Chapter 34.1 – Yo, Get Off Your High Horses! Here We Are!

Lin Xiao lived in City H for a long time back then, and when he revisited the old place, he was bound to have strong emotional feelings.

After reaching Xicheng District, they crossed several roads, and the traffic volume gradually decreased.
However, there were still several cars going in the same direction.
It seemed they were also going to the Black Soul Club to sign up.

After a while, the giant Black Soul Club logo and the team’s base, located in a very large square area, became visible in the distance.

Several cars in front stopped one after another at the gate, then went to the public parking lot nearby, under the command of the gate staff.
Xiao Li originally wanted to go forward to ask for directions, but before he had time to roll down the window, the guard raised the gate without saying a word, letting them pass without a hitch.

After thinking for a second, Xiao Li lifted his sunglasses with one finger and drove in without hesitation.

Lin Xiao sighed ruefully, seeing the unhindered way: “Boss Xiao, driving the ‘small trifle’ really gives you preferential treatment!”

Xiao Li raised his eyebrows, noncommittal.

Lin Xiao glanced at him: “You just drove in like that, do you know the way?”

Being reminded of this, Xiao Li reacted by slamming hard on the brakes and suggested, “Let’s go back and ask?”

Lin Xiao was taken by surprise by the sudden impact and barely managed to stabilize himself.
Wiping his cold sweat, he said, “Don’t worry, just drive forward and turn right.”

Xiao Li looked at him: “Have you been here before?”

Lin Xiao looked around: “I was here a long time ago.
Although it has expanded a lot now, the original layout plan remained the same.
If I remember correctly, the training camp is that way.”

Xiao Li was speechless: “Why didn’t you tell me sooner!”

Lin Xiao shrugged.

The ostensible attraction of a Ferrari is that you can still feel the attention of passers-by even after you get out of the car.
Lin Xiao cast a sidelong glance at Xiao Li’s calm demeanor, feeling ashamed and wondering: must people of the upper class be thick-skinned or else be like a doormat?

Looking around, the large sign “Novice Training Base” hanging on the door of a nearby building was pretty conspicuous.

A few minutes later, the two arrived at the registration desk.

“Were you two recommended by manager Ye from the guild department?” Huang Ping, who was in charge of the registration list, was a little thin, but his eyes were exceptionally clear.
After sizing them up and down, he asked, “What’s your ranking?”

Xiao Li replied, “Seems like yesterday I was still hanging in second place.”

The pen in Huang Ping’s hand paused, and he raised his head in surprise.
“Are you Laughing Sky?”

Xiao Li smiled brightly, revealing a row of neat white teeth, “That’s me.”

Huang Ping’s eyes lit up, “Welcome, welcome! This is the registration form, please fill in the specific information here.”

“Okay.” Xiao Li nodded, picked up a pen, and quickly filled it out.

Huang Ping couldn’t help but sneak a peek at the legendary solo expert in front of his eyes, suppressing his urge to take out the small notebook and ask for his autograph.
He took a sip of water to calm himself down, turned his attention to Lin Xiao, and kindly asked, “My friend, what is your ranking?”

Lin Xiao thought for a moment and replied, “I’ve just been promoted to the first level, and I don’t have a ranking position yet.”

Considering Xiao Li’s precedent, he thought that this time, the guild would recommend two giant Buddhas.
Hearing the words “no ranking,” Huang Ping needed to digest it for some time before reacting, and he made a rough judgment in his heart.
After all, recruiting lone experts on the net was no easy feat.
It must have been tough for the guild department to dig up Laughing Sky, and with no candidate for the other spot, they must have randomly picked someone to fill the numbers.

So within a minute, he had already determined that the second guy was just cannon fodder.
He took another form, threw it in front of Lin Xiao, and said with a frown: “Write down your current account level in detail.
This will be used as the basis for the initial screening.
After that, the special staff will arrange some test assessments, and if they fail, someone will soon have to go home.”

Xiao Li, who had just filled out the form, was taken aback when he heard these words.
Why didn’t he explain this to him just now? However, seeing Huang Ping’s change of attitude in the blink of an eye, he immediately understood and felt both annoyed and amused by this demeanor of looking down on Lin Xiao.

Going home? It’s not his turn yet!

Lin Xiao didn’t notice anything, so he remained indifferent and didn’t answer.
Taking the pen from Xiao Li’s hand, he leisurely filled out the form, handed it back, then smiled very harmlessly, “I hope we can get along well in the future.”

Huang Ping nodded blankly and took the registration form.

After completing the registration process, a staff member led them inside the novice training base.

When Lin Xiao was still in the Black Rose Team, the operation of the Black Soul Club had just begun and there was not even a reliable franchisee.
Now the owner had already changed twice, and the club developed rapidly.
Not to mention that the headquarters and the related area expanded several times compared to that period, but the layout and equipment were also completely incomparable.

Lin Xiao remembered that in the novice training base back then, there were only a dozen old computers in total, but now it was over fifty high-end e-sports computer equipment neatly and orderly placed there.
Along with the environment decorated in e-sports style, it created an atmosphere of intense passion for competition.

When the two arrived at the training room, it was already full of people.

“Computer equipment in the training camp can be used free of charge except for the eight sets with numbers written on the front.
The numbered ones are game-specific machines that will be connected to a projector for the OB viewing position during battle analysis (i.e., to watch the battle directly from the player’s point of view).
Access to those is usually restricted.” After this brief explanation, the staff member left straight away.

Looking around, Lin Xiao saw some computer screens showing images of the battles in the Zone, while the people next to them looked a bit reserved, with somewhat downcast expressions on their faces.
It didn’t take long to guess what was going on.

In theory, today should be the training camp’s day off, but because new people have come to report for the past few days, some old members spared no effort to come here at this time, obviously preparing to show off to the newbies.

“Hello, I am Zhang Jin, a member of the third division of the training camp, currently ranked 26th.” A young man with greasy hair smirked, looking pleased with his ranking.
Although he nodded in a friendly manner, he did not hide the arrogance in his eyes as he said, “Today I will handle the admission of the new members.”

“Oh, hello, hello.” Lin Xiao didn’t mind his arrogant attitude at all and smiled back.

Xiao Li also smiled politely but did not answer.

Their attitudes were quite good, but nothing more, which made Zhang Jin feel a little puzzled.

One should know that it’s not an easy task to reach the first step of the ladder.
Moreover, climbing to 26th place with such fierce battles between dragons and tigers was enough to prove his status as an expert in every respect.
However, at this point, his attempt to show off something he was proud of, inexplicably felt as if punching a ball of soft cotton candy and receiving no feedback.

Zhang Jin exchanged glances with Feng Sheng behind him and said with a smile, “That’s right, you two have also seen a lot of computer equipment in our training room, but some of it is outdated.
To avoid misunderstandings about sharing equipment in the future, new camp members must first conduct some battle tests on them, according to the rules.
If you win, you can use the newer equipment as you wish.
However, if you lose, you must listen to our arrangements.”

Feng Sheng continued, “If you refuse, you admit defeat.
The other newbies who came before have already been tested.
I’m sure you won’t give up on this rare opportunity, right?”

~Yo, this is the time to get off your high horse.~ Lin Xiao thought it was funny but answered bluntly, “Since it is an old rule, of course, it must be followed.” As he said that, he nudged Xiao Li with his elbow, “Then who goes first, Boss Xiao, you or me?”

In professional esports, this type of one-choice test was known as soloing.
Xiao Li was never afraid of such a challenge and did not shy away even if the opponent was a talent whose character made it around the 20th place in the first ranking: “It’s all the same anyway, so I’ll go first.”

The few newcomers who came earlier than Lin Xiao and his friend had already been abused and beaten to a pulp.
Now, looking at the complacent expressions of the two people, it was as if they were seeing themselves not long ago.
Foreseeing the familiar scene of someone being abused again, the sights cast from all directions were filled with indescribable sympathy.

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