Chapter 36 – This Newcomer Seems To Know Team Leader You

Lin Xiao, the real name of the Old Ghost who was the captain of the Black Rose team at its peak.

However, looking at the familiar face in front of him at this moment, You Jing’s almond-shaped eyes narrowed slightly, and his hand tightened on the documents he was holding.

Under such a gaze, Lin Xiao felt like a knife was slowly passing through his body, and the cold sensation made him shiver involuntarily.
But right now, the biggest danger was being kicked out directly, so he simply looked with a defeated expression at the man standing at the door.

This prolonged staring contest made the atmosphere even more charged, and of course, none of the others dared to break this silence.
They just glanced occasionally back and forth between the two, feeling puzzled.

Why does this newcomer seem to know Team Leader You?

After a long time, You Jing’s eyes flickered faintly, and he finally asked, “Why are you here?”

His voice was slower and hoarser than usual, and though there was no emotion on the surface, there was still a faint edginess and some hidden thoughts in it.

Well, it was inevitable anyway.
Lin Xiao rubbed his forehead helplessly and said, “I’m a new member of the training camp now, you should know.”

“I know you are a new trainee, what I’m asking is, why are you here?” You Jing’s eyes darkened a little as he asked again in a calm tone.

Now, if you know but still ask, there seems to be a logic problem.

The audience was also confused, and Lin Xiao replied with a slight smile, “Of course, I’m here to become a professional player.”

In the uproar caused by such conceited words, You Jing gave him an expressionless look, “What else?”

Recalling all the words and deeds of his previous ‘self’, Lin Xiao suddenly raised his eyebrows playfully and chuckled: “What do you think I should be here for?”

You Jing’s eyes flashed, and he turned to hand the information sheet to Liao Yuan: “Lin Xiao is eliminated.”

Liao Yuan was too stunned to respond, but Lin Xiao reacted immediately, rushing forward and grabbing the data file from his hand.
“Team Leader You, I was just joking! I really want to be a professional player, believe me!”

After speaking, he raised the three fingers together, like an oath.

You Jing lowered his gaze to size up his expression, and his lips barely moved: “Oh?”

“Leader You, you can’t be lacking a sense of humor like that.” Lin Xiao silently wiped the cold sweat and, noticing the surroundings, coughed lightly and lowered his voice, “That… I think we should, well … there are some misunderstandings.
How about we go somewhere else to talk?”

You Jing frowned slightly, and after a moment of hesitation, he nodded: “Come with me.”

Liao Yuan watched them walk out one after the other, feeling very confused.

Did Team Leader You come here in such a hurry to find someone, just to drive him out? And more importantly, since they obviously knew each other, did the aforementioned ‘elimination’ still stand?

In the empty corridor, the two silhouettes projected on the floor looked extraordinarily slender.

You Jing half leaned against the window, and his slightly narrowed eyes fell on Lin Xiao with an impenetrable gaze.

Lin Xiao. Adorable Ghost.

In fact, when he saw the name in the file, he even had an illusion that he shouldn’t have, but that image was shattered the moment he saw this person.

It was not the face he remembered but the fanatic who had been pestering him to no end and had tried every means to get close to him.

He frowned, and finally opened his mouth: “What else do you have to say now?”

Lin Xiao looked at his delicate and handsome features but still couldn’t see his true thoughts.
At last, he cleared his throat and said sincerely, “Leader You, I know that I did a lot of things that offended you before, but I have really changed my ways.
Look, now I’m recommended to enter the camp as well, so can you be magnanimous and give me another chance?”

You Jing’s expression was calm, “You say you’ve mended your ways?”

“That’s right, that’s right, I’ve mended my ways! I promise I will never bother you again in the future.
Right now, I just want to focus on e-sports, and I promise you I have no other thoughts.” Lin Xiao looked at him without blinking, trying to convey his sincerity through his tone and show his heart.

You Jing’s penetrating eyes glanced over every inch of his face bit by bit, and without warning, he smiled coldly.

At a loss, Lin Xiao saw You Jing walking toward him suddenly, getting closer and closer, which made him step back subconsciously until there was no way to retreat.
Being pushed back like that, his back and shoulders rested against the cold wall behind him.

You Jing leaned forward slightly, resting his right hand on the wall next to Lin Xiao’s ear and staring into his eyes up close.
His smile widened and his breath brushed Lin Xiao’s cheek as he calmly said, “Now, say that again.”

Lin Xiao’s body, involuntarily tensed at such a close distance, and his voice was a little jerky, but he looked at You Jing and said calmly: “Honestly, I have changed.
I really want to be a professional player, I am serious.”

Although this person only appeared in front of him a handful of times, his every action was so absurd and fanatical that it was enough for You Jing to be left with a deep impression.
However, right now, being submitted to such a gesture that was enough to drive him crazy in the past, he was just looking at him while talking, firmly, but without the excitement and madness in his memory, just stating a matter of course.

He really changed his ways? No, he seemed more like a different person.

After giving some thought, You Jing’s eyes flashed, and he straightened up slowly, his gaze fixed on Lin Xiao.
“I can give you a chance, Lin Xiao.” As he pronounced his name, his voice faltered imperceptibly for a moment, then he continued: “In one month, you must reach the top five.”

It can be said that this requirement was extremely harsh for most people, but You Jing considered that the man who should have been directly kicked out of the camp by him was given an extra chance for no reason, just because of his name.

Lin Xiao.

Even if it’s just a coincidence, the man who uses this name on the competitive scene must stand at the top.

As You Jing took a few steps back, Lin Xiao was inexplicably relieved the moment his back left the wall.
Hearing such a request, he almost smiled, “Don’t worry, Team Leader You, I will definitely not disappoint the organization’s expectations!”

You Jing glanced at him but didn’t answer.

After sending You Jing off, Lin Xiao returned to the training hall.
By this time, almost everyone inside had fled the scene.
From a distance, he only saw Xiao Li sitting on the chair with a bored face.
However, when he saw him, that expression brightened greatly.

“Hey, hey, you actually know Leader You?” When Xiao Li came to ask, although the few remaining people didn’t show much, their backs straightened imperceptibly, and their ears quietly pricked up.

Lin Xiao was half angry, half amused feeling this gossipy atmosphere, and after thinking for a while, he said, “Actually, I’m a die-hard fan of Leader You, and I’ve met him a few times during previous events, so of course, this left a deep impression.”

Xiao Li said, deeply moved: “Can a die-hard fan make Team Leader You remember his name? All right, brother!”

Lin Xiao thought for a moment and said, “Maybe because I asked for his autograph several times?”

Xiao Li patted him on the shoulder: “No matter what, you still got to know Leader You, it’s amazing.”

Seeing that he accepted this explanation and noticing that the curiosity of the people around him seemed to have disappeared, Lin Xiao secretly breathed a sigh of relief: “Enough talking, let’s go to the dormitory.”

Because it was still holiday, the dormitory area of ​​the training camp was much more lively than the training hall.

When a red Ferrari roared in, many people poked their heads out of the building curiously.
The simple act of dragging boxes and luggage inexplicably became a big movie watched by the crowd, and it wasn’t until they entered the dorm that they were out of everyone’s sight.

Their dormitory was located in the C area and had two connected rooms.
Lin Xiao didn’t have many things, and after bringing in his luggage, he unpacked in no time.
Just as he was about to go next room to check on Xiao Li’s situation, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

Among the few people standing outside the door, Lin Xiao only knew Zhang Jin and Feng Sheng.
The others, of varying heights, stood with their backs to the light, making it impossible for him to see their expressions clearly.

One of the tallest men spoke first: “Are you Lin Xiao?”

Lin Xiao glanced at Zhang Jin behind him, smiling faintly: “It’s me.”

Xiao Li also came out when he heard the commotion and was taken aback seeing so many people.
He frowned: “What are you doing, are you here to find fault again?”

But the man ignored him and pushed Zhang Jin and Feng Sheng forward, saying softly, “Apologise.”

The two who were pushed in front of Lin Xiao said with bitter expressions, “We made a mistake today, sorry.”

Although Lin Xiao didn’t fully understand what was happening, he calmly and forgivingly smiled at them, “Ah, it’s okay, it’s okay!”

Zhang Jin and Feng Sheng were originally reluctant, but hearing such an answer, their hearts almost welled up.

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