zeshen for being handsome, so that’s what he looks like! He’s just a pretty boy who looks good on TV.
He doesn’t look all that handsome to me.
Tsk, the taste of girls nowadays is really ……”

“Cough cough cough… ” Lin Xiao spurted the water he was drinking and immediately tried to shrink under the table.
Not daring to draw too much attention, he tried hard to hold back his cough, his back heaving.

Xiao Li’s face immediately darkened: “What, even you think this pretty boy is more handsome than me?”

Lin Xiao waved desperately: “No, no, you are handsome, cough, you are the most handsome!”

On stage, after Liu Jinxuan finished his opening speech, Xu Yiming came forward.

Facing the expectant eyes all over the room, he straightened his clothes, smiled, and said solemnly: “Hello, everyone, I’m Xu Yiming, and I’m very happy to meet you all.
So I wanted to ask, has everyone eaten yet?”

With that last sentence, the audience that was ready to applaud instantly froze, as if the pause button had been pressed.
After being speechless for a while, a few sporadic voices answered one after the other: “We’ve eaten!”

Xu Yiming smiled with satisfaction at this reaction and calmly took out a thick stack of documents from the file bag he had brought into the room.
In a good mood, he said: “Well, now I’m going to share my experiences with you!”

Looking at the stack of documents as thick as a Chinese dictionary and listening to his meticulous and mechanical reading, everyone vaguely felt that they had returned to the days of reading aloud in elementary school.
Faces gradually turned livid, and finally, no one had the impulse to applaud anymore.

Honestly, this content sounded familiar.

Therefore, some people discreetly checked their phones and got exasperated.

Wasn’t this a hot topic on the forums a while back? It was that Guide for Dummies on “How to Become a Good Pro Gamer from a Noob!” So, obviously, Xu Yiming simply printed that thing out, and now pretended it was his own script!

Liu Zeshen looked a little bored during his teammate’s speech, so he casually dragged out a chair and sat down next to him, elegantly crossing his long legs and playing unfazed on his phone.

It was only when Liu Jinxuan approached him and said a few words that he slowly stood up again, grabbed Xu Yiming by the collar to pull him aside, took the stack of documents from him, and smiled slightly.
“Sorry, that’s all for Yiming’s commentary today.
Now, let me explain the essentials for analyzing a fight.”

Hearing what he said, there was a collective sigh of relief.

Compared with Xu Yiming’s eloquent nonsense, what Liu Zesheng said could almost be called practical information.
After all, for many inexperienced players, the on-the-spot response ability was weak due to inexperience and was often used by the opponent as a breakthrough point.
Although it was only the verbal description, after all, this was the experience of the pro players, which was really useful.
During the lecture, many people actually got out their pens and paper and started seriously taking notes.

Lin Xiao smiled in satisfaction as he saw Zou Qiguan’s lively expression writing beside him.
Then he looked back at Xiao Li, who was staring at the people on the podium with disdain and glanced away speechlessly.
Is this grudge just because his cousin thought Liu Zeshen was more handsome? So much hate?

When Liu Zesheng finished his speech, the first session was officially over, and then they went on to the next phase.
Since the meaning of filling out the forms was previously announced, all the members present were looking forward to the chance to play one-on-one.

Although people in the camp could be considered experts in regular online games and occasionally met professional players, those were usually busy with training and did not have much time to play, so it was not so easy to meet them.
Even if they sometimes signed up to play on the ladder, it was just to relax and they did not necessarily show their maximum level.
Therefore, the opportunity to play such a game was particularly rare.

After all, in a way, if you could defeat an official team player, it was, without a doubt, the most direct proof of your ability.

After casually flipping through the forms, Liu Zeshen drew out three candidates to fight: “Wei Si, Chen Xiaoxiao, Xiao Li.”

Seeing that he was not picked, Lin Xiao breathed a sigh of relief.

Unlike him, Xiao Li, who was chosen, raised his face excitedly and sneered, “Wait and see how I deal with him.”

Lin Xiao glanced at him silently, then at Liu Zeshen, and smiled meaningfully: “My condolences.”

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