Whether it were 3V3 battles or 5V5 battles, arriving to the 4th tier could be thought of as a major boundary.
If before in the lower ranks the opponents encountered were casual noobs or average teams, after reaching the 4th rank one’d likely meet upon official teams or high profiled entertainment anchors. 


Once again, the team entered the queue to be matched with an opponent.
After both sides selected their map, they began waiting for the bar to load so they could enter it. 


Lin Xiao finally cancelled the mute option in the voice chat room and as soon as he straightened his headset, he heard a low voice from Red Alert, “Unlucky, I didn’t expect to meet the two of them here.
Not good ah…”


Empty Spring sighed and replied helplessly, “I heard that they were busy carrying a girl in 3V3, but I didn’t expect to meet them here.
What should we do now? Should we just directly surrender?”


Red Alert snorted.
“That’s fart! I’m already so angry, so fuck them! Anyway, no one knows that we are operating the boss’s account at the moment.
And that guy who only knows how to pretend to be a master in the group, I’ve long found him displeasing to the eyes.
Aren’t they also bringing a rank 8 female to battle? But even if the oil bottle1 on our side is in group B, shouldn’t he be a bit stronger? I’ll type and let him know that after lying down for so long, he can move around.”


He was in the voice chat room earlier, and tried calling Lin Xiao countless times and never got a response.
So he just assumed he had the room muted.
Knowing the other party couldn’t hear what he said, he spoke without reservation.
However, as he was about to begin typing on the team channel, he heard a faint voice in his ear, “Oh, indeed.”


Red Alert’s body suddenly shook, causing the earphone cord that was plugged into the computer to pull him forward and squeeze his ears, making him grimace in pain, but he could only let out a laugh at this time.
“Ha, ha ha ha, you’re back, baby ghost.” Lin Xiao was actually magnanimous enough not to call him out for talking behind his back.
He yawned lazily and responded, “It’s a bit boring lying down all night.
I’ll move my muscles a little bit, otherwise I’ll really fall asleep.”


Red Alert became speechless. I was drained both physically and mentally all night, now I really have the urge to beat someone.


From the conversation just now, the opposite team should be an old acquaintance of Black Dawn Guild.
Lin Xiao glanced at the battle list– Tomahawk2Warrior– Broken Sky, Combat warrior– Happy Thoughts and Cleric– Love Affair.
Among them, Love Affair should be the eighth-tier girl that was mentioned.
If they could bring a rookie cleric to this rank, then the other two should be pros.

After they arrived on the map, all three people were placed at their respective resurrection points.


Red Alert still couldn’t help but say a few words, “Wait, Empty Spring will follow me and I’ll go blast the cleric first.
Be careful Baby Ghost.
That Broken Sky specializes in killing people for fun.
If you see him, remember to run fast!” 


Lin Xiao replied, “I see .” 


The master who watched his teammates get smashed for the entire night finally sounded “normal” and Red Alert felt relieved.
He operated his assassin and led the charge.


Oil bottle- someone who is a burden to teammates


This was a common battle tactic, and because of this, halfway through, the three people on both sides collided.
Obviously, the opponents had deployed the same strategy and results led to both sides meeting in the middle of the path.


The unexpected meeting left both sides taken aback.


After their initial reaction, both parties subconsciously found their respective positions, directly focusing on their selected target and suddenly unleashed a burst of attacks.


Lin Xiao naturally knew that the opponents’ Cleric was the primary target.
So he didn’t worry much when he saw Red Alert and Empty Spring rush towards her.
But as soon as he lifted his head and saw Broken Sky and Happy Thoughts dash towards him like a tiger spotting its prey, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help forming a tiny arc.


He manipulated Adorable Ghost to make a sharp turn and moved off with a speed similar to his opponents.
His quick movements made it seem as if his shoes were greased with oil. 


At this time, although Red Alert was no hero rushing to save the damsel in distress, he called out as if their minds were connected.
While waving his small blade and still chasing the female cleric, he ran wildly, shouting in a hoarse voice, “Baby Ghost, Run! Run fast! Run as far as you can! Run and don’t look back!”


His heart-wrenching cry was like a scene taken from one of Qiong Yao’s1 classical romance dramas, a scene of life and death… Seeing this reminded Lin Xiao of Erkang’s stretched hand.2 But he didn’t have the time to play Ziwei and act out this scene with him.
He watched as the Tomahawk warrior and combat warrior flanked him from both directions.
He immediately sped up, widening the distance between them.


While running fast, he slightly turned his character, showing its side profile.
From this view, he saw something shine brightly that bounced in the air.
He shifted in an unnatural way and the beam of light passed him without doing any harm.


Happy Thoughts was shocked after seeing the process clearly, and couldn’t help but exclaim in the voice chat room, “Did you guys see that weird movement the Ghost Priest made just now? He seems like a master.”


Broken Sky snorted disapprovingly.
“My hand probably slipped.
He got lucky! Didn’t you see his equipment stats? If you were a real expert, you wouldn’t be so confused.
I say, let’s decide quickly. Love Affair is still being chased by those two beasts and waiting for us to rescue her, am I right Love Affair?”


A female’s voice in their channel responded softly with an “um” and said nothing else.
She still seemed to be engaged with being chased by the two while running hard so they wouldn’t catch up to her.
Fortunately, the ones chasing her were a Cleric, and a melee combat assassin.
For a while, though the distance was a bit short between them, there was nothing life threatening at the moment.


Broken Sky: “Happy Thoughts, let’s hurry.
Let’s rush straight ahead and deal with him directly!” 


Just as he said that, a red light flashed from the body of the Tomahawk warrior, and he activated his berserk skill.
While under this buff effect, a phantom like movement was made, increasing his speed.  Under this momentum, he quickly shortened the distance between himself and the opponent.
He was about to use instant dash but at this moment a block of ice began forming at his feet. 


Broken Sky couldn’t help cursing on the voice channel, “Fuck me!”


The Tomahawk warrior avatar stiffened in the air for about 0.2 seconds while his axe continued in a volleyed arc and landed firmly on a thick piece of ice crystal.
This position was 10 yards away from the target, the same distance that the instant leap would have brought him if used.


Controlling the timing to the extent where the moment the instant leap was released it was stopped, were skills that only high-end players would be competent with.


Although as a melee class profession, an Ice Curse couldn’t cause the opponent to lose much blood, upon seeing such a low-level skill easily negate one of his instant leaps, his expression turned ugly.
“MD(Maximum Damage)— he really is a master, looks like we have to go all out.”


Because Happy Thoughts knew he wanted to save face in front of the only female in the group, he gave a small smile.
However, as he glanced at the little ghost priest dressed in a red riding hood, he once more became solemn.
“If it’s 2v1, it’ll be impossible for him to fight us head-on.
Ghost priests are a weak class that can only use long range attacks.
Just find a chance to get close.”


Broken Sky murmured, “Then we have to let him willingly come close to us.
It really felt like I saw a ghost; I don’t even know how many cooling reduction equipment pieces he has on his person since his spells cool down so fast.” 


As if hearing their request, Adorable Ghost, who had been running faster than a rabbit, suddenly stopped. 


A black staff twirled around in his hand after which his entire body was enveloped by a dark skull shadow.
The black staff slid around in the hand, and the whole body was immediately enveloped by a dark skull shadow.
Along with the flickering little red riding hood, the scene was indescribable. 


When Broken Sky saw this, he was overjoyed.
“Why would you use the ‘Ten Thousand Ghost Void’ at this time? You idiot!”


Seeing that Broken Sky had his axe already raised and began rushing forward, Happy Thoughts had no choice but to set himself on defense and launch an energy shield to which Adorable Ghost sent out three successive ‘Void Wave’ attacks to interrupt his spell casting. 


As the Void Wave spell was about to hit, Adorable Ghost suddenly moved to the right and cancelled the spell.


Unless the player himself cancelled the spell, the period in which a spell was cast stopped all movement.
The ‘Ten Thousand Ghost Void’ was the ghost priest’s ultimate skill.
It had a spell duration of 4 to 6 seconds, and afterwards went into cool down mode.
His movement just then suggested that he had cancelled the spell, but Happy Thoughts had a bad feeling.
He blurted out subconsciously, “Watch your back!”


But it was too late because at that time, black barriers rose up from all sides, instantly enshrouding both of them.


The entire screen went completely dark, and the character’s field of vision was limited to a 5 yard distance.


After being shocked for a moment, he almost fell onto the computer.
“This… Nima! He finished casting such a large spell in 2 seconds?!”


Lin Xiao’s words appeared on the nearby channel which were particularly eye-catching in the dark background. 


[Adorable Ghost :Are you surprised? ^_ ^~]


Broken Sky’s expression cracked and he replied in a flash,


[Broken Sky: Surprised your uncle!]


Before he could continue to tear into him with his words, he heard a loud noise, and his HP frame had lost a bar.
Obviously the opponent, upon reaching casting range, launched an attack on him.


The damage dealt from a curse ghost was limited after all, so throwing himself into a melee battle was not too bad.


Broken Sky had originally wanted to wait for the debuff on his body to lose effect.
Yet seeing the opponent’s flawless tactics and his diverse and extensive offense, his hand on the keyboard completely froze, almost forgetting how to move.
The short cd skills and abnormal hand speed, was he practicing to be an illusionist?


This motherfucker… Let’s end this! 




She’s a popular Taiwanese romance novel author.
If you want to know more about her works check the link below.
If you are fan of ancient Chinese dramas like I am, then you’d probably know the series ‘My Fair Princess’ which was made based on one of her works.  https://www.theworldofchinese.com/2019/01/bad-romance/ 


 This was Erkang from the drama ‘My Fair Princess’ telling his partner Ziwei , “Wait for me”

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