Under everyone’s watchful eyes, she opened the forum’s chat interface and set it so that her “family” could see it too.

Well, she mostly set this up for her extended family, who she doesn’t even know.
Even her blood-relatives’ relatives were here.

After everything was ready, she began to question the mysterious player.

[Luo Yao: Big Boss, Big Boss! Did you kill the beginner’s map’s Beast King?]

While waiting for his response, what caught everyone’s attention was the player’s… eye-catching username.

“The mysterious player in your District is also named 01?”

“Uh… I think he’s a fan of 01.” Luo Yao replied.

“Is there a possibility that he is the real person?” Her father, Luo Yuan, suddenly asked.

At first, everyone thought that boss “01” was a level 80 or 90 players mostly because higher level players have the strength to get a 10 Star Skill.

But now, this “01” had completed the fantastic feat of single-handedly defeating the Beast King.
It just proves that this person has the strength to do so too.

Luo Yuan wouldn’t have doubted if this player was the real 01.

“Uhm…” Luo Yao’s brows furrowed as a contemplative look appeared in her pale golden eyes.
After a few seconds, she shook her head and sighed, “I’m not sure,”

Seeing this, the crowd was not disappointed.
Instead, they began to discuss this possibility.

After a long time…

When she didn’t get a reply, she shook her head helplessly, “The Big Boss is probably resting now.
He might reply me tomorrow,”

Despite their eagerness, everyone present could tell of her reluctance to let them stay by her side while they waited.
They sighed, “Let us know if you have any news,”

Then they left in groups of two or three.

Luo Yao’s uncle, Luo Zhantian, and her father, Luo Yuan, remained.

They still had some topics to discuss.

Early in the morning, as the sun shines so bright in the blue sky…

Ling Yi placed the [Solar Energy Absorber] on an empty patch of grass in the courtyard.
He turned around and walked to the side, sitting on a long wooden chair.

Not far away, Lin Shurou was like a hardworking little bee, still watering the flowers as usual.

She was wearing an emerald-green mini-skirt with butterfly patterns embroidered on it.

The wavy skirt only reached her thighs, exposing her beautiful, snow-white legs.
With the barrier’s protection, she gains more confidence to dress more casually in the yard.

“We’ll be able to go to area 87 soon…”

Looking at her “busy” figure, Ling Yi fell into a daze for a moment.

After he came back to his senses, he opened his rucksack.

He began to check the spoils of war from defeating the Beast King.

Besides obtaining 1,000 exp, he also received the Beast King Super Bubble Monster’s soul and three of its skills.

Those Skills include the 8-Star Skill [Advanced Damage Increase], the 7-Star Skill [Bubble Shield], and the 7-Star Skill [Bubble Summoning].

A few days ago, he had seen a Skill fusion formula through the [Eye of Truth].

(Advanced Damage Reduction + Advanced Damage Increase → Hundred Battle Tempered Body)

Now that he had both Skills, he didn’t waste any more time.

He quickly opened the skill fusion function and threw the two Skills in one by one.
Then, he clicked the yellow “fuse” button in the middle.

A few seconds later, the white mist dispersed, and the fusion information appeared.

[Congratulations! You have fused a 9 Star Skill [Hundred Battle Tempered Body]!]

“Nine Stars… This is the first 9 Star Skill I’ve obtained.” He mumbled as his hand hurried to look at the details of the Skill in his rucksack.

[Hundred Battle Tempered Body (9 Stars) (Passive)]: …

“Mm…” Ling Yi frowned and looked down to see its mutation potential.
Only to be surprised to find another fusion formula written beneath it.

(Hundred Battle Tempered Body + Mysterious Spiritual Pure Body → Ancient Divine Body)

“It can be fused again? This must be a 10 Star Skill.”

He quickly logged onto the forum and searched for the whereabouts of this [Mystic Spiritual Pure Body].

After a while of searching, the information about its whereabouts appeared.

[In the great secret realm, the “Forest Temple”, which opens on the 15th of every month, where a leader monster, the Thousand Year Tree Spirit, resides.
If you kill it, there is a tiny chance it will drop this Skill called [Mystic Spiritual Pure Body]…]

“The 15th, huh?” Ling Yi frowned before letting out a sigh.
“It seems like I won’t be able to go after this for the time being.”

He had searched the entire online market, but no one was selling this Skill.

Shaking his head, he decided to move on.
He used [Eye of Truth] to look at the remaining two Skills and found that [Bubble Shield] also had a fusion formula.

(Bubble Shield + Vajra Divine Shield → Unrivaled Sacred Shield)

The Unrivaled Sacred Shield sounded like a mighty defense Skill.
However, he couldn’t get his hands on the [Vajra Divine Shield] in a short time either because he would have to kill another Beast King to obtain it.

‘Forget it.
I’ll think about it later.‘ He shook his head and sighed.

Lin Shurou slowly walked over, her head tilted to the side, “What’s wrong? You keep sighing and shaking your head.”

She sat down beside him and placed the pink watering can in her hand to the side.

The warm sun shone on the two of them.
Lin Shurou lifted a strand of hair by her ear and looked at him with a bright smile.

“I just got three Skills, but I realized they’re either temporarily unusable or useless to me.”

The [Bubble Summoning] was the one that was useless to him.

Its mutation potential was only at medium, so one could imagine that the bubble monsters it summoned would only be slightly stronger after its mutation.

And in the face of a Beast King… It’s practically like sending a small fish against a shark.

Ling Yi would have considered it if it was a humanoid summoned beast.
At least it could help with household work like serving tea.
However, the bubble monster did not have hands or legs, so they could be of little use.

“Oh, I see.” Lin Shurou smiled.
“I understand what you mean.
I’ve encountered similar situations many times in the past.
It’s either that I don’t have enough Stars Slots for the good Skills, or I found too many trash Skills.”

“I’ve worked hard for an entire day, and in the end, I got nothing but exp.” Ling Yi said, “Well, I couldn’t really say “nothing” since I could still get some money if I sell them,”

“Now that you mention it!” Lin Shurou suddenly exclaimed.
She seemed to have thought of something.
Her face suddenly appeared closer to his as she excitedly continued, “Last time, you asked me to modify the fusion formula for the Clarity Necklace.
Apparently, the Treasure Alliance tested it and succeeded!!”

“And I got 200,000 G for my contributions! We have money now!”

“… Oh? Is that so?”

“In January of every year, they’ll give us a bonus of 50% of the accumulated profits from the year before.
Hehehe, we won’t have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of our lives.”

Lin Shurou’s face was full of hope as she fantasized about a beautiful future.

The Moonflower Necklace made from the Clarity Necklace was a C-grade treasure, and its market price was around 10,000 gold coins.

Excluding the cost, the net profit was about 6,000 gold coins.

Even if they manage to sell 100 pieces a year, she would still get 3,00,000 gold coins as a bonus every year.

That was 15 million global dollars.

It was more than enough for a living!

Lin Shurou’s heart couldn’t help but be filled with gratitude when she thought about how the man beside her had given her this.

She pursed her soft, moist lips, then took the initiative to lean and give Ling Yi a light peck on the corner of his lips.
“Thank you!”

Looking at the man’s side profile at such a close distance, she could not help but kiss him again.

Immediately, she blushed and ran away like a frightened rabbit.

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