Chapter 26.2 – In The Name Of The Moon, I Will Punish You

After coming back, Laughing Sky briefly skimmed through their conversation in the chat records and asked the other two what they had been talking about.
However, although Lin Xiao appeared to be in a pretty good mood, he didn’t answer any of his questions.
Rather, he cleared his throat, then entered the matching queue once more.

Victory, victory, and yet another victory.
However, in Laughing Sky’s perspective it was always failure, failure, and yet another failure.

It was as if the current events had all been scripted in advance.
In every match, both of them charged forth, facing the enemy head on.
Then, they were immersed in battle.
Not even five minutes later, Adorable Ghost and Laughing Sky would consecutively take two kills.
The third player remaining would then die tragically under the concentrated assault of them both.
Thus, they would smoothly secure the overall victory.

Like this, the so-called bullying of noobs was in full swing.
Everything happened naturally, without any suspense.
Hence, the entire process caused them to feel exceedingly bored.

When he saw the Victory symbol appear on his screen once again, Lin Xiao yawned for the nth time, having lost track of how many times he had yawned in total.
He leaned back into his chair, stretching his body to loosen it up.

Fifteen consecutive wins.

Because Zone was designed in such a way that players would gain bonus points for getting consecutive wins, the party had swiftly risen through the ranks, getting promoted from the Seventh to the Third Division.
Currently, they were just a step away from breaking through to the Second Division.

To a certain extent, this in itself was proof of the terrifying extent of their abilities.
Furthermore, Hello Kitty, the Priest who very clearly did nothing from start to finish, was also present in this team that had been established at the last minute.

When faced with this Priest sister who had been leeching onto their victories this whole time, Laughing Sky still behaved in a sufficiently gentlemanly manner.
Not only did he not make the slightest complaint, he even enthusiastically asked, “Are we still continuing?”

Lin Xiao was able to discern the fatigue in his voice.
Glancing at the time, he realized that it was close to 2am.
“We are just one battle away from being promoted to the Second Division.
How about we just clear that battle now? It would be awkward to leave it hanging like this.”

Laughing Sky perked up.
“Bring it!”

Lin Xiao: “Sister, if you’re tired you can head to bed.
After we enter the map, you can just leave your character at the revival point.”

You Jing: “Both of you keep going, no need to bother about me.”

Laughing Sky laughed heartily, “Good sister, you sure are cold and aloof.
I like it! Since I’ve carried you for the whole night, want to leave me your contact details?”

You Jing did not pay him any heed.

Laughing Sky had been completely ignored, but strangely, this made him perk up.

At this moment, they had just entered the battle.
He unintentionally glanced at the enemy’s lineup and couldn’t help but to let out an “oh” sound.
“The battles we’ve fought the whole night have almost put me to sleep, but now we’ve finally started bumping into more interesting teams.”

Lin Xiao scanned through the enemy team.
There were a few IDs, all of which were unfamiliar to him.
He couldn’t help but ask, “You know them?”

Laughing Sky: “Heh heh, they’re in my guild, so I’m definitely familiar with them.
That Sound of Sea Tides has been chasing after my ass for one on one battles.
He has always been jealous of my title as the Number One Shadow Swordsman in our guild!”

From his tone of voice, Lin Xiao couldn’t help but to sense that there was some gossip to be had.
He acted as if he was sleepy, slowly distancing himself from this topic.

When Laughing Sky had gotten a clear look at their opponents’ IDs, their opponents had naturally also been able to take note of theirs.

The team was called “If you’re dissatisfied, come and hit me”, and its three members were all from the Heaven guild, which Laughing Sky belonged to.
However, at this moment in their team’s voice chat, there was not even a hint of the happiness felt from meeting someone they had known for a long time.
Rather, the tone of Sound of Sea Tides’s voice was permeated with a strange sarcasm.
“Oh ho, look who we have bumped into? It’s the highly acclaimed passerby king!”

As a Shadow Swordsman who was ranked within the top 10 of his class in the arena, Sound of Sea Tides always felt like his position and identity was at stake due to Laughing Sky’s presence in the guild.
Naturally, these feelings of dissatisfaction made it difficult for both of them to get along with each other.

Needless to say, the other members of his team knew about his thoughts.
Thus, they were well-practiced in handling his verbal jabs, and they subtly redirected his attention to the other two members of the opposing team.

Adorable Ghost and Hello Kitty? Never seen them before!

Once he pulled up the character information of the other two members of the enemy team, the Ritualist Ode to Joy immediately felt somewhat speechless.
“When did Sky start hanging around people from Black Dawn?”

Sound of Sea Tides had not noticed this previously.
Upon hearing these words, he scoffed, “I’ve known for a long time that this fella’s heart was never with our guild.
Didn’t we hear that he had pulled out of the guild battle early before? From the looks of things now, it seems it is only a matter of time before he jumps ship and leaves the guild.”

The Priest Snow Fox guessed, “Could it be a coincidence? It seems like he’s been carrying a girl?”

Sound of Sea Tides was greatly tickled.
“Ha, carrying a girl, that’s truly a pity.
Seeing as we’ll steal his thunder in front of the girl, it seems things will end here for them.”

From the start of this evening till now, their “Dissatisfied” team had already gotten five consecutive victories and their momentum was pretty good.
If they could maintain their current state, it might even be possible for them to be directly promoted to the First Division before the sun came up.

Although the 3 vs 3 arena rankings did not affect the individual rankings, reaching the First Division was not a feat that just anyone could attain.
On normal days, they could barely even dream of getting five consecutive wins, but the good fortune that they had experienced today inevitably had them feeling a little like they were floating on clouds.

“Laughing Sky was carrying a girl? Then we will viciously beat him up in front of her! We will defeat him so soundly that he will be brought to his knees, then expose him for consorting with the enemy before the guild leader, heh heh…” Sound of Sea Tides was in a great mood as he began plotting.

As the loading completed and they entered the map, he began to taunt the other side, “Sky, what a coincidence! Have you been very free recently, are you carrying girls now?”

Laughing Sky chuckled at him and replied, “None of your fxxking business.”

Sound of Sea Tides: “Tsk tsk tsk, why are you being so fierce? Is it because you know that you will be utterly creamed this match?”

Lin Xiao found this scene interesting and couldn’t resist interjecting, “Hey, the handsome guy on the opposing side, you’re mistaken in saying this.”

Sound of Sea Tides: “How am I wrong? Do you still think you can defeat us while carrying a girl?”

Lin Xiao: “How is Great Laughing Sky the one who is carrying a girl, it’s obviously this moe moe sister who is carrying him! Look at your team name, your wish to get hit is a little perverted.
If you’re not careful, in the name of the moon, I will punish you! ^_^~”

Sound of Sea Tides: “…”

Laughing Sky’s voice in the team channel was filled with pain and suffering.
“…I suddenly kind of feel like throwing up.”

Sound of Sea Tides only came to his senses after a few seconds had passed.
He forced himself to ignore the living object who spoke in such a strange tone just now and shifted his focus to Hello Kitty.
Right out in broad daylight, he began trying to drive a wedge into their relationship.
“Sister Priest, if our team wins this match, add us as friends, will you?”

No response came from her after a long time, and he immediately began sending the exact same words five more times.

Finally, You Jing responded emotionlessly with three words: “You’re too weak.”

Following this, the opponents turned completely silent.

What was considered a massacre? This was!

“Give them an excruciatingly painful death!” A roar rang out in the “Dissatisfied” team’s voice chat.
“First, settle that nanny!”

On the other side, with Laughing Sky’s smug and satisfied laughter in the background, Lin Xiao felt the effects of Hello Kitty’s demeanor, which could cause others to feel disgusted regardless of time and place.
In admiration, he said, “Sister, your mocking techniques are even better than mine! I really admire you! I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for the grace of not looking down on us!”

After scanning through the individual ranks of the three opponents, You Jing finally closed the laptop that had been playing a video of the League the whole night.

As for Lin Xiao’s final words, he merely lifted his eyebrows slightly in a noncommittal response.


TL comments: Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to another great year with Lin Xiao and the gang ^_^~

Can I just say, I admire Lin Xiao’s trash talk more and more with each chapter LOL.
And…did this part just set a record for having no footnotes? :p

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