Chapter 25.1 – I’ve Already Satisfied You, So Shouldn’t You Satisfy Me Now?




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At this moment, Little Monkey Lord was noticeably quieter than he had been at any other time.

To be precise, he had been boisterously bragging to others just now, but the moment he saw his opponent’s ID, it was as if he had suddenly eaten medicine that struck him dumb.
He did not say a word for a long time.

This strange change in his behaviour dumbfounded all of his stream viewers.
However, when they saw how he had swiftly banned the Forest of Wilderness map immediately after the map banning interface appeared, many of them still typed their comments into the barrage straightaway:

“Why are you so anxious to ban this commonly banned map, what’s the point!”

“Why do I feel like my Monkey has suddenly become a wimp!”

“The enemy is a Ghost Priest! 66661, has my Monkey recalled an unpleasant memory? I’ll give you a hug to comfort you.”

“Monkey if you’re such a wimp, you won’t be able to find a girlfriend!”


When Little Monkey Lord saw the barrage, he felt a bitterness in his heart that was hard to describe.

When he saw the other person appear on his battle preparation screen, it was simply too shocking.

Not much time had passed since then, yet this person had already rushed up to the Second Division? Even if he had previously been acting weak on a smurf account2, this should not have been possible!

What was even more depressing was that he had coincidentally bumped into him yet again while streaming.
He could only wipe away the bitter tears shed in his heart, sensing a strange premonition of his impending doom.
Truly, enemies meet on a narrow road!

It must be known that although the Second and Third Divisions of the arena ladder were only one rank apart, the difference between the skill levels of its players was as great as a chasm.
Even if a player whose ranking points barely qualified for the Second Division dueled against players in the Third Division, they would basically be able to thoroughly suppress them in battle.
Judging by the opposing Ghost Priest’s current points, he definitely did not look like someone who had just been promoted.
Since he could maintain a stable win to lose ratio in the Second Division, it was definitely not that he had successfully entered this extreme territory that was chock full of hidden experts3 by sheer luck alone.

Currently, there was only one possible explanation – his opponent had been a deeply concealed expert from the very beginning.

When he recalled the time when he actually tried to use Adorable Ghost as a teaching prop while he had been on Chef Lu’s account, Little Monkey Lord immediately felt a surge of pain in his body. 

The match from back then had brought him to his senses in such a painful manner.
At the same time, it had unexpectedly allowed him to reach his current “achievements”.
This could truly be described as something joyful that arose out of his pain…it was because of this that Little Monkey Lord’s feelings when he faced Adorable Ghost were complicated.

To say it was hatred was a little too much.
No matter what, this person could be said to have helped him in some way and was thus a benefactor who had brought him good fortune.
But to say it was love, for him to love this Ghost Priest who had dangled a stick in front of him and sent him towards his death for fun? He wasn’t a fxxking masochist!

While harboring these complex emotions, the Tomahawk Warrior with the ID “Great King of the Mountains” appeared at the Blue team’s revival point as the game finished loading.

When looking at the match-up of professions in this match, it was clear that although the Tomahawk Warrior did not hold an especially big advantage when it came to a 1 vs 1 duel.
Still, it would not be easy for a ranged-type profession to kill a semi-defensive close ranged warrior whose health was only a fraction lower than that of a Holy Knight.

Little Monkey Lord had lost last time, so this time he no longer let his guard down and took extra care while arranging his equipment.

He selected gear with health recovery properties and decked out all of his equipment slots with these items.
He also stacked up his magic resistance to the limit.
Although he was currently participating in a PVP4 battle, his actions were more likely to make others think that he was a powerful MT5 from a PVE6-focused guild who were getting ready to fight against a boss that dealt magical damage!

Using this type of equipment clearly displayed how much he wanted to avoid the fight.
He had abandoned all avenues of dealing damage.
This was simply a case of him taking the path of “I’m not at all prepared to kill you, but you definitely cannot kill me” to save face.
No matter who he encountered, he would be able to survive to a disgusting extent.

Many audience members in the live broadcast room had naturally discovered his actions, which were like that of a drunk person trying to make his escape.
However, before they could start banding together to scold him, even more comments appeared in an instant, covering up most of the barrage:

“Quick! Quick quick! Quickly look at the enemy’s character! Tell me, what do all of you see!”

“Excuse me?7 A red hooded? Ghost Priest? Shota?”

“Is it that? Is it that! Is it the guy from that video! Tell me, is it him!”

“He actually gave chase and killed his way from the Tenth Division to the Second Division? Is this the working of fate, or the mockery of destiny?”

“Just maintain your formation and march on, Little Monkey Lord.
Don’t think too much, take large strides for the sake of true love!”

“Just maintain your formation and march on, Little Monkey Lord.
Don’t think too much, take large strides for the sake of true love +1!”

“Just maintain your formation and march on, Little Monkey Lord.
Don’t think too much, take large strides for the sake of true love +2!”

“Just maintain your formation and march on, Little Monkey Lord.
Don’t think too much, take large strides for the sake of true love +10086!”


At this moment, no one paid any more attention to whether or not Great King of the Mountains’s equipment choices were his way of trying to avoid the fight or not.
The equipment choices, which were specifically good for prolonging the fight, caused the live broadcast room to develop a harmonious atmosphere of “We are quietly waiting to see how you will lovingly fight each other to the death”.

The arena map was Lost City of the Vast Desert.
The yellow sand all around them was swept into the air by the surging wind, blurring their vision considerably no matter where they looked.
The most unique thing about this map was its highly limited visibility, as well as the occasional desert sandstorms that would buffet players from a specific direction.
These added a lot of unpredictability to how battles played out on the map.

The news that the opposing player was suspected to be the Little Red Riding Hood from the video spread like wildfire.
After the viewers shared this with one another, the number of people watching the broadcast quickly spiked and, within minutes, had increased by 10,000.

Everyone in the audience was excitedly trying to catch a glimpse of the mysterious Ghost Priest expert’s appearance.
There was even a significant number of people directly called for GG8 in their own arena battles after hearing the news, just for the sake of not missing this chance to take a look at the elusive expert who had made an appearance.

The duel officially began.
This time, neither player made use of any roundabout tactics.

To be frank, in this map, it was all the same whether or not they chose to show mercy to the opponent or not.
As long as two players met, they would more or less get straight to finishing the other person off.
This was all the more so for a 1 vs 1 duel, which they were currently engaged in.
There was no such thing as having teammates whom they could strategize with and form tactics such as ambushing the foe.
Thus, both players could not even be bothered to enter the ancient city, choosing instead to head directly to the vast desert in the middle of the map to engage in battle.

Lin Xiao used a few of his basic skills to test things out, and observed that the rate of his opponent’s health loss and recovery was unusual.
With this, he was more or less able to guess what their equipment was.

To be honest, he still could not avoid feeling disgusted for a short moment.

This piece of sh*t! If this had been a battle in the Alliance and both sides ended up fighting for 20-30 minutes, the pace would have been so slow that the organization would have been driven mad.
They might even request for a rematch to prevent such instances from occurring.

Lin Xiao frowned slightly, but his hands did not stop moving.
After making up his mind, he quickly changed his tactics and fought as if it were a close-ranged battle.
He even began to stick closely to the Tomahawk Warrior and began engaging in hand-to-hand combat.

However, the Ghost Priest was ultimately still a magic-type class.
Even if they used their skills, they might not be able to deal much damage to a Tomahawk Warrior with high magic resistance, not to mention using their staff to directly attack.
It would be nothing more than a tickle.

Unbeknownst to them both, time passed, yet Great King of the Mountains’s health bar appeared not to have moved at all.

Since Lin Xiao’s attack power was not high enough to damage him, Little Monkey Lord felt much happier during this fight.
Even if he wasn’t able to deal a lot of damage with this set of equipment, thankfully the enemy was like paper9, so he would still be able to deal a little bit of damage!

At least this time, the circumstances were more favorable and he could still see a glimmer of hope for victory.
If there was one thing that made him feel rather depressed in this match, it was probably the enemy’s movements – Adorable Ghost always seemed to be able to predict what his next course of action would be.
Even the slightest of his movements made Little Monkey Lord feel as if his hands and feet had been bound, making it difficult for him to act.


TL comments: Sorry I had to split chapters again everyone >< 

Not only are the chapters getting longer (almost 2x the length of earlier chapters, which weren’t short to begin with), but I have also been busy recently.
Had to prepare for a job interview as well as other family matters.
(I confess that my Switch games are also competing with translating for my free time…)


Chinese Internet slang that means someone is very skilled, but in this case they’re using it sarcastically to tease Monkey.


Literally “acting as a pig to eat the monkey”, it means to purposefully act weak so that the opponent underestimates you, then defeat them.
Similar to how people in higher ranks use smurf accounts to act like a new player.


Literally crouching tiger, hidden dragon.
Yes, the same as the movie…


Player vs Player


Short for Main Tank.
This refers to the character in charge of taking all the damage from the main boss while other characters try to kill it.


Short for Player vs Environment (or Monsters), for example, those who like to challenge difficult boss monsters


This was in English in the raws.


Aka surrender.


Has low defense and thus takes a lot of damage.

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