Chapter 32.2 – Young Talent

Lin Xiao’s smile widened, and he also turned away from the window view.
He paced back and forth and eventually walked over to the sofa and sat down next to him, all in a series of actions that seemed remarkably methodical.
“In fact, I’m the exact opposite of you.
At first, I thought that this meeting would feel natural, but now, seeing you in person, I am a little nervous.”

Laughing Sky asked dumbfounded, “Do I look very fierce?”

“No, not fierce, you are handsome and easy-going.
But my problem now is that I don’t think I know how to deal with noble families and rich second-generation kids.” Lin Xiao took out a cigarette and asked reflexively, “Do you mind if I smoke?”

“Of course not, do what you please.” Laughing Sky‘s tone seemed a little depressed, “Look, Adorable Ghost, bro, do you have some prejudice against the rich second generation like me? We’re all friends here, if something bothers you, let me know and I’ll try to change it.”

This simple and straightforward demeanor finally made Lin Xiao link the stranger in front of him with the expert on the Internet he knew before.
Except, the man obviously wasn’t on the same wavelength and this misunderstanding made him anxious.
Therefore, he decided to go straight to the point: “Well, that’s not what I meant.
Simply put, I wanted to invite you to join me at the Black Rose training camp, but now, seeing that you are such a dazzling Mr.
Perfect, I feel… ”

Laughing Sky, in the end, did not fail his expectations and caught the main point of his words, “Are you going to play professionally?”

Lin Xiao nodded slightly and emphasized again, “And I want to go with you.”

Laughing Sky was silent for a moment, then refused: “Me, a professional player? Forget about it.”

Lin Xiao was not at all surprised by such a response, he leisurely blew out the smoke and said in a flat tone: “I know you’ve turned down invitations from many clubs.
The reason I wanted to meet you this time was also to talk about this in person.
So, is it because you feel that being a transitory expert is enough? Or because you think the professional world is not the way you want to go? Or, because the payment of the players is so poor that it cannot arouse even the slightest interest in you?”

Laughing Sky shook his head, “None of that.
I just feel like the current domestic e-sports don’t make me want to devote myself to it.”

This kind of answer was what he wanted to hear most, and all the worries he had before, on account of his status, were completely swept away at this moment.
He smiled with satisfaction, “So, because you’re disappointed with the status quo of domestic e-sports, you don’t think it’s worth giving up everything you’re doing now to give it a try, right?”

At such a flat and assertive statement, Laughing Sky did not answer but nodded silently.

Lin Xiao looked at his pensive expression, frowned slightly, and straightened his clothes.
His tone was indifferent and without many ups and downs, but every word came through clearly.
“Indeed, the current domestic e-sports environment is not as good as it seems on the surface because it is too commercialized.
However, only the old players who have persevered through the roughest times over the years know that, in all fairness, it really is much better than it was back then.”

Laughing Sky listened to him silently without interrupting.

“Perhaps in the eyes of many, e-sports in our country has declined.
Due to the gaudy and sensational performance gimmicks, it’s just like a clown jumping around on the stage when he is put in the spotlight.
But that’s just for show, what you don’t see is the hard work and dedication of many players.” While talking about this, Lin Xiao paused.
“Just for that, you can’t deny the achievements of everyone, for example, Yama1, Yan Duzhou, who chose not to retire yet.”

Laughing Sky couldn’t refute this. Yama‘s team was acknowledged by everyone in the league.
Even though he wanted to join the Celestial Guild, at that time, he also felt a strong connection to the Apocalypse team.

“Anyone can freely express disappointment with a particular competition and vent their frustration caused by the unfulfilled expectations in their heart.
As for those who have never experienced all that hard work together, what qualifications do they have to say the words ?”

As he said this, Lin Xiao’s words suddenly stopped, he looked at the musing Laughing Sky, and his meaningful gaze went to the window.
“As I just said, since it was the first time I stood in that position, I naturally felt that the scenery was good.
But, the e-sports circle portrayed in the media is not actually standing in that place, so how can you have the best perception? Then why not give it a chance?”

“I can understand what you said, but…” Laughing Sky finally voiced his position after being silent all this time.
He slowly raised his head and looked at Lin Xiao with a slight frown, “But why do you sound like an old-timer who knows everything? Hey, you haven’t even joined the club yet, right?”

Lin Xiao coughed a bit awkwardly and hid his indignant look, saying with a serious face, “Cough, well, this does not affect my sincerity as an e-sports fan! Have you really never thought of participating and fighting together with a team to win the World Trophy? You are still young!”

To say there was no temptation would be a lie.
As a fanatic of Zone, who hasn’t thought about actually standing on the battlefield to experience that kind of excitement? Laughing Sky thought for a while and then said, “I have to admit that what you said is indeed true.
However, even if I really want to join a club, I don’t have to go to the Black Rose team, right? Is the Celestial Guild not good?”

Lin Xiao looked at him: “Join the Black Rose team with me, isn’t it great to win the championship trophies all the way from the LPP league to the world competition! Why do you have to go to other teams to experience the feeling of defeat? Are you a masochist?”

Laughing Sky was speechless: “The LPP champion team hasn’t been in the top four in the world for years, okay? Can you stop talking like we’re going to win the championship at any minute… I said, bro, you’re not even an official player yet.”

Lin Xiao gave him an indifferent look and said, “As if, if you met me as an official player, you would be able to beat me.”

Laughing Sky glanced at his watch silently: “…it’s getting late, it’s time to eat.”

Lin Xiao saw that he didn’t want to continue this topic, so he didn’t insist: “Okay, let’s go eat.”

After Laughing Sky changed into casual clothes and they went downstairs, Lin Xiao said generously: “Since I said I would treat you, I will definitely do my best as a host and take you to eat something you don’t usually eat.
I guarantee it will be hot!”

Ten minutes later, the two were standing in front of a shop.

Looking at the name of the store in front of him, “New Taste Malatang2“, Laughing Sky silently congratulated himself on his wise decision to change his clothes before going out.

It was hot all right!

After eating Malatang, Lin Xiao took Laughing Sky, as promised, to a Zone-themed internet cafe next door.

They both logged into the game, checked the online friends list, and immediately smiled at each other upon seeing Nine Thousand People‘s familiar avatar icon.
Without speaking, they knew what they had to do.

After a night of bloody battles, being mercilessly sniped, at last, Nine Thousand People chose to go offline again, tears streaming down his face.

Without their target, the two ended their entertainment that night.

After leaving the internet cafe, they were ready to go back to their homes satisfied.
Before saying goodbye, Laughing Sky gave his phone number to Lin Xiao, and after deliberating for a while, he dropped a sentence: “I will seriously consider your proposal.”

After this sentence, Lin Xiao knew that the goal was half achieved.
Beaming with a big smile, he proudly said, “I will wait for your news.
The next time you come to N City, I will treat you again!”

Still feeling the remaining burning sensation, Laughing Sky‘s mouth twitched involuntarily, “Really… Thank you so much!”


Yama is the Sanscrit God of Death and Justice.
In Buddhism he is the King of Hell.


Malatang, meaning ‘spicy numbing hot’ [soup] is a common type of Chinese street food, originated in Sichuan, China.
Malatang is named after its key ingredient, mala sauce, which is flavored with a combination of Sichuan pepper and dried chilli pepper.
The word málà is composed of the Chinese characters for “numbing” and “spicy (hot)”, referring to the feeling in the mouth after eating the sauce.

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