Chapter 34.2 – Yo, Get Off Your High Horses! Here We Are!

Feng Sheng sat down at a computer that was on, looked at Xiao Li, who was sitting in front of him, and as he logged in to the game, he said, “My ID is ‘Rising Sun‘, you can add me, and I will pull you in after I create a battle room.”

Xiao Li agreed and logged into his account.

Feng Sheng was initiating a room when he saw a friend request pop up.
At first, he opened it indifferently, but after seeing the opponent’s ID, the hand holding the mouse suddenly trembled as he shouted, “Brother Zhang!”

Zhang Jin, who was standing not far behind him, waiting to enjoy the show, was surprised by the sudden shout and leaned over to ask, “Why are you yelling, is there something wrong with the computer?”

Feng Sheng shakily pointed at the friend request box on the screen and stammered: “Look, look at this! Laugh… Laughing Sky added… added me as a friend!”

“What did you say, Laughing Sky?” Zhang Jin suddenly moved to take a closer look, and his expression improved greatly.
He tapped him on the shoulder excitedly and said: “Accept it! Are you in a daze, why don’t you tick quickly!”

Trembling, Feng Sheng hurriedly approved the friend request, but looking at the avatar at the top of the list, he didn’t know what message to send for a while—— Hi? Hello? How are you? Or, ‘Nice to meet you?’

While he was hesitating, Xiao Li poked his head out from behind the opposite computer and asked: “Is the room not ready yet? Why didn’t you add me?”

It was only then that Feng Sheng, remembering the issue at hand, hurriedly pulled himself together, looked through the information panel, and asked with a puzzled look, “How can I add you if you haven’t sent me a request?”

Laughing Sky glanced at the name on the friend list: “Didn’t you accept me just now? Rising Sun, isn’t that you?”

“It’s me, but the only one accepted as a friend just now is …” Feng Sheng suddenly stopped as he said this, and his face changed color: “Laughing Sky?”

Xiao Li looked at him like he was an idiot: “Who else? It’s the friend you just added, can’t you read, big boss?”

The phrase “big boss” made Feng Sheng straighten his back, and almost subconsciously, he sent a battle invitation to the other party while inexplicably, a feeling of hopelessness arose.

Hearing the name “Laughing Sky,” many bystanders who were ready to enjoy a good show suddenly became interested, and even some of the old members put down their mice and gathered around them, one by one, wanting to see for themselves what kind of strength had the best solitary expert of the leaderboard.
As for Feng Sheng, his status already changed from the initial “solo fighter” to purely a “guinea pig.”

“It really is Laughing Sky!” Lin Xiao heard someone exclaim after seeing the ID on the screen.
Casting a casual glance at the crowd focused on the exciting situation, he yawned in boredom, took a random seat, and started playing with his phone.

After Xiao Li opened the invitation, he clicked on ‘Agree‘ and accepted the match.

As they started the preparation phase, Feng Sheng suddenly said, “This round is not necessarily about battle strategy, how about an open front confrontation?”

Although Xiao Li did not realize that the opponent was only looking for a quick death, he felt that this would save him a lot of time, so he readily agreed.

Therefore, at the beginning of the battle, both characters marched toward each other head-on.
Pretty soon, they met in the center of the map face to face and, without saying a word, began to fight.
Dazzling skills filled the entire screen, and in less than five minutes, Rising Sun‘s life bar was completely emptied, resulting in the first kill.

Unlike the ladder matches, solo duels were usually won by one kill, so this much-anticipated duel seemed to have smoothly ended before it even started.

Facing the disgusted gazes directed at him, Feng Sheng cleared his throat in embarrassment and said in a loud voice, “As expected from the most powerful solitary expert of the moment, the fight was exciting, but it’s my fault for not rising at his level! I admit defeat! I really accept it!”

Everyone was speechless at his shamelessness.

Where was the duel just now exciting? The fight was completely one-sided, he was suppressed and beaten from the beginning to the end, okay? He took so much pleasure in bullying the rookies before, but now that he lost so badly, he still has the nerve to admit defeat!? Do you know how to spell “loser”? Bleah!

Of course, Feng Sheng could also feel this awkward atmosphere.
To save the situation, he immediately turned his attention to Lin Xiao and said with a smile, “So, are you next?”

Hearing this, Lin Xiao looked up from the phone screen and asked Xiao Li, “Ah…Boss Xiao, would you mind lending me your account?”

“No problem.” Xiao Li, who was closing the game, adjusted his clothes, stood up from his chair, and looked seriously at Lin Xiao, wanting to make sure, “Do you really want to use my character?”

“Yep.” Lin Xiao grinned and sat down on the seat that was just vacated.
Browsing through Laughing Sky‘s equipment storehouse, he expressed his satisfaction, “As expected from the account of the greatest lone expert, the equipment is complete.”

Several rows of black lines appeared on Xiao Li’s forehead: “Thank you for the compliment!”

Looking at the interaction between the two, Feng Sheng, who was in the opposite seat, asked Lin Xiao after sending the battle invitation, “Are you also a magic swordsman?”

Lin Xiao who had basically finished selecting the equipment to be used looked at him and replied, “No, I’m playing a ghost priest.”

Everyone present was shocked to hear this sentence.

— What are you playing at? A ghost priest player using someone else’s magic swordsman account, what are you trying to do?!

In this strange silence, Feng Sheng’s face looked particularly bad.

Although his skills were not as good as Zhang Jin’s, he could still be regarded as a talent among the old members of the training camp.
The attitude of this man is a bit underestimating.

He covertly glared at Lin Xiao and made a silent decision in his heart to show his true color to this ignorant guy.
After all, he couldn’t possibly compare to Laughing Sky, he convinced himself.
Could it be that even this little character who came out of nowhere can’t be punished?

Lin Xiao had no idea he had aroused so many thoughts in his opponent’s heart.
Right now, he was focused on the great feeling of holding the high-end keyboard and mouse, and his heart was filled with eager anticipation.

He had his own considerations for not using Adorable Ghost and choosing to borrow Laughing Sky‘s magic swordsman.

Because he lived in that shabby little house for a long time, although he usually did some basic hand speed training, due to the really broken “ancient” equipment set, he couldn’t judge his current situation at all.
But now that he had finally gotten his hands on a last-generation e-sports equipment, the magic swordsman‘s hand-to-hand combat attribute was undoubtedly more suitable for him to control the feeling of his hand speed soaring and for going all out, rather than his own ghost priest.

Entering the battle map, the opening was exactly the same as the previous round, that is, direct contact followed by frontal engagement.
In the end, after a series of spectacular skills, Rising Sun declared himself utterly defeated.

[System] First Blood!

Looking at the completely dim icon in front of him again, Feng Sheng froze in a daze, his thoughts still glued to his opponent’s seemingly seamless yet ever-changing movements and techniques.
Somehow, he couldn’t accept the cruel reality of wasting his blood in just a few minutes for no reason.

He also remembered the other guy saying he mainly played ghost priests…

“Oh, it really feels good changing the equipment, but it’s still not enough.” Lin Xiao shook the mouse in his hand and muttered in a low voice.
Glancing back at Xiao Li’s stunned look, he raised his eyebrows and said with a faint smile, “3 minutes and 40 seconds.
I won again.”

Xiao Li’s mouth twitched faintly, and finally, there was one clear and distinct word: “Fuck!”

The author has something to say: The little boss has a reputation far and wide, and the great Lin has always been regarded as a pushover.
It’s really not easy when you think about it.

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